January 31, 2009

Epic Video: Paul Brogan Super Bowl Rap

He's at it again folks. Not as good as last years Super Bowl rap that he did. But good none the less.

A vote for Cards is a vote for change

Tomorrow is the big day. No not Brandon's wedding, I'm talking about the Super Bowl. As a Seahawks fan, I'm of course rooting for the Arizona Cardinals.

Here are the reasons why you should too:

-Pittsburgh was given this last Super Bowl win. Thanks refs.
-Kurt Warner has again risen from the depths to take a normally crappy team to the Super Bowl. AGAIN. Here's a fun note, the team that had the worst record one season and then made it to the big game the next season: The 1999 St. Louis Rams. The second team: this years Cardinals. What do these two teams have in common?
-No one wants to see one franchise have 6 Super Bowl wins.
-Terrible Towels are lame. The only thing worse is free "spirit" towels at Eastern football games that are really just used towels from the Red Lion Inn.
-The Cardinals have always been bad. Yes, I rooted for the Tampa Bay Rays in the World Series for that same reason.
-The Steelers uniforms are ugly.
-So are their cheerleaders. (Ok, I'm not really sure on that one, but that's the word around the street)
-The Cardinals remind me a lot of the Seahawks. As a franchise they have always been bad, yet somehow still have fans who support them. Then, one magical season, the team learns how to win. Oh, and the last team standing between them and destiny, the Steelers.
-Did I mention the Steelers were given their last Super Bowl?
-You know Madden is rooting for the Steelers. Madden also says the dumbest comments. "You know how that there team will win today? Well, in order for them to win they have to score more points than that other team." (Thanks)

Oh, and if you root for the Steelers than you are no better than the hordes of bandwagon fans of the Patriots. Who, after last season, suddenly all seemed to fall off the face of the earth. Where did all those Pats fans go? I used to see them everywhere. Now, not so much.

Reasons why you're still single

You go to the bar to watch High School track on ESPN2 and then declare the high jumpers as kind of hot looking. Solid! Enjoy jail.

Spokane Shock Weekly Update: Bringing in the local guys

The Shock have brought in some Vandal-ade for the upcoming season. Idaho DBs Stanley Franks and Herbert Cash were signed by the team.

Franks and Cash both played collegiately at University of Idaho. Cash, 6-0 195, tallied 30 tackles – including 1.5 sacks - with two interceptions in two seasons as a Vandal.

“It wasn’t his numbers that jumped out at me, it was his film. Sometimes, when you don’t have very good numbers it’s because offenses don’t want to throw it your way,” Head Coach Adam Shackleford explained. “He did a lot of different things on his film that were very impressive. He definitely deserves to come into camp and compete for a spot on our roster.”

The Shock have also added Indiana quarterback Blake Powers, which sounds like an awesome name for a quarterback. Hands down. I'm not even going to look at his stats. Powers is just instantly a badass.

Sad news though, Spokane did release former University of Washington WR Sonny Shackleford, who was instantly snatched up by the Mahoning Valley Thunder, which is apparently located in Serbia.

Things seem to be shaping up though, any thoughts on the roster so far?

January 30, 2009

With signing day close, it's crunch time

We are getting closer to February 4th. That day of course is the second most exciting day after Christmas. National NCAA Football Signing Day.

In case you don't know, that's the day high school seniors are finally allowed to officially sign with the college they will be suiting up for in the fall.

Yet, with the special day just around the corner, some Universities are not making good on their promises.

NU pulls offer for Bodtmann
LINCOLN — Nebraska has pulled its scholarship offer to linebacker Shawn Bodtmann in the final days before the signing period opens for football. Bodtmann had been committed to NU since April.

He learned the Huskers were no longer interested last week, according to Mike DeAntona, his coach at West Scranton (Pa.) High School.

Commitments are non-binding until Wednesday, widely known as national signing day.

"When he committed to Nebraska, the type of people we are, we commit," DeAntona said. "We stopped his recruiting. He had other options then, but now we are in a tough spot. This is very disappointing, and to me it's unethical, particularly to do it to a kid who's been committed that long."

Nebraska coaches are prohibited under NCAA rules from commenting on prospects until signing day.

Bodtmann, after a senior-season injury, lost weight and struggled to match his level of play from a year earlier. In addition, the Huskers face a numbers crunch to accommodate a sizeable class of newcomers and deserving walk-ons like place-kicker Alex Henery after losing only 16 seniors on scholarships.

NU coaches have worked extensively to help find Bodtmann a scholarship elsewhere — so far, without success.

"That and a couple dimes will get you a cup of coffee," DeAntona said. "I always respected Nebraska and what they stood for. But obviously, there's a big question mark in my mind now, and there should be in other peoples' minds, too."

DeAntona said Bodtmann did nothing to lose Nebraska's trust.

"He's an all-star player with a 1,050 SAT, a 3.7 GPA, and he's never in trouble," the coach said.

His departure leaves the Huskers with 20 known pledges.

Now I think this is pretty low of the team. Waiting until the last days to pull the offer. The poor kid now is in bind. With grades like he has, he's obviously a smart kid. And not getting into trouble means he has smarts off the field too. Something too many college kids lack.

I hope Bodtmann finds a great school that wants him. Heck, come play for the University of Washington. In 2010 he can beat up on the Huskers in Seattle. Show them the player they missed out on.

Now I guess we wait and see what team is next to screw over a hopeful players. Cause you know more will come as the 4th approaches.

Epic Photo: Caution Zombies Ahead!

Caption from Spokesman.com:

In this photo provided by Chris Nakashima-Brown, an electronic road sign is seen in Austin, Texas on Monday. Two electronic signs intended to warn motorists of construction near the intersection of Lamar and Martin Luther King boulevards were changed yesterday by

I saw this on the news as well, it also said "Caution, Nazi Zombies Ahead" but apparently that's not something you want to post online :D.

Brake for Bikes

I'll be the first to admit, I hate bike riders on the road. Anytime I see those two-wheeled contraptions while driving in my car, nothing but venom and the occasional "Chuck Norris your a**" reference comes out.

And let me rephrase that, most of the time, bicyclists are not a nuisance, when they're on the sidewalk or not cruising down a main lane on Division St. It's the guys who think they have just as much right to buzz around like motorized vehicles. Problem is, they don't exactly move as fast as vehicles, nor do they signal as efficiently as vehicles.

In fact, my main concern is not so much that I'll be stuck behind a bike, but rather the rider's insistence to weave back and forth in traffic like they own the place and otherwise create a very dangerous situation. You know for the most part where cars are going thanks to blinkers, you don't know what bike riders are going to do.

Now fellow blogger Jake Rehm is a bloody bike rider, but he understands how traffic goes and really how bikers shouldn't be out in the middle of it.

Here's a story by the Spokesman, on how Spokane wants to make more biking trails through the city and residential areas, which i think is great, but just putting a bike lane on residential streets is only going to make limited driving space (if you live on the South Hill, you know what I'm talking about) even more a commodity.

The main focus seems to be safety on that project though, and that's a good thing as some bike riders don't seem to be so focused on safety.

January 29, 2009

Our Neighbors Weekly Update: JustSoN coverage across the Pacific Northwest

-University of Montana-

Tonight the Lady Griz take on Portland State, at PSU, for claim of the top of the Big Sky. Both teams are 6-0 in conference games. With Montana being 17-3 overall, and Portland State is 13-6. It's a winner take all game at a big time in the season. The game starts 7 p.m. Pacific and can be watched online at www.bigskytv.org.

