April 30, 2009

KC Update

Just a little update before I go to bed.

With their 8-6 win today over the Toronto Blue Jays, the Kansas City Royals (my favorite team) took over sole possession of first place in the AL Central.

The Royals are currently 12-10 on the season and hold a 1/2 game lead over the White Sox and the Tigers.

Now I know that is nothing to get too excited about, but I've never had a baseball team to really root for before.

I'll also be starting a new weekly section about "Getting to know the Royals." This section will introduce you readers to the team as I begin to get to know them too.

Good night from us here at JustSON. See you bright and early tomorrow.

Northern Rangers: Trekking Poles

While hiking up Poo Poo Point, the Northern Rangers review trekking poles.

High School Sports Feature: Swine Flu

Typically we focus on High School Sports in the state of Washington but today I decided to make an exception. With the swine flu sweeping across the United States many schools in Texas and Alabama have decided to postpone all athletic events until further notice.

In Texas alone over 53,000 kids are out of school because of the virus and many schools have been closed completely to be sanitized. There are 16 confirmed cases of swine flu so far in Texas and the states Governor, Rick Perry announced a disaster declaration for the entire state.

The sports most affected are baseball, softball and track. The Texas Regional Track Championships have also been affected. They were to begin on Friday. Many athletic events in Texas have been postponed until at least May 11th. Also, in Huntsville, AL sports activities have also been postponed, school officials are hoping to resume activities by next Tuesday after a few likely cases of swine flu were discovered.

Since the swine flu is easily transmitted through contact and appears to most dangerously harm young healthy adults, many schools have decided to take the cautious approach and not take any unnecessary risks that could promote the spread of this virus.

Epic Video: Jarron Gilbert jumping out of a pool

Yeah, I would have totally landed on my face.

Sites and sounds

Today seems to be about outdoors. Maybe that's a sign that it's Thursday almost time to hit the trail for the weekend.

Well, the nice weather brings out lots of people and creatures. A few weeks ago I did a post about creatures I wouldn't want to run into while hiking. Today's list is the Top 10 things I wish I NEVER would have seen in the wild:

10. The guy in the cut off jean shorts jogging up the hill. Keep in mind, he wasn't a small man.

9. The prairie dog that bit me. Ok, that one is a fib. I like that little guy. It makes for a funny story.

8. A dead elk that had fallen into a creek and broke his neck. Just think, down stream we would wading through that same water. Icky.

7. Litter. I hate litter.

6. Smokey running for his life. That can only mean one thing. FIRE!

5. Hippies doing the nasty. I hear they like to fornicate in the woods. Well not in my woods!

4. A crazy lady carrying a backpack, and two suitcases 17 miles from the closest trailhead. (This one is a story for another time. But trust me, it's good)

3. Mosquitoes.

2. Big foot. Well this one wasn't documented proof, but when I was young, in my tent, alone, in the woods, I swear big foot came up to it outside. It was either that, or an elk. But big foot is the most logical guess.

1. The full moon. Well, it turned out just to be an old guy bathing in an alpine lake along the Pacific Crest Trail. That image is still burned into my mind.

Washington in the Movies

I came across an interesting article by Craig Hill of the Tacoma News Tribune.

He talks about some of the movies in which Washington's outdoor scenes have been featured.

Here's a clip:

When it comes to the movies, Washington doesn’t have to worry about being typecast. The Evergreen State played India for exactly six seconds of “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.” It played Pennsylvania in “The Deer Hunter” and England in “Lassie Come Home.” It’s even played itself.

Read the rest of the article here.

There were some movies on there that I had no idea had been shot in Washington

JustSON at the Movies: Fast and Furious

I'll admit it, I'm a Vin Diesel fan - I've never watched a movie of his without thoroughly being entertaining.

That being said, he's not exactly what you would call Oscar-worthy, but he gets the job done in comedies... errr... action movies.

And his latest opus, Fast and Furious, he delivers once again by blatantly flexing for the camera, always finding form-fitting clothing even when he's in prison.

And Paul Walker... wow... if there were ever a lifetime achievement Oscar for a B-movie action star, this man would get the award named after him. With him and Diesel, the sky is the limit.

Now a couple of things I thought were odd about the plot:

(1) I'm not sure how profitable hijacking fuel semi trucks in the Dominican Republic is, but if it were as profitable as it was in the movie, I think we'd see a lot more people jumping on the Shell trucks on I-90.

(2) If a drug cartel were recruiting drivers, don't you think they'd be a little more discreet than having a street race through LA, in live traffic? ESPN's Bill Simmons brought this up and I can't get over this sticking point.

(3) Why are FBI agents so freakin' dumb?

(4) I'm thinking that there's got to be a lot easier and safer way to cross the US-Mexico border than using a tunnel and driving at 80 MPH plus. I mean, couldn't they go at a leisurely 20 MPH because they're underground and nobody is going to catch them?

I give it a 4/10, but that's with my brain turned on, with my brain turned off, it's a 10/10. The count: two stereotypical yet hilarious Dominican Republic stoners/car pushers, 1,298 times that Vin Diesel winked at the camera, 0 times Paul Walker was actually acting in this movie, 2-3 times Paul Walker's car blows up in this movie, 1 time a cigarette lighter in a 30-year old car works which is 1 more time than any other cigarette lighter in a car over 30 years old has ever worked, 1 basement russian/hispanic (couldn't tell with the accent) seducation scene and don't forget the obligitory gritty and sullen "I've got no choice" line from Vin Diesel.

Trail Etiquette

This afternoon Jeff and I are again climbing Poo Poo Point with our packs in continuing our training for Mount St. Helens and the Wonderland Trail. This is the last time for a few weeks that we will be climbing that point though.

The reason, May is here. And with May our eyes shift to Mount Si above North Bend, Washington. But I'll talk more about that later.

Today I'm going to talk about trail etiquette.

