January 22, 2009

Links! Links! Links!

I usually consider myself a person that is in some control of their emotions. The only time (injury, emotionally crushing breakup or death of a relative aside) I've cried has been:

- The Tennessee Titans were bounced by the Baltimore Ravens in the 2000 NFL playoffs.
- 9/11
- Watching Million Dollar Baby, but if you didn't cry during that movie, you have no soul and you should have just gone across the hall and watched Passion of the Christ. If that movie didn't make you cry, than you're probably a robot.
- The first time I listened to Kelly Clarkston's life-changing music.
- The Tennessee Titans losing in 2002 to the Oakland Raiders in the AFC Championship.
-Yankee Aaron Boone's walkoff homer to defeat the Boston Red Sox in Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS, after fighting with my "Yankee" fan roommate to watch the game instead of "Friends." (Do I really need to explain why I hate Yankee fans or should I bring up the story again when a Yankee fan told me that the 2004 World Series Championship didn't count because they didn't beat New York in the Series... which would be impossible since both teams are in the American League. Don't get me started, don't get me started.)
- Tears of joy winning the 2006 Best of Show at the ACP National Convention in Portland. National Championship for Eastern Washington University.
- The Tennessee Titans losing to the Baltimore Ravens in the 2009 playoffs. WHY?!?!?!

But for some reason, I nearly lost it at work today, reading a Bill Simmons article of all things. Mostly known for his humor articles and "blogging" (Thanks Rick "I don't write anything more than 800 words Reilly), he wrote an article about the death of his dog. And it's a tear jerker. No idea why, but if that doesn't tug at your heartstrings, you shouldn't be allowed to have kids.

Luckily, a story about how tough it is to find a gas station in Tok, Alaska cheered me up. Basically, around those parts, don't let it drop below a quarter of a tank.

Joel Willits of FishBear Sports is also showing of a famous moustache. Check it out.

Former co-worker Lashonna McBride explains the beginning stages of dating, and I've just discovered that showing up to a date in a sweat suit is not reccomended.

And another Northwest politician has some scandal about the possiblility of an underaged love affair. Oh boy.

Alright, well I'm spent.

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