December 27, 2011

Brandon's VCR collection

Since moving to Montana a few years ago Brandon has taken on a new hobby. Collecting VCR recorders!

Oh, and he got a sweet haircut.

Check out his collection:

NFL Pro Bowl selections

Tonight the NFL announced the lineups for the Pro Bowl. And I must say there were not many surprises.

Eight Patriots, eight 49ers, seven Packers and seven Ravens. It's pretty easy to tell that the best teams will have the best players and therefore the most Pro Bowl picks.

But how'd Brandon's favorite team, the Tennessee Titans, and my favorite team, the Seattle Seahawks fare?

Well the 7-8 Seahawks had ONE players selected. That's right, safety Earl Thomas in just his second season got a Pro Bowl selection. Looks like he was a great draft choice.

But not to be outdone, the 8-7 Titans have a whomping ZERO players selected. Wah wah. Sorry Brandon.

December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays!!!

From the Just South of North family to yours, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2011

Awesome commercial

Perhaps the best commercial of the year belongs to Google. Nice work!

December 20, 2011

Christmas Light Show 2011

We shared with you the awesome house that had the singing Jack-o-Lantern faces during Halloween. Well now check out the same house only during Christmas.

December 18, 2011

Week 15 NFL recap

Hard to believe the NFL is almost into the playoffs but it's been a heck of a season. Let's take a look at some of the stories of today.

Colts win
Yes, the Indianapolis Colts finally proved that they could win without Peyton Manning at the helm. It only took them 14 weeks to figure out how. Oh, and the win came against Brandon's favorite team. Even better!

Packers lose
And the 1972 Dolphins toast to Kansas City. Yes, the lowly Chiefs have knocked off the might Packers. And Wisconsin will now slap the city with a cheese boycott.

The Seahawks are awesome
Where was this team five weeks ago? Can imagine if they can win out and somehow make it to the playoffs? They would be the most dangerous team out there. The Hawks have been on fire as of late and are rolling through the end of the season. Too bad a 9-7 record might miss the playoffs this season, but a 7-9 won the West last year.

Tom Brady proves he's no saint
Brady went into Denver and beat Tim Tebow and the Broncos in the promised land of Denver. And with that win Brady stamped his ticket to the burning gates of you know where. No one, and I mean no one, beats Tebow in his house without some type of retribution.

Casey rooted for Denver
Yes, I'll admit I rooted for Denver for the first time ever. That shows how much I can't stand Brady and the Patriots. Three teams I can't stand, Patriots, Steelers and Cowboys.

Joe Flacco gets his wish
Flacco spent last week complaining about how much the media covers Tim Tebow (as if Tebow controls the media and how much they cover him) and that the media never covers the Ravens. Well now he got his wish. The media will cover how much he sucked while the Ravens got hammered by the lowly San Diego Chargers. Careful what you wish for Joe.

The Giants are hot then cold
You never know what Giant team is going to show up each week. Sometimes they are really, really good. Other times they get slammed by the Washington Redskins. They are the football version of the stock market.

The Saints are GOOD
Yes the Saints are showing that the Packers aren't the only super team in the NFC. They destroyed the Vikings and show that they will by no means be a pushover in the playoffs.

Jacksonville still has an NFL team
Apparently the Jaguars still exist. Although Atlanta showed the team is still non existent on the field.

December 14, 2011

Leader Sports Report Episode Six

Dylan and Brandon talk about upcoming Lake County Sports, the NBA Debacle, the NFL and things that bug them in sports. They also give you the scoop on SKC's DJ Fish.

Leader Sports Report Episode 6 by Brandonwhansen

Things Casey is too old to do...

In the show "How I Met Your Mother" they have a thing called the Murtaugh List that is composed of things that the just-thirty characters have decided they're too old to do. That got me thinking since Casey is getting up there in years, I've decided to reveal his very own Murtaugh List...

1. Pose in front of Wieners

Just for purely aesthetic reasons, he needs to stop doing this. Unless he never plans on running for Congress.