  • Pants: no hiking naked. Period.
  • Know the love-triangle: By love triangle I'm not talking about an actual love affair, but rather hikers, bikes and horses. Bikers rank at the bottom. They yield to both hikers and horses. Hikers yield to horses. And horses, well horses are large creatures. They don't yield.
  • ALWAYS stay on the trial: Never cut off switchbacks or blaze your own shortcuts.
  • Act like the road: On wider trails keep to the right when others approach, and when passing other hikers, do so on the left.
  • Let others know you're there: If you are approaching behind another hiker, let them know you are going to pass. Most likely they will step to the side to make it easier for you.
  • Obey heartbeat rules: Heartbeats work like this - A 12 heartbeat section of trail means that along that part of trail, only 12 heartbeats are allowed. A heartbeat is, well, anything with a heart. People, horses, dogs, mules, etc. So 11 people and dog is 12. So is 3 people, 4 dogs, 2 cows, 2 llamas and a goat.
  • Hikers going up hill have the call: Now this rule varies based the individual on the trail, but in most cases the up hill hiker will yield to the down hill one. This is for two reasons, the down hill hiker has gravity and it's harder to stop, and two, it gives the up hill hiker a quick break. But if the up hill hiker keeps going, just step off the path. It's really their call.
  • Hike single file: A lot of trails require you be single file anyway, but on wider trails, just because you have a large group doesn't mean you need to take up the whole trail with your large group.
  • Leave No Trace: Very simple. Make sure the area you are looks the same (or better) than when you found it. This lets everyone enjoy the area. Don't cut your initials into trees. Don't litter everywhere. Don't pull up the brush. Basically, don't be dumb.
  • Pack it in, pack it out: As I stated above, don't litter. It's simple. If you brought something on the hike, bring it back out.
  • Step to the side: When you're taking a break in a crowded area, don't do so on the trail. Step to the side so others can pass.
  • Leave technology at home: It's called getting outside. Instead of the iPod, listen to the birds and nature. It's the best soundtrack around.
And most importantly, have fun. It's great to be outdoors enjoying nature. If you're lucky enough to do so, look around and appreciate the beauty of the area you're in. Many people never leave the comfort of their own homes. A television doesn't do a real sunset justice.

April 29, 2009

Epic Video: Where the Hell is Matt?

I'm sure most of you have seen Matt's first video. It shows him dancing around the globe. Well, check this one out.

He posted it about a year ago, in June of 2008. The description says:

14 months in the making, 42 countries, and a cast of thousands. Thanks to everyone who danced with me.

The last scene is Seattle, Washington by the way. Gasworks park.

So thanks Matt. From the wandering vagabond within all of us.

Reasons why you're still single: tanning

You head off after work to the tanning salon. While there you not only fake and bake but you also use those stickers to keep a shape of your body pasty white as opposed to tanning all of it.

"Look," you say to your frat buddies, "I have a unicorn on my hip."

"Look," you say to your frat buddies, "I have a dolphin on my thigh."

"Look," you say to your frat buddies, "I have chipmunk on my butt."

Oh, and if you fake tan and you're a dude. Please turn in your man-card.

High School Sports Feature: Mariner High School Coach Resigns

I really feel like I'm piggy-backing now, first a story on the Royals, now following on Brandon's story about a high school coach stepping down. Next I might do a story on squirrels or sugar gliders....wait to late.

That's how it goes sometimes, but news is news and the Marauders (awesome nickname) of Mariner High School will now be looking to replace coach Dexter Griffen who has spent the last 11 years pacing the sidelines for the basketball team.

Griffen stated the following in the Seattle Times "Basketball is getting to be a 12-month-a-year job,". He also stated "I was getting a little burnt out. I noticed I didn't have the drive to keep going like I have in years past."

Griffen will continue teaching health and fitness for Mariner. With Griffen as head coach the Marauders had a 147-111 record and went to the state tournament 5 times, placing 3rd in 1999.

Keep your eyes open on college sidelines in the future as Griffen has mentioned he may pursue a career coaching at the next level.

The Royal Treatment

Well it looks like Just South of North's very own Casey Knopik has started a trend. That's right everybody is hopping on the Kansas City Royals bandwagon. The Royals currently are tied in 2nd place in the American League Central division, 1 game back of the Detroit Tigers, which is as close to the lead in the division this team has been since the 1st Bush was working on starting a recession. Royalmania has gone nationwide as evidenced by Sports Illustrated featuring the star of the Royals staff, Zack Greinke, being this weeks cover boy (this of course means the Royals will go in the tank by losing 15 out of their next 18, with the Manager and GM getting fired and the city going up in flames).

By making the cover of SI Greinke has done a complete career 360. In 2002 Greinke was named Gatorade National Player of the Year and was selected in the first round of the 2002 draft. He went on to be named the Royals Minor League Pitcher of the Year and The Sporting News Minor League Player of the Year in compiling a 15-4 record with a 1.96 ERA at two levels of Minor League ball. Everything looked promising for the young pitcher.

Then 2005 came along and Greinke struggled going 5-17 with a Carlos Silva-esque 5.80 ERA. The spring of 2006 was no better as Greinke left spring training for personal reasons. It turns out he was suffering from social anxiety disorder (kind of like what Casey has, which explains why he throws things at people when they talk to him). He eventually returned to the team and bounced between starting games and working out of the bullpen.

Last year Greinke again reminded the Royals organization as to why they drafted him in the first round as he rebounded from personal issues to have a solid season (13-10, 3.47 ERA). He ended 2008 with a string of 14 consecutive scoreless innings pitched. That streak of scoreless innings continued into this year when he pitched his first 24 innings without giving up a run (now get your calculators cause that equals.....38 straight?). The streak was snapped when he gave up an unearned run against the Tigers, a game in which he pitched a complete game, his second in a row.

So far this year I'd say Greinke has pitched pretty well. He is 4-0 with a 0.00 ERA, 36 strikeouts, 6 walks, 2 complete games and 1 shutout in 29 innings pitched.

This leads me to believe that maybe Casey knows something the rest of us don't? Here I thought he became a fan just because of their cool fountain and the fact that the city initials sound like his name.

By the way you can catch Zack and the rest of the Ragin' Royals in action tonight at 8:10 pm eastern time against the Toronto Blue Jays. Greinke will put his 4-0 record and spotless ERA on the line against Brian Tallet (1-0, 2.95 ERA) who is making his second start of the year.

Epic Video: Just like a mini mall

My brother-in-law showed me this yesterday. It's SO bad that it is hilarious! Oh, and I bet that guy has won many staring contests. Look at those eyes!

And for those of you who don't know, Brandon and myself did a rap back in college when we were the Eastern Rangers (the prequel to the Northern Rangers) and it wasn't even this bad. (OK, it probably was but we at least had a shoutout to Rodney Stuckey)

Answers to the Morse Code questions

Alright folks. For those of you who played the Morse Code game on April 27, here are the answers:

1) justsouthofnorth

2) northernrangers

3) wsustinks

Thanks for playing!

High School Feature: Haugen steps down at Gonzaga Prep

Gonzaga Prep boy's basketball head coach Mike Haugen is stepping down after leading the Bullpups to a 26-4 record and a fourth-place finish at state this year. There's no scandal or shifting of power, or retirement.

Haugen just wants to focus on academics as the history department head and Advanced Placement World History instructor. Glad to see in the world of sports where high school juniors are going to play pro basketball in Europe, we still have some people that have their priorities straight.

Give this man a round of applause.

He had a 255-173 career record and five Greater Spokane League coach of the year awards, and he stepped away because he valued academics more than athletics. It's guys like Haugen that I wish were holding the whistle a lot more often than the ones that care only about Ws and Ls.

Congrats on a great career on court and here's to many great years to come in the classroom.

