December 18, 2011

Week 15 NFL recap

Hard to believe the NFL is almost into the playoffs but it's been a heck of a season. Let's take a look at some of the stories of today.

Colts win
Yes, the Indianapolis Colts finally proved that they could win without Peyton Manning at the helm. It only took them 14 weeks to figure out how. Oh, and the win came against Brandon's favorite team. Even better!

Packers lose
And the 1972 Dolphins toast to Kansas City. Yes, the lowly Chiefs have knocked off the might Packers. And Wisconsin will now slap the city with a cheese boycott.

The Seahawks are awesome
Where was this team five weeks ago? Can imagine if they can win out and somehow make it to the playoffs? They would be the most dangerous team out there. The Hawks have been on fire as of late and are rolling through the end of the season. Too bad a 9-7 record might miss the playoffs this season, but a 7-9 won the West last year.

Tom Brady proves he's no saint
Brady went into Denver and beat Tim Tebow and the Broncos in the promised land of Denver. And with that win Brady stamped his ticket to the burning gates of you know where. No one, and I mean no one, beats Tebow in his house without some type of retribution.

Casey rooted for Denver
Yes, I'll admit I rooted for Denver for the first time ever. That shows how much I can't stand Brady and the Patriots. Three teams I can't stand, Patriots, Steelers and Cowboys.

Joe Flacco gets his wish
Flacco spent last week complaining about how much the media covers Tim Tebow (as if Tebow controls the media and how much they cover him) and that the media never covers the Ravens. Well now he got his wish. The media will cover how much he sucked while the Ravens got hammered by the lowly San Diego Chargers. Careful what you wish for Joe.

The Giants are hot then cold
You never know what Giant team is going to show up each week. Sometimes they are really, really good. Other times they get slammed by the Washington Redskins. They are the football version of the stock market.

The Saints are GOOD
Yes the Saints are showing that the Packers aren't the only super team in the NFC. They destroyed the Vikings and show that they will by no means be a pushover in the playoffs.

Jacksonville still has an NFL team
Apparently the Jaguars still exist. Although Atlanta showed the team is still non existent on the field.

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