2. Hang out with wooden monkeys

Everybody knows that once you give wooden monkeys a cookie, they're going to ask for a bag of pot. Since Casey is an upstanding citizen and doesn't touch the stuff, I think this puts him in a tough situation. Also... is that a surfboard the monkey is holding? Or one of those wake boards you put your knees on and just look like an idiot?

3. Date ugly girls

Considering he's married, this is a bad idea. And also think about what would it be like rolling over in bed next to this Shelia. Maybe he should just stick to hanging out with the wooden monkeys...

4. Play in Poo

And playing in poo with other people? Ewwwwww.

5. Run from Dinos

Haven't you ever seen Jurrasic Park? Running from T-Rex at an advanced age is like betting against Tim Tebow. BAD IDEA. Casey thinks he can outbike that monster but he's go another thing coming...

What else is Casey too old to do?

December 9, 2011

Why Albert Pujols isn't worth the money

Alright, now that everyone and their mother has had time to hand the World Series trophy over to the Angels before the season has even started, its time to get over the hype and see just how big a move it is for LA.

Considering the Dodgers are a dumpster fire right now, the Angels are trying to get as much a share on that market as possible. Sign a big free agent and get the headlines right? Albert is probably the greatest hitter of this generation so naturally, he's the one you want to hand the paycheck.

Two hundred and fifty million dollars. Probably larger than NASA's budget. For 10 years.

I have no doubt Pujols will come up big, produce well and continue to do this for years to come. He's an all-time great. He's somebody that you'll be telling your kids about years from now.

But we've seen a team do this before (Rangers with ARod) and they didn't have glowing results. In fact, Texas went backwards after fielding a decent team in the late 1990s. I don't think A-Rod was to blame, he still put up big numbers, but they didn't solve other problems on the team.

Now the Angels might be different because they got CJ Wilson, and a have a good, deep pitching staff. But they didn't make the playoffs last season, and will Pujols and Wilson put them over the hump?

You can't answer that. What if one of them slumps? One if one gets injured? What if other players get injured?

There's so much that goes on during a baseball season, Pujols signing doesn't mean anything other than the Angels will be trotting out one of the most fearsome hitters in the game.It's certainly exciting, it's certainly good for the fans but LA can't think they've solved all their problems.

It seems like the Yankees have signed every big slugger the past decade. And what's that resulted in? One World Series.

So basically what LA has paid for is 250 million dollars worth of headlines and an awesome strength for one spot in the lineup. They've got to continue to work the players around him and the pitchers they'll put out on the mound.

And at some point, couldn't they use a little bit of that $250 million for those spots too?

December 8, 2011

If Web Browsers were guns...

Casey prefers the last one...

Voyager spacecraft has reached... well really nowhere.

Good news everybody! Voyager 1 is now... basically in the middle of nowhere. In the great achievement of human engineering, the farthest man-made object from earth has reached "uncharted regions between our solar system and interstellar space."

What does that mean? The suburbs? That space in between Montana and Washington  that's basically trees and freeway that everyone just likes to drive through (Idaho)? Sounds like Voyager has found a crappy region that rivals the Tri-Cities. 

After more than 30 years of space journey, NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft has reached a distance of about 11 billion miles (18 billion kilometers) away from the sun and has entered uncharted regions between our solar system and interstellar space.

This region is called the “stagnation region” by the scientists. In this region gusts solar winds can be felt. Solat wind contains high-energy charged particles that stream from the sun that leak out into the space.

The stagnation region? Can we send the Kardassians there?

December 7, 2011

Leader Sports Report Episode Five

Ronan All-State cornerback Jack Humphreys joins the Leader Sports Report as we talk about NFL, BCS, Brett Favre and much more!

Leader Sports Report Episode 5 by Brandonwhansen

Captions for the photos of the year

Maybe you've seen this rolling around the internet... but have you seen the captions for them?

"In third world countries, the starting line for the 100-meter dash is just a wee-bit different from America."