On the men's side PSU is visiting Montana tonight. The Griz currently sit in 3rd in the Big Sky, having beat Northern Colorado 68-59 on 1/25. The men Vikings also are in 1st place, and the Griz could really use a home win.

Indoor track will be in Bozeman on Friday for the Montana State Dual Invitational. Montana will be going against MSU and Idaho State.

-Montana State University-

The men's team has slid to 6th in the Big Sky after back-to-back losses. At the hands of Northern Colorado the Bears had their way with the Bobcats, 55-65. After that, MSU traveled down to Southern Mississippi, only to loose 60-68. Tonight they host Eastern Washington. The Eagles currently sit in 7th in the Conference and are looking to get their season back on track. A win tonight for the Bobcats would be huge.

-Idaho State University-

Tonight ISU will be trying to "white out" their arena as the Weber Wildcats come into town. The Bengals have a slight hold on the 4 spot in the Conference, but Northern Colorado is nipping at their heels. But Weber State won't be overlooked. The Wildcats are currently tied with PSU for first in the Big Sky. ISU needs a win tonight at home to keep pace with the Bears.

-University of Idaho-

While ISU is trying to white out their gym, U of I is trying to "black out" theirs. Tonight the Vandals take on Boise State. The Vandals are flying high after winning the rematch with New Mexico State 67-57. UI currently sit in 4th in the WAC, one spot behind the visiting Boise State. A win tonight would help close the gap between the two. Idaho is 3-3 in conference, while Boise State is 5-2.

The indoor track teams will be heading to Pullman on Friday and Saturday for the Washington State Cougar Invitational.

-University of Alaska Anchorage-

The gymnasitics team heads to Colorado this week. The 0-4 squad is searching for their first win of the season. 1/31 will see them in Denver, 2/1 the squad goes Colorado Springs to take on Air Force.

In men's basketball, the Seawolves lost at Billings, MT to Montana State - Billings 60-69. Seniors Jeremiah Trueman and Kenny Barker combined for 37 points. But a late 2nd half push by the Yellowjackets proved to much for UAA.

Gatorade - Considerations

In his recent posting about the difference between Gatorade and PowerAde, Brandon Hansen showcased the great revelation that so few of us have discovered – Powerade rocks in comparison to Gatorade. Tastes great and quenches a mean thirst! Having established that, there are a few things that I feel it is my duty to bring to light (this being a sporting blog, after all).

For years (most of us could say our entire lives), we’ve seen, heard, and even tasted that popular sport drinks such as Gatorade and Powerade are a quality drink for the serious athlete. We all know the story about how the University of Florida invented Gatorade and how it worked such wonders for the football team. Peyton Manning and Michael Jordan made it their “drink of choice.” Practically any major sporting event boasts sponsorship from Gatorade – it’s the most popular sporting drink out there, and in terms of revenue, nothing can compare (one of the reasons it can sponsor everything). So many flavors, so much diversity.

To a degree, the stuff really does work. You see, the purpose of these sporting drinks is to replenish electrolytes in the body lost during physical exercise. From this front, Gatorade and Powerade succeed. However, considering that these drinks are marketed, at least in part, to major sporting events – events that require intense physical exertion – we owe it to ourselves to look at a fuller picture. The truth is, there are, in fact, a few things that go against these popular sporting drinks.

First, one must consider the amount of sugars that the body needs in a given time during athletic activity. Let’s say that Joe the Bike Rider needs x amount of sugars in addition to x amount of electrolytes in his sporting drink in order to successfully continue his workout. Water has neither sugars nor electrolytes, so obviously a second source is needed. You may think that Gatorade would be the right choice – however, while Gatorade may be able to replenish the x amount of electrolytes, it also has two and three times the amount of simple sugars the body can digest. What does this mean? Well, since the body can only digest a certain amount of sugars in a given period of time, that athlete will have to settle with extra (and unneeded) sugars sitting in his stomache – this is a hindrance as it can slow said athlete down.

So what can one do to fix this problem? The simple solution for many is to simply drink more water to dilute the sugars. That may dilute the sugars, but it’s also diluting the electrolytes, thus defeating the purpose of the drink being an actual sporting drink. Plus, the athlete has to be careful how much water they drink, because water intoxication is a real and deadly thing. Taking all this into account, we haven’t even discussed the role that the artificial colorings play! These reasons, then, show us that the “serious” athlete, or the athlete that hopes to play to their best, would be better off drinking something other than Gatorade.

Bear in mind that I am not trying to criticize Gatorade. It is good stuff and I enjoy sipping on it when I’m thirsty. It just isn’t my first choice when I decide to go exercise. What options does one have, then? Serious athletes should find a supplement they can add to regular water that has the proper amount of electrolytes, low simple sugars, no artificial flavorings or colors, and still has some flavor. My personal preference is Hammer Nutrition, a company out of Whitefish, Montana (haha Brandon!) that offers great tasting products that have the proper balance we are looking for.

So when does Gatorade come in the factor? Well, as the late-but-great comedian Mitch Hedberg once said, “you can just be a thirsty dude” to enjoy it. That said, who wants to go for a bike ride now?

The great debate: Powerade or Gatorade

Having been a high school football waterboy, I have long stood by the sports drink staple of Gatorade.

And considering that Gatorade has over 80 percent of the sports drink market, you kind of would expect that. I mean look around to all the sporting events and it's the green stuff - which was originally developed for the Florida Gators football team who kept getting dehydrated.

This was before the Tim Tebow cyborg walked onto campus.

However, yesterday I took a chance with Powerade, seeing that it was on sale and that they had a regular grape flavor. Being a sucker for grape, I had to go with it and the result was sheer bliss.

It was launched in 1988 by Coca Cola as a counter-product to Pepsi Co. which owns the rights to Gatorade.

I can't believe I've been drinking Gatorade, in ignorance, for all these years and ignoring the perfection that is Grape Powerade.

The one gripe I always had with Gatorade is that it was a tad on the sweet side, so it would almost overpower the taste of food you were eating. Luckily, Powerade doesn't do that, it's somewhat sedated, yet still flavorful.

What do you guys think?

January 28, 2009

Epic Video: Arrogant Worm Birthday

For those of you readers who don't know, today was my birthday. And I was told that I should post this video as the Epic Video today

It's the Arrogant Worms (a Canadian band, so that should explain a lot) and their Happy Happy Birthday song.

Oh, and there is Smurfs in it.

Whitworth Weekly Update

Here's something you probably didn't know was possible: the Whitworth Pirates lead the Northwest Conference in scoring defense (64.5 points allowed), field goal percentage (49.7), field goal percentage defense (38.8), three-point percentage (39.2), three-point percentage defense (29.8), free throw percentage (70.7), and rebound margin (+7.8), yet only have two players leading the NWC in any category individually.


While the Pirates lost last Friday to Lewis & Clark 74-62, bumping them down to third place in the conference standings, they're still sporting a 13-4 overall record and 5-3 conference mark. In that loss Calvin Jurich had his third double-double of the season with 20 points and 15 rebounds.

They'll face George Fox this Friday on the road at 8 p.m. and then Pacific on Saturday at 6 p.m.