A special thanks to the Spokesman's Mike Vlahovich for reporting on this story. Simply put, he's the GSL je-sus.

Things that were bigger blowouts than Nuggets 121, Hornets 63

Things didn't go exactly as planned for the New Orleans Hornets when they lost to the Denver Nuggets 121-63 in the playoffs two nights ago. As my friend Colin said...

"That's like spotting the other team one half of basketball."

If that were only the case. Luckily, we here at JustSON don't like to dwell on the past failures of other people (How many World Series have the Yankees won since 2001, yeah that's right, NONE). That's why I present you with "Things that were bigger blowouts than Nuggets 121, Hornets 63"

1. Titanic vs. Iceberg, 1912, Northern Atlantic.
It sunk only slightly quicker than the XFL.

2. The Dinosaurs vs. the Meteor, 65 million years ago, planet earth.
They had about as much chance as the Detroit Pistons did against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

3. The US vs. Iraq, 1991, the Persian Gulf.
Would Saddam Hussein be the Persian Gulf equivalent of Art Shell?

4. Gravity vs. Person who doesn't have a parachute, much too often, skydiving weddings.
Better hope the groom has life insurance.

5. Mini van parents who think they can afford a $500,000 house with a 25,000 a year income and banks that accept them vs. the reality of the US economy, just happened, everywhere.
Well at least now we can worry about the swine flu?

Even hiking gear is getting recycled

We recently bought business cards for Just South of North as way to promote the blog when we are out and about. The idea was started at the Sounders game when we were interviewing fans. They would say, "what's the name of your site?"

We would respond with, Just South of North.

They would then say something about trying to remember that. Hand them a small business card and BOOM! problem solved.

While designing these business cards, the company was promoting their recycled paper. Recycled paper has been around for almost as long as I can remember. But what about recycled gear? Now that's something new.

No, recycled gear doesn't mean taking your old outdoor gear and giving it to other outdoors people. Instead it means taking old outdoor gear and using the materials to create new gear.

I came across an article on trails.com that discussed a few of the companies that are doing this and the products they have designed. The article was written by Naomi Judd. It was a great article and a great idea. Here are three of the companies that are recycling gear according to the article:


Patagonia is a company that has taken the lead in recycled outerwear. Their Common Threads Garment Recycling program was launched in 2005. This enables customers to return their worn out Capilene base layers, fleece, Polartec, cotton t-shirts and nylon 6 products. Patagonia then recycles these threads to produce recycled outerwear such as Capilene base layers, many of their mid-layers like their R1 Pullover which is made of 60 percent recycled polyester and many of their pants such as the all-recycled polyester women's Borderless Pants. Patagonia also makes some of their hiking shoes with recycled materials such as the Women's Finn shoes. They are made with a 30 percent recycled rubber outsole, 15 percent recycled EVA foam midsole and a 70 percent recycled synthetic cork foot bed. The Patagonia Drifter boots are made with 100 percent recycled polyethylene/polyurethane insole.


New for 2009, Marmot has made a line of EcoPro sleeping bags that are made of 100 percent recycled polyester fabric and insulation. They are also making quick-drying t-shirts and performance outerwear out of their 50 percent UpCycle (recycled) Polyester. Marmot makes clothing out of 100 percent recycled wool, such as the Women's Isa Full Zip Hoodie and Polartec Fleeces that are made with UpCycle stretch fabric.


This French company has been making recycled backpacking wear and packs since 1998. The Lafuma Eco 40 pack is made of 65 percent hemp and 35 percent recycled polyester. The Lafuma 28 pack is similarly constructed, as are many more of their products. Lafuma produces over 50 percent of their fleeces with recycled polyester and has a fleece recycling program with Ecotextile. They financially support the WWF (world wildlife foundation).

This topic of recycled gear intrigued me so I decided to look for where I could buy some of this recycled gear. I didn't have to look far, as the first Google search produced, trails.com

You can buy recycled gear from their site.

REI also offers a selection of recycled gear products online. I'm not sure about in the store, but I'll be in there on Friday so I'll ask an associate then.

So from sleeping bags that are made from old fleeces to tents whos poles are created without using toxic chemicals, it looks like the makers of outdoor products have "gone green." And with this new gear, you can get outside to the green.

Epic Photo: The little guy must have been thirsty

(Jim Damaske/Zuma Press)

April 28, 2009

John Curley leaves Evening Magazine

For almost as long as I can remember, John Curley has hosted "Evening Magazine" on King 5 out of Seattle.

It's Seattle's only entertainment news show.

Well, apparently King 5 didn't renew Curley's contract after 14 years as the host of the show.

Here's a Q and A that Mark Rahner of The Seattle Times did with Curley after his final show. Read it here.

Also, here is his final sign off.

Falconry blogs and the Outdoor Bloggers Summit

Today's post is a compliment to our friends over at Outdoor Bloggers Summit. Earlier this month they unveiled a new Web site and it is great! You can view it HERE or you can click the button to the right side of the page. Yes, right. Right that way and scroll down ====>

The sight is very appealing to the eye in a brown color and it looks like leather. The links are easy to find and the information is useful.

But my favorite section of the blog is the "Summit Supporter Blogroll."

This section lists all of the blogs that are friends with the Outdoor Bloggers Summit. (Yes, our very own Just South of North is on this roll)

The sites are, for the most part, outdoor sites. There are a number of categories that the supporter blogs are divided into depending on the topics that the blog covers. These include: Boating/Watersports, Fishing, Hunting, Hiking/Climbing and more. JustSON falls under the General Outdoors topic since when we do post about the outdoors, its a wide variety of topics. That's because we have a wide variety of interests in different outdoor adventures.

There are some great blogs on there too. They are all linked up through their names.

Today while I was on there, one section of the blogroll really caught my eye. And that was the section titled, "Falconry."

As I stated before, we have a wide variety of outdoor interest here, so I instantly thought, sweet birds! And then I thought, this is the next Northern Rangers video! So we'll se what we can do about that.

There are three blogs linked up on the Outdoors Bloggers Summit under Falconry: Another Falconry Blog, Harris’ Hawk Blog, and Operation Delta Duck.

I have looked around on all three and all three impressed me. Each one seems to update on a very frequent basis.

One blog on Harris' Hawk Blog really caught my attention. It was a post on Barred Owls.

Here's the link: http://hawkingharrisblog.blogspot.com/2009/04/barred-owls.html

But to get you to go to the site, here's a bit from the post:

Barred owls are a large owl that live over most of the eastern US. They have recently taken the blame for the decline in numbers of spotted owls in Northwest. One of the threats to many raptors are car strikes. There are a bunch of raptors that hunt along the edge of the roadway, and they sometimes forget to look both ways.

The pictures are great too, and it's a good story about trying to help animals.

Each of these blogs are worth a read, so check them out and learn something about a sport that I bet you don't know much about.

