December 27, 2011

Brandon's VCR collection

Since moving to Montana a few years ago Brandon has taken on a new hobby. Collecting VCR recorders!

Oh, and he got a sweet haircut.

Check out his collection:

NFL Pro Bowl selections

Tonight the NFL announced the lineups for the Pro Bowl. And I must say there were not many surprises.

Eight Patriots, eight 49ers, seven Packers and seven Ravens. It's pretty easy to tell that the best teams will have the best players and therefore the most Pro Bowl picks.

But how'd Brandon's favorite team, the Tennessee Titans, and my favorite team, the Seattle Seahawks fare?

Well the 7-8 Seahawks had ONE players selected. That's right, safety Earl Thomas in just his second season got a Pro Bowl selection. Looks like he was a great draft choice.

But not to be outdone, the 8-7 Titans have a whomping ZERO players selected. Wah wah. Sorry Brandon.

December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays!!!

From the Just South of North family to yours, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2011

Awesome commercial

Perhaps the best commercial of the year belongs to Google. Nice work!

December 20, 2011

Christmas Light Show 2011

We shared with you the awesome house that had the singing Jack-o-Lantern faces during Halloween. Well now check out the same house only during Christmas.

December 18, 2011

Week 15 NFL recap

Hard to believe the NFL is almost into the playoffs but it's been a heck of a season. Let's take a look at some of the stories of today.

Colts win
Yes, the Indianapolis Colts finally proved that they could win without Peyton Manning at the helm. It only took them 14 weeks to figure out how. Oh, and the win came against Brandon's favorite team. Even better!

Packers lose
And the 1972 Dolphins toast to Kansas City. Yes, the lowly Chiefs have knocked off the might Packers. And Wisconsin will now slap the city with a cheese boycott.

The Seahawks are awesome
Where was this team five weeks ago? Can imagine if they can win out and somehow make it to the playoffs? They would be the most dangerous team out there. The Hawks have been on fire as of late and are rolling through the end of the season. Too bad a 9-7 record might miss the playoffs this season, but a 7-9 won the West last year.

Tom Brady proves he's no saint
Brady went into Denver and beat Tim Tebow and the Broncos in the promised land of Denver. And with that win Brady stamped his ticket to the burning gates of you know where. No one, and I mean no one, beats Tebow in his house without some type of retribution.

Casey rooted for Denver
Yes, I'll admit I rooted for Denver for the first time ever. That shows how much I can't stand Brady and the Patriots. Three teams I can't stand, Patriots, Steelers and Cowboys.

Joe Flacco gets his wish
Flacco spent last week complaining about how much the media covers Tim Tebow (as if Tebow controls the media and how much they cover him) and that the media never covers the Ravens. Well now he got his wish. The media will cover how much he sucked while the Ravens got hammered by the lowly San Diego Chargers. Careful what you wish for Joe.

The Giants are hot then cold
You never know what Giant team is going to show up each week. Sometimes they are really, really good. Other times they get slammed by the Washington Redskins. They are the football version of the stock market.

The Saints are GOOD
Yes the Saints are showing that the Packers aren't the only super team in the NFC. They destroyed the Vikings and show that they will by no means be a pushover in the playoffs.

Jacksonville still has an NFL team
Apparently the Jaguars still exist. Although Atlanta showed the team is still non existent on the field.

December 14, 2011

Leader Sports Report Episode Six

Dylan and Brandon talk about upcoming Lake County Sports, the NBA Debacle, the NFL and things that bug them in sports. They also give you the scoop on SKC's DJ Fish.

Leader Sports Report Episode 6 by Brandonwhansen

Things Casey is too old to do...

In the show "How I Met Your Mother" they have a thing called the Murtaugh List that is composed of things that the just-thirty characters have decided they're too old to do. That got me thinking since Casey is getting up there in years, I've decided to reveal his very own Murtaugh List...

1. Pose in front of Wieners

Just for purely aesthetic reasons, he needs to stop doing this. Unless he never plans on running for Congress.

2. Hang out with wooden monkeys

Everybody knows that once you give wooden monkeys a cookie, they're going to ask for a bag of pot. Since Casey is an upstanding citizen and doesn't touch the stuff, I think this puts him in a tough situation. Also... is that a surfboard the monkey is holding? Or one of those wake boards you put your knees on and just look like an idiot?

3. Date ugly girls

Considering he's married, this is a bad idea. And also think about what would it be like rolling over in bed next to this Shelia. Maybe he should just stick to hanging out with the wooden monkeys...

4. Play in Poo

And playing in poo with other people? Ewwwwww.