And traveling with them will be the Whitworth women's team, who has won five of their last six to pull into a three-way tie for second with Whitman and Puget Sound. They'll play the same opponents as the men, just two hours earlier. Got to love how they do this Div. III basketball stuff, seems way better than the Div. I brand.

And good news for those people getting giddy about baseball. Whitworth Sports Information Director Steve Flegel has release the season outlooks for Whitworth Baseball and Softball. Now the only question becomes, when do pitchers and catchers report in Spokane?

Things I've noticed about gyms

I went to workout at a gym last night for the first time since I developed a beer belly and boy, I'm apparently allergic to exercise.

At least though, I picked a pretty non-descript, non-big corporate gym, so it was a pretty laid back atmosphere. And it wasn't crowded so I didn't have to ask for Joe Sweaty to stop touching my bum.

However, there's something about the nature of gyms that constant throughout.

The loud guy grunting - I understand you're channeling your Chi, but you sound like you're giving birth to a Watermelon.

The guy texting on the bike - That's me! Let's just say I am an expect at the "low impact" workout. Maybe that's why I'm fat. At least I get my socializing done.

The fat person that always seems to be walking around the gym but not actually doing anything - And they've been there for like four hours. I don't get it. Wouldn't you spend your free time in a place that is a little less stinky.

Spray bottles - Nothing like someone fermenting the room with a wonderful aroma of rubbing alcohol.

Cut-off t-shirts - Say hello to the gun show, or in my case, the broken toy water pistol show.

iPods - I seriously do not know how people worked out before the advent of iPods. If mine had a dead battery, I probably wouldn't go work out. If it failed on me halfway through the workout, I'm packing things in.

Funny thing too, never drop your iPod on the treadmill, they tend to shoot backwards.

TVs - They're either showing Sportscenter or the O'Reilly Factor. Why the O'Reilly Factor? To make people feel better about themselves.

Hopefully my gym has a McDonalds in the back.

January 27, 2009

Green Jobs

Here's a story from MyNorthwest.com about a proposed new law that could help some people out in the fine state of Washington and help out the environment as well.

Majority Democrats in the state Senate unveiled a package of proposed laws on Tuesday that they say will boost the state's energy efficiency while creating thousands of "green jobs."

It's the latest of several legislative proposals that would use state spending to boost construction and other projects, with the hope of injecting some life into the moribund economy.

While some of the regulations they're enforcing are strict, it would definitely create a lot of opportunities for people in the sluggish construction economy. And really that's what we need at the moment.

Work to make our world more efficient while making jobs, can you ask for much more?

Epic Video: The Oregon Trail

Oh yes. Dysentery. Good times.

Here's the Oregon Trail in 60 seconds.

WSU Weekly Update: Cougin' it

Washington State has made quiet a living in their past two games holding tight and then falling apart in the closing seconds, which leaves them at 3-4 in the conference and 11-8 overall.

On top of the conference? We'll it's those loathsome Huskies, but WSU has nobody to blame but themselves as they blew chances again both So-Cal teams and now they're facing an uphill battle for the rest of the season (or until the teams from Oregon come to play in Pullman).

One helpful tidbit is that the Huskies and Cougars are the only two teams in the Pac-10 that haven't lost of on the road this season. Which means their four losses came at home - ick - so much for that Friel Court advantage.

They'll be at No. 14 Arizona State this Thursday, who just so happens to be the highest ranked squad in the Pac-10, just ahead of the Huskies, who got the national nod at No. 25 and the No. 17 UCLA Bruins.

Then Wazzu will take on Arizona on Saturday which should be an easier game than the Sun Devils. The Wildcats have been pretty darn disappointing this season, 2-5 in Pac-10 play.

While the Cougars proved they can hang against ranked teams, they just haven't been able to finish. Any idea why?

January 26, 2009

Obama tells carmakers to shove it up their tailpipe

Our liberal, hippy agenda continues here at Just South of North, were we try to turn you poltical views to that of a person living in a tree for the past five years.

That is why I've got to say something about Obama's recent signing of the Environmental Memoranda that allows states to enforce tougher emission standings. However, some people aren't drinking from the happy Earth Kool-Aid.

House Minority leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, said the decision could hurt American jobs, given Detroit's struggles.

“The president’s action today is disappointing," Boehner said. "The effect of this policy will be to destroy American jobs at the very time government leaders should be working together to protect and create them. Millions of American jobs will be placed in further jeopardy if automakers are forced to spend billions to comply with potentially dozens of different emissions standards in dozens of different states.”

Ahem (tightens tie, prepares to go Sean Hannity of Beohner's a**)

This original tailpipe law was proposed by Republican and Predator-Killer Arnold Swatzenagger, so shouldn't you be more disappointed in the actions of your own party members? Perhaps its because his state is drowning in a deep sea of smog?

And since automakers have already made a shift towards cleaner cars, how much would this effect them since people aren't buying gas-guzzling, fume-spewing SUVs in the first place.

It won't be this tailpipe law that will put American jobs at risk, it will be the oh thirty plus years of horrible foresight and old-time thinking when it came to developing cars that people wanted and bought. While everyone else was making small, fuel-efficient cars that were well-made, the big three Detroit Automakers were putting out boats and refusing to adjust to changes (namely the inclusion of foreign automakers) that anyone with half a brain could obviously see happening.

Yeah that's right, you come to Just South of North and the spin stops here.

JustSoN Question: Dreams

Watch the video below.

And that makes the JustSoN Question of the Day: What do you dream about? Either daydream or at night.

Epic Video: Her Morning Elegance

An interesting music video.

Post Blink 182. Who won the breakup?

I don't know about you, but I am able to judge what year a song was made by the grade I was in. Today in the gym an old Blink 182 song came on. And I thought "that was sophomore year."

And then it's strange when a band you really liked breaks up. Take the above mentioned band. When Blink 182 broke up it was hard on a lot of people.

Well, there are always three things that happen in any breakup.

FIRST: someone always wins. Yeah, you know it's true. The winner is determined by whos next relationship is hotter.

SECOND: sides are always chosen. There will be a group of friends, we'll say five. That means one person will get two, the other one. This also helps in determining the winner of said breakup.

THIRD: the person who was dumped usually stalks the other person via Facebook and MySpace.

Well, the same things happens for bands. Blink 182 broke up and it wasn't long until one of the threesome was seeing a band called Angels and Airwaves (AVA), and the other two were seeing a band called Plus 44 (+44).

Let's see who won that breakup.

Tom DeLonge headed the group AVA. Their sound was good, not in the same punk style as Blink, but it was good. More of a put on the soundtrack and listen from start to finish. AVA got the name because Tom's daughter said they sounded like angels.

As for +44, it was of course Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker who became this band. Their sound included factors that Blink didn't. Such as electric drums and a keyboard. +44 got their name because that is what you have to dial to reach Europe.

WINNER: AVA. Europe is lame.

As for "friends" aka fans. Both bands seem to have quite a following. This is good for the music industry. Personally I like the sound of both bands. Which one I listen to just depends on my mood at that moment.

WINNER: tie.

As for stalking, somehow I doubt that either of these bands do that. This point doesn't really fit here. But if you dump someone, becare and lock your accounts.

WINNER: void.

Well, from this perpective I would have to say that AVA won. But that is based on name alone.

Which band from the post Blink 182 do you like more?