Epic Video: Spanish Jack in the Box

Here is one of the best commercials I have seen in a long time. It's for Jack in the Box. They always have the funniest commercials.

Now here's that commercial in Spanish. It's even more hilarious.

Reasons why you're still single... Star Trek

(1) You're going to dress up for the new Star Trek Movie... as the actual U.S.S. Enterprise ship, using lots of paper mache.

(2) You can't wait until they start taking applications for Starfleet... should be happening any day now.

(3) You cried when they killed Spock in the second movie... or are pissed that I just ruined the second movie for everyone.

(4) You sometimes call your friends "Number One" and tell them to "Make it So."

(5) You once shaved your head to look like Captain Jean Luc Picard.

(6) You literally peed your pants when you saw the previews for the new Star Trek movie and you aren't ashamed of it at all. Worst of all, you were watching the latest vampire movie when you saw the preview.

(7) You named your dog "Kirk."

(8) You named one of your body parts "Captain Kirk."

(9) You make warp speed sounds when you're driving and pretend to shoot phasers at cars that are going too slow.

(10) You refer to your bedroom as a "Starbase."

With that being said, I can't wait for this new movie to come out. It's going to rock!

Epic Video: Growing Tulips

It would be so crazy if plants grew this fast.

Facebook groups you just shouldn't join...

Oh god, along with the 2,368,244 application requests that you've gotten from one person on Facebook, now you also have to go through all the "Group Requests". Oh brother, here we go again.

Here's the Facebook groups that you SHOULDN'T JOIN...

"We like to look up Japanese Anime porn Group"

"The Ryan Leaf Fan Club"

"Only Hardcore Dungeon and Dragon players can join this group"

"The 'Girls recoil in fear when they see me naked group'"

"The Tim Meadows fan club"

"The Hale Bopp Cult group"

"Join this group if you peed the bed in college at least once"

"The Popped Polo Colar Posse"

"Mario 2 was the best game ever!"

"Hey we're that abstinence until marriage group that has roughly 50 people in the group with STDs, woo hoo!"

"I'm checking Facebook from a cardboard box"

"You know, Kathy Bates is kind of hot"

"We like Arial Fonts"

"That Hitler was a real swell guy"

"Detroit Lions fan group"

... and don't forget, never join any groups that you were invited to by your parents on Facebook, that creepy guy that is stalking you on Facebook or that guy that keeps sending you pieces of flair of Facebook.

Smoke a pack, because this economy is going to hell

Perhaps I'm just a grumpy old fart, or something, but I have noticed that there are more and more cigarettes being smoked. I don't know whether its the recession or the fact that I live in Spokane but I've noticed on several occasions while siting at a stop light in the city (by the way, Spokane has the slowest stop lights in the country. Fact), that I'm between two cars where the drivers are puffing up.

Now I have hard proof that the recession is causing people to smoke more.

With a survey showing a quarter of smokers worried about the recession are smoking more, and another 13 per cent are delaying quitting for the same reason, experts say the new report reflects an urgent need to debunk the "mythic relaxation response" of cigarettes.

The tobacco companies must be loving this. I wonder how many smokers we'll see wheezing up Doomsday Hill at Bloomsday next weekend. My guess is not very many.

What's a group called?

Everyone knows that a bunch of birds is called a "flock."

And everyone knows that a bunch of fish is called a "school."

But what are some other groups of items called?

Well thank you University of California for allowing me to check this list on your Web site.

Here are some of the best:

  • A fluther of jellyfish - the reason Brandon avoids the ocean at all costs.
  • A neverthriving of jugglers - so a circus?
  • A mob of kangaroos - better yet, boxing kangaroos!
  • A bevy of ladies - the reason Brandon and I go to the ocean.
  • A number of mathematicians - a.k.a nerds.
  • A company of moles - they wear suits.
  • A tribe of monkeys - I like monkeys.
  • A barren of mules - a.k.a. frat guys.
  • A superfluity of nuns - nuns do seem to travel in groups...err...I mean in superfluities.
  • A parliament of owls - owls are smart.
  • A huddle of penguins - they huddle to stay warm.
  • A gaze of raccoons - I like raccoons and monkeys.
  • An unkindness of ravens - they are like the emo kids of the bird family.
  • A clutter of spiders - RAID.
  • An ambush of tigers - yes, I'm sure tigers are trying to ambush me. Now walk away slowly.
  • A bale of turtles - It's actually a rectangle block of turtles. Like a bale of hay.
  • A blessing of unicorns - I've never seen ONE unicorn, let alone a BLESSING of them.
  • An ugly of walruses - walruses are ugly, oh, and also the reason Brandon avoids the ocean.
  • A descent of woodpeckers - Woody Woodpecker.
  • A crash of rhinoceroses - because they crash through everything.
  • A dray of squirrels - I like squirrels, raccoons and monkeys!

April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. Morse

If you went to Google today you might have been wondering what was up with the word, "GOOGLE." (Pictured above)

Well in case you never were in scouts or don't know what that image is, it's Morse Code.

You may be asking, why is Google in Morse Code?

Today, on April 27, 1791 Samuel Morse was born.

Morse is of course famous for inventing Morse Code. Morse Code is the primary language of telegraphy in the world, and is still the standard for rhythmic transmission of data.

This set of dashes and dots was originally used for the eltronic telegraph, but over time it has become the main form of communication between languages.

S.O.S is perhaps the most common form of Morse Code.

Grab you're paper and a pen, here's a game for you. Decipher these three messages:

1) .--- ..- ... - ... --- - .... --- ..-. -. --- .-. - ....

2) -. --- .-. - .... . .-. -. .-. .- -. --. . .-. ...

3) .-- ... ..- ... - .. -. -.- ...

I'll have the answers tomorrow.

Washington Huskies Weekly Update

The UW football team finally won a game. Well I guess they couldn't lose since they were playing themselves in coach Steve Sarkisian's first spring game as head coach for the purple and gold. It was a lopsided affair as the Purple team beat the White team 33-0.

I was at the game (a friend of mine took pictures and has promised to send them to me soon, so I will post them when I get them), and even though it was my first Husky spring game, I did walk away impressed with the turnout and how excited all the fans were. Jake Locker looked really good, especially after coming back from a broken thumb and playing in a new offense. Locker completed 16 of 18 passes and had his receivers held on to the other two passes he would have been perfect. Granted this was the spring game and they were going against the no. 2 defense but it was great to see how efficient Locker was.

Other than Locker, I was impressed with Jermaine Kearse (My friend Lisa gave him the evil eye after he dropped the first pass thrown to him) who ended up catching 5 passes for 70 yards and a touchdown at the end of the game. Chris Polk was also impressive in running for 95 yards on 12 carries and scoring a touchdown. Polk had a lot of room to run on sweeps and Off Tackle plays.