5. Run from Dinos

Haven't you ever seen Jurrasic Park? Running from T-Rex at an advanced age is like betting against Tim Tebow. BAD IDEA. Casey thinks he can outbike that monster but he's go another thing coming...

What else is Casey too old to do?

December 9, 2011

Why Albert Pujols isn't worth the money

Alright, now that everyone and their mother has had time to hand the World Series trophy over to the Angels before the season has even started, its time to get over the hype and see just how big a move it is for LA.

Considering the Dodgers are a dumpster fire right now, the Angels are trying to get as much a share on that market as possible. Sign a big free agent and get the headlines right? Albert is probably the greatest hitter of this generation so naturally, he's the one you want to hand the paycheck.

Two hundred and fifty million dollars. Probably larger than NASA's budget. For 10 years.

I have no doubt Pujols will come up big, produce well and continue to do this for years to come. He's an all-time great. He's somebody that you'll be telling your kids about years from now.

But we've seen a team do this before (Rangers with ARod) and they didn't have glowing results. In fact, Texas went backwards after fielding a decent team in the late 1990s. I don't think A-Rod was to blame, he still put up big numbers, but they didn't solve other problems on the team.

Now the Angels might be different because they got CJ Wilson, and a have a good, deep pitching staff. But they didn't make the playoffs last season, and will Pujols and Wilson put them over the hump?

You can't answer that. What if one of them slumps? One if one gets injured? What if other players get injured?

There's so much that goes on during a baseball season, Pujols signing doesn't mean anything other than the Angels will be trotting out one of the most fearsome hitters in the game.It's certainly exciting, it's certainly good for the fans but LA can't think they've solved all their problems.

It seems like the Yankees have signed every big slugger the past decade. And what's that resulted in? One World Series.

So basically what LA has paid for is 250 million dollars worth of headlines and an awesome strength for one spot in the lineup. They've got to continue to work the players around him and the pitchers they'll put out on the mound.

And at some point, couldn't they use a little bit of that $250 million for those spots too?

December 8, 2011

If Web Browsers were guns...

Casey prefers the last one...

Voyager spacecraft has reached... well really nowhere.

Good news everybody! Voyager 1 is now... basically in the middle of nowhere. In the great achievement of human engineering, the farthest man-made object from earth has reached "uncharted regions between our solar system and interstellar space."

What does that mean? The suburbs? That space in between Montana and Washington  that's basically trees and freeway that everyone just likes to drive through (Idaho)? Sounds like Voyager has found a crappy region that rivals the Tri-Cities. 

After more than 30 years of space journey, NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft has reached a distance of about 11 billion miles (18 billion kilometers) away from the sun and has entered uncharted regions between our solar system and interstellar space.

This region is called the “stagnation region” by the scientists. In this region gusts solar winds can be felt. Solat wind contains high-energy charged particles that stream from the sun that leak out into the space.

The stagnation region? Can we send the Kardassians there?

December 7, 2011

Leader Sports Report Episode Five

Ronan All-State cornerback Jack Humphreys joins the Leader Sports Report as we talk about NFL, BCS, Brett Favre and much more!

Leader Sports Report Episode 5 by Brandonwhansen

Captions for the photos of the year

Maybe you've seen this rolling around the internet... but have you seen the captions for them?

"In third world countries, the starting line for the 100-meter dash is just a wee-bit different from America."

"You wanna know how I feel about AJ Burnett's pitching?!?! I'll show you right here."

"Wait... you have to use a computer to use Facebook?"

"I'm sure that's Zima they're spraying in her face."

"Dude, that was a sick double-kill on Halo 3... now switch to the sniper rifle!"

"Did you hear? Duke lost the other day."

"I'm my country, you don't deserve to have front teeth."

"The world is going to end when Al Davis dies... oh wait.. waaaaiiiit...."

"Montana reaches record highs for the month of December..."

"You're sure nobody is watching?"

"Alright, who forgot to pay the dust storm bill?"

"Hey! This tastes like movie theater popcorn!"

"...and then Rocky threw a punch like this... and Mr. T went down..."

"Duck Hunt is played a little bit differently around here..."

"McDonalds had now found a new source of meat for their quarter-pounders"

If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments below...

December 2, 2011

Marshawn Lynch is perhaps the greatest human being to have ever lived

Last night's win over the Eagles by the Seahawks had a familiar feel to it.

Now at 5-7, Seattle had no real shot at the playoffs but in a sense this is one of those wins that shows a turning point for a franchise. If you would have told me after week 3 of the NFL season that the Seahawks would win five games, I would have called you crazy.