Reasons why you're still single

You watch corny high school comedies during the weekend, and tell people that you're watching corny high school comedies during the weekend. Such is life...

Washington Weekly Update: Pac-10 Leaders

Five in a row. That's how many straight the Huskies have won over the UCLA Bruins in Seattle. That is also the number of current wins in a row the Huskies will have if they beat Arizona when they travel down to Tucson for a meeting with the Wildcats on Thursday night.

The Huskies just wrapped up a great week in hoops with an 86-75 victory over the boys from Westwood on Saturday (Women's swimming also took down UCLA on Saturday). Earlier in the week they slid by the Men of Troy 78-73 as well as retiring the jersey of the great Brandon Roy. Not too shabby I'd say.

Don't look now but these Dawgs are barking, especially after getting taken behind the woodshed by the Kansas Jayhawks in late November. Since that embarrassing defeat the Washington Huskies have gone 13-2, and the 2 defeats were by a combined 5 points (86-84 loss to the Florida Tebows and a 3 OT heart breaker to the Cal Bears).

This is a new week for the Huskies which I hope brings the same results of this past week....victory. Arizona and Arizona State are on the docket for this last week of January followed by a Northern California swing versus Cal and then Stanford.

January 25, 2009

Gonzaga Weekly Update: Coach Few one of the best?

Mark Few won his 250th game as the head coach of Gonzaga last night with a not surprising 93-60 blowout of Loyola Marymount as the No. 23-ranked Bulldogs move to 5-0 in the WCC.

While I'd like to talk about how well the Zags are playing, lets keep in mind they're playing some bad teams in the conference. Instead, I kind of want to reflect of Few's career to this point.

Here's a guy that has been at Gonzaga since being a graduate assistant, is one of only two coaches to take his team to the Sweet Sixteen in his first two seasons and a guy that looks like he's content with staying in Spokane no matter what major basketball program comes calling.

But do you consider him an Elite Coach? The Zags are the perfect fit for college basketball, they have a community behind them, a wonderful arena and a weak conference.

Is Few just in a good spot?

I'm not sure if I can sell him short, he's molded the Zags into a very consistent winner, however it's probably going to take a bigger stage for him to receive more respect. My only dig against him is Gonzaga's knack for getting knocked out early in the tournament in recent years.

Thoughts on that?

Epic Photo: Ice Climbing

Now here is an amazing photo. This climber is solo ice climbing in Antarctica.

Epic Video: Ice Climbing

Jake Heaps: Washington's shining star

Jake Heaps is quickly becoming one of the nation's top high school recruits. This season, his junior year, he led the Skyline Spartans to another state championship. I went to a few of his games, and the kid is impressive.

Here is an article that Todd Milles of the Tacoma News Tribune wrote about Heaps. It appeared in today's paper.

The 12-year-old was itching for a workout. His parents phoned quarterbacks guru Greg Barton.

Barton runs a football academy out of Beaverton, Ore., that holds camps throughout the Northwest. When Barton took that call one Sunday afternoon, he recommended that the anxious family attend one of the group workouts the next week.

The suggestion wasn’t good enough.

So, the Heaps family – with Jake, a sixth grader at the time – drove from Sammamish to Beaverton, and beat Barton to the field where the parties were scheduled to meet for a private evaluation.

“The parents didn’t want the meeting. Jake wanted it,” Barton recalled about that 2004 one-on-one session. “He’s the type of kid who’s a really nice person, but when he gets something in his head, he goes for it.”

Fast-forward to today. Heaps, who just finished his junior season at Skyline High School, where he’s led the Spartans to two state championships (one 3A, one 4A), yearns to be one of the top recruits in the country.

“It’s never been my family pushing me. It’s all been me. I’m self-driven, and I can stop all this in a heartbeat and my parents would be supportive,” Heaps said. “This is something I’ve wanted to do from an early age, to get better no matter what the cost is ... and let hard work take you far. I take pride in myself and in my game, and I’ve put my time and effort into the sport, and given up a lot of things to be at this level. It won’t stop any time soon.”

With roughly 20 NCAA Division I scholarship offers in hand, from some of the best programs in the country, Heaps headlines the junior class – players who are Northwest Nuggets candidates for next year.

“He’s got the Jimmy Clausen approach going,” said SuperPrep recruiting editor and founder Allen Wallace, referring to the 2006 Hall Trophy winner as the nation’s No. 1 player out of Oaks Christian of Thousand Oaks, Calif. Clausen is now the starting quarterback at Notre Dame.

“His name is being bandied about as the top recruit, the underclassmen with all the offers from major schools, without them even evaluating him.”

Heaps is a rising star, and has one more season to build on a career of already eye-popping numbers – 5,991 passing yards, 69 touchdown passes and 11 interceptions. Skyline is 28-0 in Heaps’ two seasons as the starter.

His intangibles may be just as impressive. His vision gives him an unusual ability to escape trouble. His leadership qualities brought Steve Spurrier from South Carolina for a look, and earned him early scholarship offers from virtually every Pacific-10 Conference program outside of Southern California.

“He’s not 6-foot-4. He’s not going to run a 4.6 in the 40 (yard dash),” said Mat Taylor, the Skyline coach. “But you know what, he is going to win football games.”

Heaps’ recruiting plan has been in motion for years. He’s preparing to fulfill his high school graduation requirements early so he can enroll at a school in time for spring ball.

“We had heard about quarterbacks going early, and it was an idea that if it was something we needed to do, it’s something we can do,” Heaps said. “I didn’t think it would happen, but talking to coaches, they’re chomping at the bit to get me in (early).

“It sucks you don’t get to finish out your senior year with your class. ... But on the football side of things, if you go, the sky is the limit.”

The state of Washington never had the No. 1 quarterback recruit in the nation before Heaps came along. Wallace said a case could be made that he could be the top overall player, too. The quarterback expects to make a decision on a college before his senior season starts in September.

“Jonathan Stewart (Timberline High product) and other top players ... I’ve wanted to be in their shoes since I was little,” Heaps said. “It would be selfish and arrogant of me to sit back and take this experience lightly.”

He says he's going to decide before the start of his senior year. And then, to top it off, he's trying to graduate high school by December so he can enroll at the university of his choice and be ready for spring ball with his new team. Sounds to me like he is trying to get prepared for his college career. And not just as a backup or redshirt freshman. He'll be vying for the starting job with that college.

Oh, and Heaps is 28-0 as a starter. All the guy does is win football games. Sounds like a guy UW better start recruiting really hard. Especially since he's in their own back yard.

But then again, I did find the photo posted above on the University of Florida Web site in an article talking about Heaps.

January 24, 2009

Leroy Hill arrested

Just found this on the AP:

ATLANTA, Ga. — Seattle Seahawks linebacker Leroy Hill has been arrested on charges of misdemeanor marijuana possession.

Sgt. Dwayne Taylor of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office says the 26-year-old Hill was arrested about 4 a.m. Saturday in the suburban Atlanta county. Taylor said Hill had apparently fallen asleep behind the wheel at a major intersection.

Taylor said officers found less than one ounce of marijuana in the vehicle. A court date has not yet been set. Hill was released after posting a $1,500 bond. Officials did not know if he has an attorney.

Hill made 84 tackles in 12 games, but missed the final four games of the season with a pinched nerve in his neck. The four-year veteran is scheduled to become a free agent next month.