After the game fans had 30 minutes to go out on the field and get autographs and photos with players and coaches. We got in on some photos with Coach Sarkisian, Jake Locker and a giant of a man, Offensive Lineman Ben Ossai, who seemed happy to see us because he could stand up to get his photo taken instead of kneeling down to get shots with the kids.

All in all it was a great day (weather could have been better, but in Seattle when couldn't you say that) and the game gave me a football fix that should hold me until NFL camps start opening in July.

In other Washington Huskie news the Pac-10 Men's Golf Championships start today and continue until Wednesday here in Seattle. If you get a chance head over to the Seattle Golf Club to root on the 5th ranked Huskies.

Get rid of EWU Football?

We've whispers by the academic community at EWU that are saying the school should move down to Division II or abolish the football program. The mouthpiece for that was a tenured professor who originally opposed the program's move up to Div. I in the mid 1980s.

I wish I could link the full story by the subscription system of the Spokesman's website is rather "restrictive" so I'll post the blog so hopefully you'll get the jist of what the guy was saying.


(1) Football costs a lot of money. (yet those big money games where the ewu football players gets wacked by the big boy schools brings in hundreds of thousands of dollars into the university fund... hmmmmm)
(2) If EWU was to move down to Div. they could offer more sports. (Good thing the university just turned the university baseball field into a ropes course.)
(3) Div. II offers more opportunities for student athletes. (Playing in a lower division with no hope of going pro. That's a great opportunity.)

No, no, no. I love when academic shut-in professors try to sound off about athletic programs and about how much money it costs when their own union sucks a lot of money from the university with complacent professors and ridiculous benefits. 

I ran into more than a few complacent professors at EWU, can I ask for that program to be cut to? Athletic programs promote the schools so that the professors can get a classroom of kids to actually teach.

One thing that EWU Athletics has done that I commend them for is that they want to do better. They want to be on the top level of competition, they want to be that top rung. Which... considering the attitude of the teaching staff and administration at the university... is not exactly shared throughout the entire campus.

Some people are fine with EWU being a mediocre and would like to keep things with the "way it always been." Eastern Washington Athletics came along in the 1980s and dreamed big to move into Div. I. They did it, and they've had lots of success. 

And if they dropped Div. I athletics, they'd lose their already scant alumni support and interest. And forget about any media coverage whatsoever.

So even in this economy, if this professor is worried about expenditures by the university, perhaps he should look at his own department's payroll as opposed to the 80 kids trying to live the dream of playing college football across the street. 

Epic Video: Steal at home

Listen to ESPN's play-by-play man Jon Miller's voice change abruptly when Ellsbury heads to the plate, first Red Sox player to steal home in ten years.

Summer Camp Survival Guide for just out of college counselors

Due to the recent collapse of the economy, many just out of college students may find themselves scrambling for jobs. Spending five years drinking profusely and making up rap lyrics might not be as impressive to companies losing money as it once was. This usually means that they have to resort to various types of jobs, and with summer coming up, a camp counselor position might be one of them.

And since I spent a year as a camp counselor, I know a thing or two about counseling, here's a handy-dandy survival guide to ensure you don't end up in jail...

(1) It's not okay for your stoner buddies to crash one of the cabins for a place to stay after a hard night's drinking. Yes, even when kids are staying in those cabins.

(2) Avoid making out with the other counselors that are under the age of 18. And no, your parents wont approve.

(3) If one of your campers get bit by a poisonous snake. Giving him Robitussin will not help.

(4) If you see Sasquatch, tell him that you know Casey and me. He'll let you off the hook.

(5) It's alright to cut in front of the kids at the cafeteria to get seconds on the Mac and Cheese. But only if it's a fat camp.

(6) If Ben Stiller takes over your camp, you're so screwed.

(7) If you buy alcohol for all the counselors, make sure you're wearing you staff shirt so everyone knows where you came from.

(8) Plan long hikes, but let the kids go out on their own. That gives you more time to work on your fantasy baseball league back at the camp office.

(9) If somebody is screaming for help in the swimming area, they're probably joking. You know the saying "Unless they're blue, they're cool."

(10) Make sure you have a Nalgene. ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A NALGENE.

Epic Photo of Greatness: SWEEP!

Ellsbury stole home. Masterson pitched well. The depleted bullpen kept it together (with called-up pitchers coming through). The Boston Red Sox beat the Yankees 4-1 last night and swept the Bronx Bombers at Fenway Park. That's 10 in a row.

Oh and if that wasn't enough detail, check out Dylan Kitzan's live game blog at Unforgivable.

April 26, 2009

An awful confession...

If there's one team I hate above all others in minor league sports, it's the Tri-City Americans. From their fans and cowbells to their players and coaches, nothing makes me happier than when the Spokane Chiefs get the best of their bitter rivals and the Ams fans who make the two-hour trek east have to drive home with a loss under their belts.

But it's with great regret that I'm looking forward to the upcoming Northwest League baseball season so I can root for... the Tri-City Dust Devils.

Sure, I still hate driving through Kennewick, Pasco and Richland and really don't like anything about that place, but for the purposes of this season, and perhaps beyond, I'm switching allegiances for three reasons:

1) Mike Boyle is their play-by-play announcer. Who in Spokane is not a huge Mike Boyle fan? The guy is a local legend in the broadcast booth and the fact he takes his talents down to the Tri-Cities definitely makes me want to be a fan. I can just picture tuning into a must-win game for the Double D's and hearing Boyle's call as a walk-off home run gives Tri-City the title. Yes, please.

2) The MLB affiliate of the Dust Devils is the Colorado Rockies. I don't particularly have a favorite National League team, but if I did, I would probably choose the Rockies. Heck, why not? But the Indians affiliate is the Texas Rangers, who I only root for when they're playing the Mariners or Yankees. If the Red Sox had a short-season club in the NWL, I wouldn't even be writing this, but since they don't and I figure I need a team (and an area one at that) and like Colorado more than Texas, I'll take the Rockies' affiliate.

3) I was last season's "Bad Luck Fan" for the Spokane Indians. While working with HomeTeam Sports, the players and front office members of the Indians treated us very well and were great people to interact with. But when I was at Avista Stadium on my time, nothing went right. The Indians won the championship last year, going through the regular season with the league's best record (51-25). But when I was in the park, Spokane went 1-7. Seeing as I'd rather not be associated with a club because that team constantly loses in my presence, I feel the need to take my allegiances elsewhere. Starting in 2009, those allegiances will be with the Tri-City Dust Devils.

Yeah, I've lived in the Lilac City since I was 6 and my Chiefs loyalties will never waver, but this isn't hockey. Just because I root for the Red Sox over the Yankees doesn't mean I root for the Bruins over the Rangers. And just because I want the Chiefs to throttle the Ams 12 times a year doesn't mean I want the Indians to do the same to the Dust Devils.