But they've improved. Why? Because they're one of the youngest teams in the NFL and they're slowly getting better. They may not be world-beaters this season but something is brewing in the Pacific Northwest. I think last night's win showed all you Seahawk fans out there that the team is moving in the right direction.

The Eagles? Oh god, Mike Sherman will be coaching them next season.

The thing that sticks out the most about terrible teams is a lack of identity. What is Philly's idenity? Vince Young throwing interceptions. Seattle? Marshawn Lynch being an absolute stud. T-Jack not being an awful quarterback behind a good offensive line. The defense doing it's job.

There are pieces here folks. Over the course of the season, Seattle has put them together.

And that makes the win for you Seahawks fans all the sweeter. (Now if you will excuse me, the Titans have a playoff berth to clinch)

December 1, 2011

Sorry, but Wulff got screwed

Plenty of Cougar fans bought season tickets and shelled out donations but what is getting lost in all of this Mike Leach madness is how WSU royally jobbed Paul Wulff.

Lets flash back to when Wulff was hired as the Cougars head coach. Bill Doba had apparently "recruited kids" by going to Pullman middle schools and asking who wanted to play football. WSU had come off a few uninspiring seasons but still were competitive with Mike Pryce era recruits.

But all those seniors graduated and Wulff had nothing in the cupboard.

When Wulff was at Eastern Washington he was heralded as a great recruiter but it wasn't like he called a fantastic playcaller (like Beau Baldwin) or anything like that. I don't think anybody could argue anything else. He ran a program and had he coordinators take care of what they needed to take care of. However, Wulff essentially had Doba's rejects to deal with and he had to go against Pac-10 competition.

He finally gets his recruits in and the teams shows signs of improvement and they pull the rug out from under him. Even though he was probably the cheapest coach in the Pac-12 and one of the hardest working ones. Factor in that WSU will use the new Pac-12 TV money to pay Leach and it may have been something planned all along.

"Hey lets get an alum to coach the team because they're going to be absolutely awful with Doba's recruits, he's a good recruiter and he'll fill the roster with kids and once the boosters call for his head we can use the TV money to buy a big splash name."

Either way, it worked out perfectly for WSU and not so perfectly for Paul Wulff. Leach will win with his recruits next year. With Connor Halliday at the helm of this team - boy, things will be crazy in Pullman.

I mean if you win nine games in four years, you can't expect to have job security but WSU is a midmajor-level athletic program (in terms of facilities, financial support, ect.) competing in the Pac-12. You have to look at it that way and not like your USC.

Wulff was right, WSU is like the rest of them. When they complain about Leach leaving in four years, I'll point back to the day they fired a loyal guy.

(With that... I mean who isn't excited about the Cougs next year... they're going to win some games!)

November 29, 2011

Paul Wulff fired

It wasn't a surprise when news broke today that Paul Wulff had been fired.

A report on KXLY shows that some WSU fans (Yes, apparently there are a few of those. Three actually) had mixed reactions when they learned of the firing.

LinkNo decision has been made on who will be the next coach of the Cougars. But one thing is for sure, now he won't be able to buy a new hat that's one size bigger.

Seriously, it's way too small!

November 27, 2011

Leader Sports Report Episode Four

Brandon and Dylan talk about Thanksgiving and football. (The Leader Sports Report is a podcast that Brandon and Dylan Kitzan does for the Lake County Leader)

Leader Sports Report Episode 4 by Brandonwhansen

November 23, 2011

Mountain biking dog

A cute video about a dog that like mountain biking.

Lily Shreds trailside. on

Taking sides for the MSU-UM football game

By Brandon Hansen and Dylan Kitzan

Being from Eastern Washington and being (gasp!) EWU Eagles, we're a bit new to all the Griz-Cat game stuff since the closest thing we have to a Big Sky rivalry are the hipsters at Portland State. However, we decided to experience the rivalry between the heroic boys in maroon from Montana and the talented Bobcats of MSU but took opposite teams to root for.

Brandon chose Montana State because apparently Griz fans have a bounty out for his head after some columns he wrote back in college about the University of Montana. Dylan, by default, had to root for the Grizzlies and went as far as making sure he was decked out in Griz gear for the big game.

While we had planned on going to a local establishment for the big game, a late night of playing Halo (needed research for our article) the previous evening meant we barely had time to get set at home for the matchup.

Right away Brandon got a little worried when MSU's uniforms made the Bobcats look like the St. Louis Rams from afar. If you've seen the Rams play this season you know that's a bad omen.

The banter started almost immediately as we found ourselves naturally at odds with one another.

"First doooown Grizzlies!" Dylan cheered.
"I don't think that's how it goes," Brandon quipped back.
"It's probably not."