Great way to start the off-season Hill. Especially since you'll be a free agent next month. Yeah, the Hawks have made it clear in the past they don't like people who mess around on their team. Ken Hamlin and Jerramy Stevens ring a bell?

Why the Hawks green is great

While cruising around the Internet today, I came across this post by Paul Lucas of UniWatch. Back in January of 2008 Lucas wrote about how the city of Seattle had fallen in love with the lime green color of the Seahawks.

He said, "I also don’t get the Seahawks’ combination of steel blue and neon snot."

And to him I had to say (in my head of course) now hold on a second buddy. Neon snot? More like neon awesome.

I personally thought it was really neat when the 12th man began to adore the lime green in the color scheme of the Hawks. The green was originally used only for the eye of the Hawk logo, and for some pin stripping accents on the jerseys and pants.

Then the receivers caught on to the appeal of the color. And soon all of them were wearing bright, neon lime green gloves.

Next following was the defense. Who strode out onto Qwest Field one afternoon wearing lime green accented shoes.

Soon Matt Hasselbeck was wearing a lime green hat on the sidelines, and a number of players were putting their shoes on with lime green laces.

The 12th man loved it. And slowly the sea of only blue in the stands became speckled with the green. Green hats, gloves, shirts and hair.

While looking up the pictures of the Seahawks green, I came across this jersey. A green jersey. It was amazing. So much so that I knew I had to have it. I know some will say that it is ugly, or that it isn't the real jersey. But I think it is really neat and original. Plus it is better than these uniforms of the Texans right?

And while I love the green. It's good, but not great. After all, it's no powder blue. Now those are some sweet jerseys.

Spokane Shock Weekly Update: Defense!

The Shock's defensive backfield is going to be one of the most feared in the af2, as the team has just signed all-league Aaron Williams to compliment last year's Rookie of the Year in Sergio Gilliam.

Williams had 12 interceptions last season and Gilliam set the af2 record for picks in a season with 16. Boy howdy, opposing QBs are going to think of the Spokane Arena as a graveyard with those two guys roaming around.

Looking at the roster that's shaping up, there are a lot of guys from last year and a lot of GOOD guys from last year. The prospects and expectations are going to be high this year for a drive to the af2 championship.


A big thanks to Kevin Maloney for providing all the info about the roster moves. And if you can't get enough of star wide reciever Raul Vijil, Kevin also wrote up this feature on him as the face of the franchise. There's also a link to a nice You Tube highlight reel.

So what are your thoughts about this year's team. They've got to be the favorite in the af2 this year, hands down.

January 23, 2009

Epic Video: Don't honk at old people

Yeah, she was just a little old lady. He had it coming.

Tenants - Guard Your Toilets

I discovered a pretty good reason not to cross your landlord - he might steal your toilet.

A man in New York removed the toilet and other fixtures from his basement apartment to force his tenants to move out. Fausto Pinos was fined with 24 housing code violations, so clearly he removed more than just a few necessary fixtures. When asked why the tenants stayed in the apartment despite the awful living conditions the woman said she simply had no place to go.

Wow, her town in New York must really suck if living in her with no toilet, probably no sink or kitchen items was better than finding someplace else to live!

America puts global warming on the back burner

The Pew Research Center just released this study about what Americans think should be the top priority for Barack Obama in 2009. Not surprisingly, the economy and jobs are no. 1 and no. 2 on the list.

Obviously people in this country want to make a living and you know, not get laid off.

However, one surprisingly development is Global Warming is dead last in top priorities for 2009. I guess Al Gore just didn't do enough spreading the word about the evil ManBearPig on South Park.

But really? Dead last. While I'm not one of those doomsayers that thinks we'll be sleeping with the fishes in a couple of years after the eco system completely crashes - heck, I'm suffering through one of the most epic winters Spokane has ever had - but it's pretty obvious that something is happening with our climate and we need to adjust.

However, I mean, we need to figure out what's going on. Problem is that enviormentalism is one of those things where people really lose sight with what's important and go into "we'll show them mode", refuse to compromise or work with companies, government offices and other individuals and then essentially they become a popularist movement full of liberal college hippies. No joke, ask anyone who's a "environmentalist" and they'll tell you they grew up in a suburban middle-class home, enjoy long rides in their Subaru, like hiking at the 3,000 ft. mountain just outside town, marveling at nature in our city zoos and really not having a true understanding or passion for nature.

Really they're doing it because a bunch of other Dashboard Confessional fans are saying the same thing too.

So once things start to rough, namely the economy, people start dropping their recreational feelings really quick. So after all that name-calling, fingerpointing, sit-in protests and bumper stickers, you're telling me that Americans really don't care about the environment.

Oh meanwhile, we're still actually debating if this is just cycle of warming or if we're really screwing up the planet. But oh wait, people can't afford iPods anymore so conservation efforts may have to wait.

Carry on, at least I'm in the Northwest where the biggest natural disaster we have is my morning breath.

Roy Oh Roy!

Last night the Washington Huskies retired the second number ever in the teams 107 year history and just the 30th number retired in the Pac-10. That was the number 3 worn by Brandon Roy who now joins Bob Houbregs in the rafters.

Roy's journey to this point didn't start out all sunshine and farts though. When Roy first enrolled at UW his SAT scores weren't high enough to get past the dreaded NCAA clearinghouse (not to be confused with the Publishers). After taking the test again and passing, then having the clearinghouse reject him because of how much better his score was, he had to take it.....again. The results were lost, then found and he was finally on his way to an amazing career at UW. In his senior year Roy averaged 20.2 points, 5.6 rebounds and 4.1 assists a game and was an All-American and named Pac-10 Player of the Year.

Now Roy is tearing it up for our neighbors down south the Portland Trail Blazers. Roy has been in the City of Roses now for about 2 1/2 seasons and has already posted a 50 point game (52 against the Phoenix Suns), been an All-Star and won Rookie of the Year honors.

It is great to see a local product who went to Garfield High, enroll at our local University of Washington and go on to become a great NBA player and a great person.

Oh yeah, and the Huskies beat the USC Trojans 78-73!! Great night.

January 22, 2009

Our Neighbors Weekly Update: JustSoN coverage across the Pacific Northwest

Welcome to Our Neighbor Thursdays. Just South of North has started providing our readers with weekly updates of the local sports scene. Thursdays are dedicated to schools outside of the great state of Washington.

So, as Mr. Rogers would say, "won't you be my neighbor?"

-University of Montana-

The men's basketball team came into Cheney and laid the smack down on the Eagles. Stomping them in Reese Court 63-50. The Griz currently have a lock on the number 4 spot in the Big Sky, with a 4-3 conference record and 10-9 overall. Next up: 1/25 vs Northern Colorado. 1/29 vs Portland State.

-Montana State University-

The men's basketball team is licking their wounds after suffering a 43-64 pounding at the hands of Idaho State. They sit in 5th place in the Big Sky with a 3-3 conference, 9-7 overall record. Next up: 1/22, vs Northern Colorado. 1/24 at Southern Mississippi.1/29 vs Eastern Washington.

-Idaho State University-

While most of the nation is talking about Kurt Warner and Ben Roethlisberger the town of Pocatello, Idaho is talking about Pago Togafau. Togafau is in his second season in the National Football League, and on February 1st, his Arizona Cardinals will be playing in the Super Bowl.