And I don't. Go Tri-City.

Is Kasey Keller actually Matt Hasselbeck?

Along with Boston, Seattle has to have one of the highest "famous bald sports people" ratings in the country. After the Sounders FC victory last night, a 2-0 victory over the San Jose Earthquake, goalie Kasey Keller set a MLS record with 389 scoreless minutes to start the season.

You may have remembered that Keller was out for the two games the Sounders lost. The first one he was ejected with a red card, when in turn made him ineligible for the second game against Chivas USA.

He's a pretty important part to the Sounders which reminds me of another bald fellow who looks like he should be teaching community college classes or managing an Applebee's...

Here's Kasey Keller. Goalie extraordinaire. And Here's the king of baldness himself...

I wish the Sonics were still in town and then they could draft Blake Griffin's brother,

(Left) yeah... somebody needs to give up on the whole "having hair thing."

Why the NFL draft is dumb

I hope all of your out there are enjoying Mel Kiper Jr.'s hair and a bunch of no-neck NFL fans cheering on the fact that they just got the third-string wide-receiver from USC in the sixth round.

Can I just say one thing? Whoop-de-freakin-do.

For all the casual NFL fans out there that watch a grand total of like three quarters of their favorite team play, listening to them try to struggle through a conversation about the NFL draft is pretty entertaining. You should hear some of the hair-brained schemes that some fan come up with.

"You know if we get Gerald Greenskocky, the alcoholic quarterback out of West-Middle-Central state, we could have a general on the field in about four years."

Seriously, stop the analysis, stop the fortune-telling and lets cut down to the real meat of the NFL Draft.

Nobody knows who's going to be good and who's going to be bad. You're talking about a span of anywhere between six months to 15 years to determine if anybody is going to be of value in the league. Good luck.

And sometimes its not even a reflection of the players themselves, sometimes they get drafted by terrible teams that don't give them a chance in the first place. In the end, the NFL Draft is just an ESPN-hyped side show that really holds no immediate importance. Sure, it does affect you down the road, but who remembers the draft from five years ago? Anyone? Please give me the round-by-round analysis and rundown on what we thought of the Seahawks fifth round draft pick. Please?

It's the most overrated event in all of sports. I missed the NFL Draft to go to EWU's Red-White game. And I made the right decision.

Outdoor Photo of the Week: Signs of Spring

Spring is officially in Western Washington as shown by the cheery trees in full blossom throughout the area. Click on photo to make it larger. Taken April 26, 2009. (Photo by Al Knopik, Buckley, Washington)

Think you've got a great outdoor photo? Want to see it hosted on Just South of North? Send your submissions to justsouthofnorth@gmail.com.

Please include your name, a short caption about the photo (date, location, and what makes it special) and your location.

Check back each Sunday for a new Outdoor Photo of the Week.

REI Quarterdome T3

In case you're new here at JustSON, then I'll let you know what the rest of the readers already know. I like the outdoors. Wait, correct that. I love the outdoors.

And yesterday I bought a new tent.

A few weeks back I'd teased with the idea of buying a new backpacking tent. Since mine was going on 10 years old.

The thing that kept me from just rushing out and buying a new tent was the fact that mine was still in great condition. But tent technology has come so far in 1o years. This tent has more room then my current backpacking tent yet weighs over two pounds less.

Now two pounds might not sound like a lot, but in backpacking two pounds is a "ton." I had a friend who taught me at an earlier age, when you're backpacking you don't measure the weight of your pack in pounds, you measure it in ounces.

This new tent is awesome! I ended up opting for the REI Quarterdome T3. Here's the specs on the tent:

Season 3-season

Sleeping capacity


Average minimum weight

4 lbs. 7 oz.

Average packaged weight

5 lbs.

Floor dimensions 84 x 68 inch

As for hardware, the REI Quarter Dome T3 won Backpacker Magazine's Ultralight Tent of the Year Award for 2008.

After running all the numbers I figured out this was the best tent for my needs while backpacking. I only needed a 3-season, as I have an awesome high-winds, 4-season, dome tent.

The best part about shopping at REI is the fact that they let you set up the tent right there in the store before you buy it. I set up the Quarter Dome T2 (which is the two person version of the same tent) but found that it was much too cramped for two people to fit in there comfortably. The employee helped me throw in two groudpads and two sleeping bags. They were half ontop of each other, and that was without bodies in them.

We set up the T3 and there was enough room for two people, with the packs still outside under the rainfly. Plus, on the campouts that I go on by myself I'll have more than enough room to let my pack come inside the tent. And probably out of the rain since this IS Washington.

The difference between the T2 and the T3 was less than one pound. For the added space and higher comfort level, I figured I could cut some weight somewhere else in my pack. And the T3 was still over two pounds lighter than my current tent.

So now I have three tents. I think I'm set for years to come. And good thing I got the extra room in the T3. Since I am a freelance journalist, that tent would be way cheaper than rent.

I'll be taking it out in a few weeks for a weekend backpacking trip. At that time I'll write a review of the tent.

The hunt for KC gear

Several readers and friends have told me, "Casey, that was a funny article you wrote about becoming a Kansas City Royals fan. But you're just joking right?"

The answer: No.

I've never been much of a baseball fan. I mean, I've paid attention too it cause it's a sport and I like sports, but I've never felt a strong connection to it. Not like I LOVE football of all levels from high school to pro. Baseball just didn't grab me.

For that reason I never really "claimed" a team as Brandon did with the Red Sox. Instead, I rooted for the Mariners because they were the local team. And I still hope they win, because I really enjoy it when Seattle is represented on the national stage.

Side note: How about those Hawks getting Aaron Curry? Sweet. Oh, and how about the team removing the franchise tag from Hill? Sending a message to him. I think so.

Ok, back to baseball. So yes, I am now a Kansas City fan. So much so that yesterday when I was at the mall I decided to buy a hat. I'm more of a fan of the soft hats. Twill I think they're called. As opposed to the flatbill heavier hats.

I walk into the Just Sports and start looking at the hats. The worker asks me, "Can I help you find something?"

"Yes. I'm looking for a Kansas City hat. Do you have one?"

"Yeah man. We have lots of Chiefs hats. You a fan?"

"No, I meant the Royals."

--silence as he stares at me with his mouth open--

"The Royals?" he asks.

"Yes. Do you have any hats?"

"Why the Royals?"

"I'm a fan. Do you have any hats?"

"No." he replys while rolling on the floor in laughter.

Sadly, the same events transpired at every store I went into. At Lids they didn't even know Kansas City still had an MLB team.

Oh well. When they do win the World Series oneday, I can say I was a fan when they stunk. I just hope I'm not watching that game with my great grandchildren.

Looks like I'm heading online for a hat.