"You wanna know how I feel about AJ Burnett's pitching?!?! I'll show you right here."

"Wait... you have to use a computer to use Facebook?"

"I'm sure that's Zima they're spraying in her face."

"Dude, that was a sick double-kill on Halo 3... now switch to the sniper rifle!"

"Did you hear? Duke lost the other day."

"I'm my country, you don't deserve to have front teeth."

"The world is going to end when Al Davis dies... oh wait.. waaaaiiiit...."

"Montana reaches record highs for the month of December..."

"You're sure nobody is watching?"

"Alright, who forgot to pay the dust storm bill?"

"Hey! This tastes like movie theater popcorn!"

"...and then Rocky threw a punch like this... and Mr. T went down..."

"Duck Hunt is played a little bit differently around here..."

"McDonalds had now found a new source of meat for their quarter-pounders"

If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments below...

December 2, 2011

Marshawn Lynch is perhaps the greatest human being to have ever lived

Last night's win over the Eagles by the Seahawks had a familiar feel to it.

Now at 5-7, Seattle had no real shot at the playoffs but in a sense this is one of those wins that shows a turning point for a franchise. If you would have told me after week 3 of the NFL season that the Seahawks would win five games, I would have called you crazy.

But they've improved. Why? Because they're one of the youngest teams in the NFL and they're slowly getting better. They may not be world-beaters this season but something is brewing in the Pacific Northwest. I think last night's win showed all you Seahawk fans out there that the team is moving in the right direction.

The Eagles? Oh god, Mike Sherman will be coaching them next season.

The thing that sticks out the most about terrible teams is a lack of identity. What is Philly's idenity? Vince Young throwing interceptions. Seattle? Marshawn Lynch being an absolute stud. T-Jack not being an awful quarterback behind a good offensive line. The defense doing it's job.

There are pieces here folks. Over the course of the season, Seattle has put them together.

And that makes the win for you Seahawks fans all the sweeter. (Now if you will excuse me, the Titans have a playoff berth to clinch)

December 1, 2011

Sorry, but Wulff got screwed

Plenty of Cougar fans bought season tickets and shelled out donations but what is getting lost in all of this Mike Leach madness is how WSU royally jobbed Paul Wulff.

Lets flash back to when Wulff was hired as the Cougars head coach. Bill Doba had apparently "recruited kids" by going to Pullman middle schools and asking who wanted to play football. WSU had come off a few uninspiring seasons but still were competitive with Mike Pryce era recruits.

But all those seniors graduated and Wulff had nothing in the cupboard.

When Wulff was at Eastern Washington he was heralded as a great recruiter but it wasn't like he called a fantastic playcaller (like Beau Baldwin) or anything like that. I don't think anybody could argue anything else. He ran a program and had he coordinators take care of what they needed to take care of. However, Wulff essentially had Doba's rejects to deal with and he had to go against Pac-10 competition.

He finally gets his recruits in and the teams shows signs of improvement and they pull the rug out from under him. Even though he was probably the cheapest coach in the Pac-12 and one of the hardest working ones. Factor in that WSU will use the new Pac-12 TV money to pay Leach and it may have been something planned all along.

"Hey lets get an alum to coach the team because they're going to be absolutely awful with Doba's recruits, he's a good recruiter and he'll fill the roster with kids and once the boosters call for his head we can use the TV money to buy a big splash name."

Either way, it worked out perfectly for WSU and not so perfectly for Paul Wulff. Leach will win with his recruits next year. With Connor Halliday at the helm of this team - boy, things will be crazy in Pullman.

I mean if you win nine games in four years, you can't expect to have job security but WSU is a midmajor-level athletic program (in terms of facilities, financial support, ect.) competing in the Pac-12. You have to look at it that way and not like your USC.

Wulff was right, WSU is like the rest of them. When they complain about Leach leaving in four years, I'll point back to the day they fired a loyal guy.

(With that... I mean who isn't excited about the Cougs next year... they're going to win some games!)