Now Togafau may not be the superstar, or even the starter. But you can bet your pants that Idaho State University and the town of Pocatello are proud of their graduate.

-University of Idaho-

The men's basketball team is coming off a rough week, with back to back looses. The first lose was a heart breaker at New Mexico State 71-74. On Saturday, January 17, the Vandals fell 63-74 at Louisiana Tech. They have a week off and hope to rebound for the second half of the season. Next up: 1/24 at New Mexico State. 1/29 at Boise State.

-University of Alaska Anchorage-

The Seawolves athletics are bragging this week about what they accomplished in the classroom during 2008. Over the 2008 school year, University of Alaska Anchorage student athletes had a combined 3.13 GPA. This was a record for the school. Congrats from JustSoN to the scholar athletes of our neighbor up north.

On the ice the Seawolves hockey team split a pair of games in Mankato, Minnesota against Minnesota State. The Seawolves took the first game 4-2, but lost the second 1-7. The team currently sits in the number 9 spot of the 10 team Western Collegiate Hockey Association with a 5-9-2 WCHA record and are 8-10-2 overall. Next up: 1/23 vs Michigan Tech. 1/24 vs Michigan Tech.

Links! Links! Links!

I usually consider myself a person that is in some control of their emotions. The only time (injury, emotionally crushing breakup or death of a relative aside) I've cried has been:

- The Tennessee Titans were bounced by the Baltimore Ravens in the 2000 NFL playoffs.
- 9/11
- Watching Million Dollar Baby, but if you didn't cry during that movie, you have no soul and you should have just gone across the hall and watched Passion of the Christ. If that movie didn't make you cry, than you're probably a robot.
- The first time I listened to Kelly Clarkston's life-changing music.
- The Tennessee Titans losing in 2002 to the Oakland Raiders in the AFC Championship.
-Yankee Aaron Boone's walkoff homer to defeat the Boston Red Sox in Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS, after fighting with my "Yankee" fan roommate to watch the game instead of "Friends." (Do I really need to explain why I hate Yankee fans or should I bring up the story again when a Yankee fan told me that the 2004 World Series Championship didn't count because they didn't beat New York in the Series... which would be impossible since both teams are in the American League. Don't get me started, don't get me started.)
- Tears of joy winning the 2006 Best of Show at the ACP National Convention in Portland. National Championship for Eastern Washington University.
- The Tennessee Titans losing to the Baltimore Ravens in the 2009 playoffs. WHY?!?!?!

But for some reason, I nearly lost it at work today, reading a Bill Simmons article of all things. Mostly known for his humor articles and "blogging" (Thanks Rick "I don't write anything more than 800 words Reilly), he wrote an article about the death of his dog. And it's a tear jerker. No idea why, but if that doesn't tug at your heartstrings, you shouldn't be allowed to have kids.

Luckily, a story about how tough it is to find a gas station in Tok, Alaska cheered me up. Basically, around those parts, don't let it drop below a quarter of a tank.

Joel Willits of FishBear Sports is also showing of a famous moustache. Check it out.

Former co-worker Lashonna McBride explains the beginning stages of dating, and I've just discovered that showing up to a date in a sweat suit is not reccomended.

And another Northwest politician has some scandal about the possiblility of an underaged love affair. Oh boy.

Alright, well I'm spent.

Epic Photo: The Curious Case of Brad Pitt

Take a gander to the right ladies, that's what Brad Pitt is going to look like in about 30 years. You have fun with that, have a long drink of that wrinkle fest with your eyes.

Okay so that's from the movie "Curious Case of Benjamin Button" which was just nominated for an astounding 13 Oscars including best actor.

Not sure how he pulled it off, but Mr. Pitt is apparently getting recognized for his ability to get younger as he gets older.

Wow. Now if Brett Farve could do that...

January 21, 2009

Eastern Washington Men's Basketball: We're in trouble

The Eagles' season is now in question after a 63-50 shellacking to Montana tonight at Reese Court in Cheney, Wash. The Grizzlies led by as many as 25 points on three separate occasions and pretty much led the entire way.

Man... I hate these guys. I just heard they finally got 8-tracks in Missoula. Simply a stunning town.

But anyways, Anthony Johnson of Montana led all scorers with 21 points, and the guy is averaging 23 points per game. Meanwhile for the Eagles, Benny Valentine was a star again with 15 points and pulled the Eagles within 11 (61-50) thanks to a three-pointer as 49.3 seconds were left on the clock (Let me be sarcastic in saying woo hoo).

While that may not seem impressive, EWU was down 57-32 before rattling off 15 consecutive points including Valentine's three.

The Eagles drop to 9-10 on the season and 3-4 in the conference. Their big loss to Montana is against a team that is just fourth in the Big Sky with a 10-9 overall record and 4-3 conference record. Crap, that's not a good sign.

Oh and Saturday they play the team at the top of the standings, Portland State, who's 14-5 and 5-1 in the conference. They also defeated Gonzaga earlier this season in a huge upset at the MAC. Better hope they get loss on the way to Reese Court on Friday.

Okay that was a joke, but the Eagles better bring their A-game.

Commercials killed the radio star

I was driving home from my parent's house tonight. Why? Because it was meatloaf night. Duh.

Anyway, I was driving home when a commercial came on the radio. This commercial was so hilarious I almost crashed. Also because of the thick fog, but it could have been from the tears flowing from my eyes.

It was a car dealer in the city of Sumner, Washington that the entire commercial was based around the saying (picture it in that cheesy voice car sales commercials are always in) "If it doesn't eat, you can trade it in. Leave your donkey at home, cause we won't take him."

Yeah, it was pure awful. 1 1/2 minutes of it. Baaaaaaad. Wait, sheep eat. Can't trade it in. However that sack of potatoes and the broken toaster oven. Those are good to go.

Following that commercial, there was an ad for the radio station that they wanted small business owners to call in and let them know if their business did better in 2008 than in 2007.

Now here is the best/worst part of the story. Immediately following the ad was another commercial. This one for the "Closing our doors after 32 years" sale of a local furniture store.

My question was, did that not dawn on anybody at the radio station when they were putting together the ads? I mean come on! An ad for businesses doing great in this crappy economy, and then a commercial for the closing of a historic store. Yeah, nice job station. Real classy.

And then, as if the situation couldn't get worse. Britney Spears came on. I couldn't handle it and figured I would just drive the rest of the way in silence.

Because, as the song says, silence is golden. Hmmm....silence. It doesn't eat. I wonder if I could trade it in for a car?

And for those of you who knew that was a picture of an angry wombat. Hats off to you.

Cheers/Jeers: Star Wars Edition

We've all seen the Cheers/Jeers section in The Inlander, which is a classified where people in Spokane can basically hit on each other, pat somebody on the back or chew them out. Either or, it's very, very entertaining.

That got me thinking, what if there was a Cheers/Jeers section in the Star Wars universe?


1. To that guy who killed both the emperor and Darth Vader. Man, they were getting on my nerves, what with their incessant choking of coworkers and that electrocuting thingy. Imperial Officers can rest easy now.

2. To that Rebel pilot who told me blowing up the Death Star wasn't much different from shooting a whomprats on Tattoine.

3. To those stormtroopers who didn't need our identification. Move along...

4. To the Rebel Alliance for preventing Yavin 4 for getting the s*** blown out of it. Would have made for a pretty crappy Christmas.