April 25, 2009

Eastern Washington University Red-White game

After spending the morning at Camp Cross in Couer d'Alene, I made a bee-line back to Cheney for the annual Red-White spring game of the Eastern Washington University football team. They may have had NCAA sanctions put against them so that they cannot reach the postseason next year, but it was sure nice to see some college football being played again. The weather was terrible - cold and slightly rainy - but apparently everyone decided to wear shorts to the event which boggled my bundled up mind. Here are some images from the event...

Meet senior tight end Nathan Overbay, who happens to be catching a touchdown pass in this photo. The thing about Overbay that stuck out in the Red-White game was that nobody could stop him. One drive consisted of Nichols just throwing the ball to him every single down (give or take). And there's nothing you can do about this guy - he's 6-5 and plays like he's about Dikembe Mutumbo's height. Eastern Washington could telegram the other team what plays they're going to throw to Overbay and there's nothing they could do about it - he's that talented.

Properly named Beau Baldwin yelling or chewing out a player or something on the sidelines. Is that not the best football name? It's right up there with Hayden Fox, Joe Paterno, Vince Lombardi and Knute Rockne. I'm just rooting for this guy to win a national championship so they can name the stadium or field after him.

"We're here at Beau Baldwin field for the Eagles vs. the Grizzlies. By the way, don't forget to stop by the Brandon Hansen concessions stands in the lower level."

That would be perfect.

Michael Roos, former EWU lineman and current Tennessee Titans player. Which instantly makes him one of my favorite people in the NFL. If he were a ginger - it would be perfect - but he's obviously bald. He does have his own Wikipedia page though - that's big-timing it.

Eastern Washington University quarterback Matt Nichols was the only signal caller with a blue jersey, meaning that all the backups actually got sacked. Which was entertaining, and sad for the backups.

Here's your new playmaker for the Eagles - Taiwan Jones - who switched from cornerback to running back and boy, is he going to be a playmaker. He had two long touchdown runs in the scrimmage prior to the Red-White game and scored twice today. After seeing him in person, he seems like the kind of guy that if you give him any sort of open space he'll be gone.

Aaron Boyce doing his thing. Big Sky cornerbacks take notice and make sure you can take a hit on your backside.

Okay, Eastern Washington Athletics, I'm sure this is athletic tape or something but PLEEEEASE put a white stripe on the helmets. See how cool this looks?

Is that Tony Davis striking a HEISMAN POSE?

Matt Nichols punting... no joke, they wont have another punter until fall. So Nichols took the punts and did quite well. He even had a one over 60 yards. Somebody get that quarterback a contract!

Reasons why you're single: Thundercats

You have a deep conversation with a guy at a party about Thundercats and what cat Vin Diesel would play if they ever made a live-action movie of the 1980s cartoon.

Look for The Rock to also get casted if they ever make this film.

Things I've noticed about the driving in Spokane

Having been a veteran of the Spokane streets for years, here are some things I've noticed about drivers in the Lilac City.

1. Turn signal? I don't want to wear out my blinker.

2. If I'm driving down a busy street, and I have to make a left turn into oncoming traffic, you betcha I'm going to turn where there's no controlled intersection so everyone behind me has to wait for roughly 2,634 cars to go by in the opposing lane.

3. Bailing twine is actually just detailing the car.

4. Tailgating someone is necessary and then once you pass them... slow down.

5. Division St. becomes a quagmire between 8:30-10:00 and 4:00-6:00 every weekday. People get on this street and are never heard from again. Kind of like people that co-star in movies with John Travolta.

6. Everyone apparently smokes with their windows down in Spokane.

7. If people are weaving in and out of lanes -they aren't drunk - they're avoiding pot holes.

8. Red lights are actually overrated.


10. "Go Zags" bumper stickers are slightly more abundant than the Kerry-Edwards stickers people have yet to take off.

What Matthew Stafford is thinking after he signed with the Detroit Lions...

1. There's a lot of Southern people in Detroit that like big-armed Georgia quarterbacks right?

2. I'm really glad that I can finally play for a really, really good college football team.

3. At least the $41.7 million will be able to cover all my medical bills after I'm sacked into oblivion.

4. A-rod told me that this was the best possible career move. This - and kissing a mirror.

5. I'm glad the Lions signed Ryan Leaf as my life coach for this upcoming season.

6. At least there's plenty of convenience stores that have Old English 40s on tap.

7. I officially have more money than the Ford Motor Company now.

8. Now I can finally concentrate on my poetry career.

9. I hope I'm rate above an 80 on Madden 10


April 24, 2009

Is it alright if I have a man crush on Kevin Youkilis?

Here are the texts conversations with my buddies that I had after Kevin Youkilis belted the game-winning home run to lift the Red Sox over the Yankees 5-4 tonight.

Dylan Kitzan (Red Sox fan): Youkilis walk off in the 11th!
Brandon Hansen: Save the Goatees! Save the Goatees! (You see, Dylan and I have this pact where will be keeping our facial hair until Kevin Youkilis' average drops below .400. This might be a long summer for us.)
Moon (Yankees fan): Fudge. (Only it wasn't fudge. It was the mother of all cuss words, it was the f***)
Brandon Hansen: Yooooouk!
Brandon Hansen to Dylan: Moon just texted me "fudge"
Dylan Kitzan: Haha, I love it.
Moon: I hope (Youkilis) dies of vd... (that's something bad for all of you out there in blogger land)
Dylan Kitzan (upon hearing the VD comment): Unless he is wearing the golden thong that the yanks passed around last season, I doubt it.
Brandon Hansen: Hey now! Keep in mind that A-rod has been sleeping around.
Moon: He's on the DL, doesn't count yet.
Moon: Could be ... He did date Madonna.

Ladies and gentlemen, your New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox rivalry. Best in sports.

Fuskies huck up Apple Cup at Qwest Field

Huzzah! The Apple Cup will remain in Pullman after the deal to move the college football rivalry to Qwest Field has fallen apart. The reason? The Huskies being the Huskies and demanding more tickets than the Cougars despite it's neutral site designation.

PULLMAN - A deal to move the Apple Cup to Qwest Field, which seemed so close a week ago, is dead, killed not by fan outrage, but by a lack of seats.

“It became evident an understanding on ways to maintain the neutral-site atmosphere in regards to ticket allotment could not be reached,” Washington State athletic director Jim Sterk said in a release Friday that announced WSU was ending discussions to move the game, “therefore, our student-athletes and Cougar fans would not be best served without this key component.”

According to sources in the WSU athletic department, the original agreement gave WSU and the University of Washington each 31,000 seats in Qwest Field every year. But in the past week, UW expressed its desire for about another 7,000 additional seats, the sources said, in an attempt to mollify season ticket holders.

I was surprised by two things, the fact that UW would mess up the chance for basically another home game every season AND the fact that there are still Washington Huskies season ticket holders. Who knew?

