November 23, 2008

It could be worse, Harry Potter could be involved somehow

If you haven't heard about the vampire drama "Twilight" set in the logging town of Forks, Wash. than consider yourself one of those rare lucky people who know as much about pop culture as the Unabomber. Based on a book, it's really caught the attention of teenagers around the country, giving every goth kid something to really dream about...

Namely supernatural powers and a hot girlfriend, who will help wipe off that eyeliner.

Wonderful right? I remember when Lord of the Rings was the huge "thing." Spiderman also had that same effect and ushered in a lot more superhero movies. And don't forget the Matrix. That gave us computer geeks an urge to learn kung-fu.

Now we have movies about teenage vampires in Forks, Wash.

Since I would consider a majority of our readers college student age, the fact that you may actually like "Twilight" is disturbing. Other than the occasional dramatic treatment of the literary classic "Dracula" and the horribly campy but popcorn enjoyable "Van Hellsing" ... other vampire movies seem to really just aimed for that whole "vampire-obsessed crowd."

You know, that group that walked across the street to smoke cigarettes and be outsiders to the whole school environment. The ones who wrote pentagrams on their desk and arms. The ones who wore all-black and chains.


But hey, luckily we'll have a bunch of incoming freshman in college that think they can fly from tree to tree and are afraid of sunlight. Although the latter statement is probably true of the people that played Halo a lot.

And Forks is a logging town comparable to my hometown, Chewelah, although as far as I know, we don't have a vampire problem.

Knowing plenty of people from Forks, I can tell you that they're less than thrilled that their town has become a tourist hotspot for fans of "Twilight" which is understandable. I wouldn't want those vampire fan freaks walking around my town.

Luckily, my town hasn't been included in a book or movie yet, although I can only imagine what fantastic pop culture items could come out of the place. Lets get Jack Bauer to come out here and fight some terrorists or something.

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