5. To Ewoks for their timely arrival and subsequent ass-kicking of Imperial forces.


1. To Wedge Antilles, thanks for wimping out on me during that Death Star trench run. At least I have a true friend in Han Solo. Yeah I may have told him to screw off before we lifted off, but he came through in a clutch.

2. To stormtroopers for not being so precise.

3. To Wampas, how the hell do those things always die out in the cold of Hoth when they're from that freakin' planet.

4. To Wookies, they always tearing people's arms off after they lose at games.

5. To Andy Reid for looking like Jabba the Hut.


1. Hi sis, remember the last time we swung over a bottomless crevasse?

2. Yeah you were a ghost or something of Obi Wan Kenobi, thanks a lot for nothing. Being translucent and all, you told me to go to Dagobah where i crashed my X-wing. Wonderful.

3. Hey, I'm your father.

4. Could somebody please tell me where the heck I can get the number of that green slave chicks in Jabba's palace?

5. Beep Bop Beep Boops Bep Bep Boob Beep.

Epic Video: Lebron playing for the Browns

The Knicks are going to be jealous.

Whitworth Weekly Update: They score a lot of points, folks

Division III men's basketball doesn't get as much media attention as say... professional goat roping but hey, that's alright, we get up to minute news stories on the condition of Josh Heytvelt's ankle. That's important stuff.

Now if you're able to pull your head out of your Gonzaga induced you-know-what, there's a pretty darn basketball team playing down the road in the Whitworth Pirates.

Currently 13-3, the Pirates don't have a single play under 6-0, which is more than you can say for the Eastern Washington Eagles (sorry Benny), and are averaging over 80 points per game.

Their latest outing? Well they crushed Whitman 101-70. Hoooot dog.

So if you can't get tickets to the Zags game (which you cant) and you don't want to watch another team leave the NCAA Tournament prematurely (you know this will happen) then head up to Whitworth's campus on Feb. 6 when they take on Willamette. Full Schedule.

More to come next week!

January 20, 2009

JustSoN Question: Inauguration Day

Today was a historical day for the United States of America.

Which makes today's JustSon Question of the Day: If you were in Barack Obama's shoes, as the new President of the USA, what would you do your first day in office?

The Return of Brief Casey

Every experienced writer out there will tell a young writer that the key to success is writing everyday.

When I was in bed last night, I was having trouble sleeping (no Brandon, not because of gas) but because I couldn't turn off my mind. I kept coming up with idea after idea. It was great for the idea book I have, but terrible for the sleep I desperately wanted.

Well, I was laying there thinking about that advice, "write everyday." When suddenly it dawned on me, that is what I do here. And you people, just happen to be my captive audience. So I thank you for putting up with us here at Just South of North for almost a year. (Yes, almost a year). And I would like to welcome you to the epic return of Brief Casey.

Brief Casey was column that I used to write for The Easterner. It happened each week and I told some of the "stranger" stories from around the world. So sit back, kick off your shoes, maybe grab a cold beverage...

And here we go!

Our first story of the strange comes out of Bloomfield, Indiana. Here a man shaved his eyebrows to raise money for charity. What charity you might ask? Well I'm guessing it was for people without eyebrows.

Actually it was for a polio eradication campaign.

The money was raised through people paying to take a trim at his bushy eyebrows. They were so big, that before leaving the house he would actually brush them. Yeah, now that is some eyebrows.

Before the cutting I would have gave Guinness World Records a call.

The next story comes from that crazy state of New York. In Franklin Square, New York a man is accused of walking into a pet store and catching a $350 shark. But wait, it gets better. He then, put the shark under his coat and tried to walk out.

Now I wasn't there, but here is what I believe happened:

Man: "What should I do today? You know, I have always wanted a fish tank. But what would be cooler than a fish tank? A shark tank! Yeah, that's what I'll do!"

Grabbing his boots and his sweater, he heads for the door. Trekking down the street he nears the pet store. Upon entering he heads for the tanks.

Glancing around he finds his shark. Then he finds the price.

Man: "$350! That's insane. For a fish!"
Clerk: "That happens to be our finest shark."
Man: "But $350!"
Clerk: "He can swim. Do you want him or not?'
Man: "Ummm....not today. But thank you."
Clerk: "Have a good day sir."

And with that the clerk turns to help someone else. Now the man realizes that starting his tank was all he was going to do today. So he quickly comes up with a plan. He will simply snatch up the shark, stuff it under his coat and leave. Nobody will even notice.

He grabbed the shark, shoved it under his coat, and headed for the door.

Sadly, as he waved goodbye to the clerk he failed to realize that sharks are fish. There for, unlike if he had tried to steal a puppy, they need water to breath. So in air, they thrash and flail cause they are suffocating.

Not the best plan ever.

In the real story though, the police eventually tracked him down. How? He was a frequent patron to the pet store. At his house they found a green moray eel that he had bought for $300 a few weeks earlier. Using a stolen credit card!

Moral of the story kids is that don't steal fish. And don't have aquariums as hobbies. They are expensive and get you in trouble with the law.

Anyway it goes, that's it. Case Closed.

WSU Weekly Update: Oregon Massacre

Oregon basketball fans are wondering if they're going to be going through a season like Washington football fans just went through.

Oregon State (6-10 overall, 1-5 conference) - an improved, but still have a long way to go in a tough, tough conference.

Oregon (6-12 overall, 0-6 conference) - Well, disappointing would be an understatement.

And WSU beat them both, thanks largely to the play of Taylor Rochestie, who had 44 points during the road trip but that still did not warrant enough to get Player of the Week honors from the Pac-10. Vince Grippi from the Spokesman-Review is not happy.

Who's next? UCLA and USC. A little tougher than the second to last and last place teams in the Pac-10 but at least the games are in Pullman.

Epic Photo: Commander-in-Chief

Barack Obama will be sworn in as president today, and while I really can't give any intelligent political analysis, I will give you a link to this story on ESPN about how he should tackle the problem of youth sports in America.

The system needs to be fixed, too many kids are being left on the sideline. Let me quote a homeless man off of South Park when I say "Change?"

January 19, 2009

Don't worry, when it comes to sports we got your back

We're going to expand some things around here at Just South of North. When this blog first started we wanted to just bring you on average around one post a day, which worked perfectly with the hectic college schedule of Casey and I.

Now, however, we've graduated, gotten day jobs and also added three writers. You've probably noticed that the number of posts have gone up to quite a few day.

We want to standardize some of the posts, and since we write a lot about sports we wanted to bring some regional blogging coverage on specific days so you know what's coming. Keep in mind we'll still be bringing you the humor articles, but now we'll also have sports weekly updates. The schedule goes as follows:

Monday - University of Washington
Tuesday - Washington State University
Wednesday - Whitworth University
Thursday - Our Neighbors (Alaska, Montana and Idaho sports)
Friday - Casey and I are getting drunk
Saturday - Spokane Shock af2
Sunday - Gonzaga University and talk about the NFL, NBA and MLB

And Eastern Washington University? Well since I practically live out in Cheney and follow the Eagles like their my illegitimate children, I'll be covering them like a beat and you'll probably see more than one post a week on them.

Okay so now that is out of the way, any suggestions?