Red Sox To Unleash 100 Year Old Weapon

If you live in Boston or New York, or you are just a fan of the Red Sox or Yankees, this weekend is an eventful time. Starting today the Red Sox and Yankees square off in the first series of the year between the two long time rivals at Fenway Park.

Today's game is the 1st of 18 between these two storied franchises this year and will pit local product (to us folks in Warshington) Jon Lester against Joba Chamberlain, who is from Casey's favorite state (he also has tried to rearrange the face of one Kevin Youkilis multiple times, he was even suspended 2 games in 2007 for throwing behind him on consecutive pitches).

For this occasion the Boston Red Sox have decided to bring back Arthur Giddon who turns a century old on Sunday, to be the honorary bat boy for the series. Giddon was a bat boy for the Boston Braves from 1922-1923 when he was the ripe old age of 13. You can read more about this great story at redsox.com

I know I speak for 3 of us here at Just South of North when I say "Go Sox!!" I also know I can speak for everyone here at Just South of North when I say "Yankees Suck!!"

Man Card Rules: Don't make fun of the man-step

Howie Long, fun guy to watch on the television talk about football, successful Hall of Fame Athlete, dashing good looks and even starred in one of my favorite movies, Firestorm.

That being said, his Chevy commercials are pretty annoying. Basically he puts down other guys for owning trucks with better features that his truck. How the heck does Chevy get off advertising that their truck is better because it has less features? Can someone please explain this to me?

And you know who used a man step? Neil Armstrong... he needed it to get on the moon.

If Howie Long wants to make fun of Neil Armstrong then maybe he needs to find a Chevy truck that will get him to the moon and take a little stroll around one of those craters.

Neil Armstrong... badass. Howie Long... jerk.

Montana to become the new Guantanamo Bay?

(Thinks about intense hatred for Montana Grizzlies and all things in that state)

(Thinks about how the EWU Eagles can't make the post-season next year)

(Thinks about last year's Governor's Cup disaster)

Oh Goodie. This definitely gives me some ammo as an EWU fan.

Economic development officials in Hardin are looking at the soon-to-close detention facility in Guantanamo Bay as a possible fix for the jail sitting empty in Hardin.

President Barack Obama signed an executive order Jan. 22 to close the Guantanamo detention facilities in Cuba where hundreds of enemy combatants have been held since 2002. The closure is to occur in a year, during which time remaining detainees must be returned to their home countries or detained elsewhere.

Meanwhile, a 460-bed detention facility sits empty in Hardin. Built by Two Rivers Authority, the city's economic development arm, the facility was meant to bring economic development to Hardin by creating more than 100 high-paying jobs.

While leaders continue to look for contracts to open the jail, which was completed in 2007, people in Hardin have approached Two Rivers executive director Greg Smith saying they have the answer: Get the contract to hold those prisoners from Guantanamo.

Signs that your state sucks... you need a prison to revive the economy. Ladies and Gentlemen... the state of Montana!

Reasons why you're still single... you get traded for nothing.

You get traded from the Milwaukee Brewers to the Detroit Tigers... for absolutely nothing. Which means that Jason Tyner is sleeping alone tonight.

Dan Lunetta, the Tigers’ director of minor league operations, said the Brewers assigned Tyner’s contract to the Detroit organization. It didn’t appear that any cash or other players were involved in the transaction.

Tyner, who turns 32 on Thursday, has appeared in the majors with four teams and played in 114 games with the Minnesota Twins in 2007. He batted .095 (2-for-21) in nine games this year with Milwaukee’s Triple-A Nashville affiliate.

.095? He and Griffey could compare hitting notes.

Dont you think they could have thrown in some bats or something?

Epic Photo: 3-D.....ave Bush

Meet Dave Bush of somebody's Milwaukee Brewers. This is a picture of him in action yesterday when he took a no-hitter into the 8th inning against the reigning World Series champion Philadelphia Phillies. Even though Bush lost the no-hitter and the shutout on a Matt Stairs solo home run, the Brewers still won the game 6-1.

April 23, 2009

Good God! Is that Felix Hernandez's music?

Felix Hernandez and I are the same age. The only difference between us is he can pitch seven scoreless innings and allow only four hits whereas I can finish a Meat Lover's Skillet at Sherry's in about three minutes.

We're now 16 games in of the "The Improbable Dream" and the Mariners keep winning games. Coming off a drubbing to the Tampa Bay Rays last night - Hernandez manned up today, scratch that, he put the Mariners on his jock and carried them to victory.

Seattle committed three errors, THREE, and a team that in renowned for manufacturing runs out of nothing could not cross home plate.

Brandon Morrow, despite looking like he was losing control of his bowel functions out on the mound, picked up his fifth save of the season. If I were a Mariners fan, I can't decide if I would be terrified to death that Morrow had the ball in tight situations or confident. You just don't know what you'll get with him.

By the way, keep winning M's, by all means beat every team in the AL East you can except for the Red Sox.

Casey a KC fan

Today was talking baseball with Jeff and I decided something. That today I would become a Kansas City Royals fan. Why? Well, there are a number of reasons. Here we go.

Nobody likes them-
Seriously, have you ever met a Royals fan? I have met only one in my lifetime and it was at a Cheesecake Factory in Kansas City last summer. I had to go to the city the team is from to find a fan.

Their name is my name-
Ok, so the initials really are. KC. Not quite mine, but said the same.

They always stink-
I've been around for 24 years now and I never remember them being even close to decent.

Someday they might be good-
And when they are, I can say, I was a fan when they were terrible. A true fan. And yes, someday they will be good. Heck, look at the Mariners. They have tons of fans in that same boat.

Their stadium is cool-
It's a very pretty ballpark. Kauffman Stadium's unique features include a 322-foot-wide water spectacular. The water spectacular is the largest privately funded fountain in the world. Here's the full history of the park.

If the Rays did it-
Then why couldn't the Royals? From joke to champs. I see it happening. And now I can say I was a fan from when they stunk.

High School Sports Feature: Islanders Name New Coach

The Islanders of Mercer Island High School have named a successor to Legen......wait for it and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because here it comes....Dary!! boys head basketball coach Ed Pepple. Mercer Islands new head coach will be 5 year assistant (2 years at the Varsity level) Gavin Cree, he is the first new coach for the Islanders in 43 years.

Cree played for the Islanders from 1996-2000 and was a 2 year Varsity letterman. He was on the team that won the 1999 state championship and was the captain of the 2000 squad.

Replacing a Hall of Famer is a large task but Pepple has given Cree a ringing endorsement, calling him " a dyed-in-the-wool Islander"

The task at hand for Gavin Cree is replacing a man who spent 42 years coaching the Islanders and in that time Pepple compiled 880 victories (952 total wins with his time at Fife High School) and 4 state championships. You can read more about Ed Pepple here