Outside Magazine

I was stuck in the airport awhile back, and got bored. Very bored. Like start to count the number of rolling bags in the terminal bored.

Deciding I might be looking like a homeless man who just came in from the cold (yes, it was very cold outside, and yes, I haven't gotten a haircut in far too long) I decided to prove to the terminal workers that I indeed could buy stuff. So I decided to purchase a magazine.

I headed over to the incredible wall of magazines the clerk had. No joke, have you seen that selection? It makes a Barnes & Noble look understocked. Anyway, I started perusing through the magazines. Did you catch that? Perusing. That's my word of the day. Hope I used it right.

There I was, looking through magazine, after magazine. When I came across Outside. Now I have always been a lover of the outdoors. And one day I hope that I can get paid to write about them. But I figured, hey, until then why not read other people who DO get paid to write about their adventures.

I cruised back over to my bench. Now I looked like a homeless guy who came in from the cold and happened to find a magazine. I started reading. And I must say. I was impressed.

And then I found the insert between the pages. You know, those dumb postcards that readers either use as bookmarks or just throw away. Yeah, one of those. I looked at it, and realized that I had just found the legendary Golden Ticket that Charlie craved for. I had found my Golden Ticket.

For there, written in normal Times New Roman font was the words. For a subscription, fill out and return.

Now you're probably thinking, "Hey Casey, what is the point of this story?" Well I tell you, I'm getting there.

For it wasn't those words that turned that simple postcard into my Golden Ticket, but rather the words that were printed below it. They said, "A three year subscription, 36 magazines, for $36."

Now that is a deal. I had been getting letter after letter from Sports Illustrated, saying I needed to renew now or else. They even went so far as to threaten they would make Brett Favre come back another year if I didn't renew. Sorry guys. I didn't. And I won't.

The main reason is that while over the past four years of receiving SI, I did enjoy it. But not enough to renew my subscription for $80 for a year. I understand that it's a magazine a week. But that is just crazy for me to pay. I'll stick with my ESPN magazine. I kinda like the larger pages anyway, not to mention the cheaper prices. And now I'll have Outside. A buck an issue. For a great magazine. That is all this kid could ask for.

The Obama Gun Controversy

One thing that I've heard resoundingly from people is their worry that Obama is going to restrict gun rights, and apparently gun sales have increased drastically because of that.

Eric Holder, Obama's choice for Attorney General, has caused gun owners hit the panic button. Their cause for freaking out? Here's a statement released by gunowners.org:

The incoming President’s choice for U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, is an anti-gun extremist who has assailed gun owners since his days in the Bill Clinton administration.

Holder, who served as Deputy Attorney General from 1997-2001, supports a 3-day waiting period for handgun purchases, one-gun-a-month rationing, licensing and registration of all gun owners, mandatory so-called smart gun technology, a lifetime gun ban for certain juvenile offenses and regulating gun shows out of existence.

Horror of horrors! A three day waiting period to buy a gun! I'm sure our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves right now.

Seriously folks, If that's what an anti-gun extremist is, than I'm really shocked we have gun laws at all in this country.

It's funny how so many people are fine with the Patriot Act and the liberties that it violates but as soon as somebody starts talking about putting you on a list if you own gun, everyone starts to get a little cranky. Rejecting a constitutional amendment (the right to bare arms) is not something a politician wants to undertake. Really, it's bad press.

I'm fine with the lifetime ban on kids that are found to be violent. Who in their right mind would be against it?

Problem is gun owners sometimes go to far to the extreme and can't meet somewhere in the middle. That's why they're painted as whack-jobs and nuts.

And me? Hey, I've carried my fair share of fire arms around. I'm no granola eating hippie like Jake Rehm, I've even shot a thing or two while hunting. I just think that these gun owner organizations aren't speaking for the best interests of gun owners anymore, and that's a bigger crime than any three-day waiting periods.

January 18, 2009

Oh The Lord Love's A Hangin' (Super Bowl Stijl)

Last week, I reviewed the toilet scum that was the 2008 sporting season for me. In reviewing the season and thus attempting to find any motivation to continue paying attention, I highlighted Eagles Quarterback Donovan McNabb as the only bright spot that I had left to cling to. Well folks, now Donovan is done. The Super Bowl is going to be the Cardinals versus the Steelers.

The Cardinals. Versus the Steelers. Someone slap me right now.

Now, to get deeper in depth, let us observe that I have been 1 for 10 in my desirable playoff outcomes thus far this year (I told you this year sucked). To review, let us examine the list of games that ended contrary to my personal preference.
  • Arizona over Atlanta (I was excited for Matt Ryan – plus, the Cards are NFC West foes)
  • Philadelphia over Minnesota (True, I didn’t fully hold for Philly. My personal motivation was to see both Adrian Peterson AND Gus Frerotte finally be on a team that won a playoff game. Gus Frerotte is like the Rodney Dangerfield of the NFL – no respect to the end).
  • Baltimore over Miami (Chad Pennington is my favorite non-Seahawk in the NFL. Always has been. I puked a lot during this game with disgust).
  • San Diego over Indianapolis (Because Phillip Rivers just looks like the “wound up douche” guy you’d see at a party that would freak out over stupid crap and thus leave everyone thinking “what a douche” behind his back until he confronted everyone about it and acted like he wanted to fight until someone actually showed they were willing to fight him in which case he would back the heck down and take off and thus leave everyone in the room to think “man he is a douche”). 
  • Arizona over Carolina (Jake Delhomme is my second favorite non-Seahawk, and the Panthers are my second favorite team. Plus, they were playing the team that just beat a team I was rooting for. Double motivation equals double the let down).
  • Baltimore over Tennessee (Kerry Collins winning a Super Bowl would have been the best feel-good story ever. Jim Plunkett would be begging for mercy).
  • Pittsburgh over San Diego (Because Pittsburgh is Satan – worse than even Phillip Rivers. They’re the team that, if at a party, would be the one that had the hottest girlfriend, yet still screwed around with other girls – yet that girl would still stick with him because “deep down I know he’s a nice guy”).
  • Arizona over Philadelphia (Refer to last weeks post on Donovan).
  • Pittsburgh over Baltimore (Because as much as I hated Baltimore for showing Chad Pennington the door in the first round, I hated Pittsburgh even worse for something that happened three years ago).
This, in light of the fact that only one game produced an outcome I wanted:
  • Philadelphia over New York (No one wants to see a team repeat unless they’re their home team. Plus, Donovan).
As you can see, my luck was lousy this postseason. This leaves me with only one more prediction to make before the 2008 season finally waves its rancid hand for the last time. To be sure, I want the Cardinals to win. But based on a few things I’ll explain shortly, my prediction for the game is:

Pittsburgh 35, Arizona 3.

Now hold your horses for a minute. Yes, I did say that I hate Pittsburgh with incredible intensity. The last thing I want to see happen is them win the Super Bowl. But, based on my lack of luck this season and the seemingly inevitable opposite outcome that usually occurred when I made my predictions, I’m performing a miniature experiment to see just how effective my bad luck has been. I’m going to renew my mind and convince myself that I like the Steelers, that they deserved to win Super Bowl 40, and that they need to win another Super Bowl. Based simply on the descriptive statistics I’ve accrued, this should leave us with a Cardinal victory. Let’s pray this works – I don’t want to pull a Daniel Stern and Dan Aykroyd ala “Celtic Pride” on this one.