In one of the more interesting moments of the afternoon, Montana runs a genius trick play, one that doesn't get run enough (quarterback walks toward the sideline as if to call a timeout, before the ball is snapped). For no apparent reason, quarterback Jordan Johnson gets whistled for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Brandon tries to rev up the trash talking by saying "Oh, Montana's punting. Get used to that."

Let's just say he won't be taking Miss Cleo's job anytime soon.

MSU was able to put together a drive and it appeared they might be able to punch it in for the opening score.

"They're awfully close to the end zone," Brandon said, but Montana State proves him wrong and settled for three... Make that zero! The ball clangs off the right upright with enough force to clear the goalpost of its snowy exterior. There was plenty of snow on those uprights and apparently the MSU field goal kicker just wanted to clean it off. Dylan cackled like a witch and Brandon made a point of cleaning the toilet with his toothbrush later that evening.

The first quarter ends scoreless, but the Bobcat outlook is much better, as they're moving the ball, while Montana's defense is bending, but not yet breaking. The Grizzlies get the first points of the game, thanks to the fact they have a kicker who has yet to succumb to the plague that is college kickers missing anything and everything.

Things got really scary when Montana's Jabin Sambrano was wide open for six! But dropped it! Fit him for his Seattle Seahawks jersey.

After pinning MSU deep, the ferocious Grizzlies defense forces intentional grounding in the end zone, boosting the lead to 5-0! We're not sure about other football fans, but seeing a number like five on the scoreboard always makes us laugh. But a safety? Apparently MSU's line is approaching the game the same way Hamilton's line did when they played Polson in football. "Hey, these guys have a dominant defensive line, so lets just stand around and watch while they tackle our quarterback."

Brandon has officially entered reverse-jinx mode. "MSU is done for, they don't have a chance." Uh, Brandon, it's 5-0.

Did we say 5-0? We meant 12-0. Terrific fourth-down catch by Kavario Middleton.

Halftime's here and if the first half is any indication, this game is over. Rumor has it the Bobcats are a second-half team, as the governor of Montana probably ruined his chances for a second term by showing his true MSU colors and then predicting a comeback in the second half. (Nope, the Bobcats were outscored 24-10 in the final two quarters. Let hope he doesn't have any predictions for the U.S. economy.)

With the way Brandon was acting, Dylan thought he was ready to pop the TV over to How I Met Your Mother. Dylan couldn't blame him either, that show is great and Marshall could certainly block better than MSU's line.

Whatever adjustments MSU made in the locker room are paying off. A quick drive down UM's throat and it's now 12-7. Brandon claims he was right after MSU scored thanks to a big kickoff return and a personal foul penalty that sets up a seven-yard touchdown pass. He added that due to the personal foul, those Montana football players are dirtier than a gas station bathroom.

Anyone watching this game had to figure Montana's response would be the turning point of the contest. A score and MSU had problems. A three-and-out and the Bobcats probably controlled the game. About that same time we were talking about turning points, the Griz put up a touchdown.

Seriously. It took 18 seconds of game time. Brandon looks like he's seen the ghost of Monte. Or perhaps it's just a snow-covered mascot. Either way, he's not feeling well.

Not even four minutes later, Montana puts up another field goal and it's now 22-7. MSU has to score on their next drive because UM is firing on all cylinders. Brandon is now looking for sharp objects to throw at Dylan.

Score? Nope, a MSU punt. Oh well. There's another score by Montana on a 37-yard run by Dan Moore, making it 29-7. You'd think Brandon would be used to this by now, being a Tennessee Titans fan and all. Dylan was just waiting for Brandon to snap and say something along the lines of "I haven't seen a flop like this since the World Cup" or "DeNarius ‘The Disappointment' McGhee."

The fourth quarter is chugging along and Dylan said he's seen closer football games in Indianapolis this year, so it's somewhat tough to keep tabs on.

Brandon marveled at how there hadn't been more Griz-Bobcat violence, since we'd only been doing this "cheering on Montana schools" for merely a column and he already wanted to slash Dylan's tires.

Griz win 36-10! A satisfying victory it is, but now it's time to do away with the gear we wore for one game. Hey, we're still EWU Eagles. Who needs the UM shirt and hat Dylan bought? He promises he won't be wearing it anytime in the near future. Get it soon because you won't need it either after their first playoff game (EWU humor there folks!).

Brandon on the other hand is thinking about holding onto his MSU Bobcats T-shirt, in case any of his Griz friends need to wipe their feet on something.

We have to say it was an interesting experience cheering for each respective team in the Brawl of the Wild and we can understand why it's such a big deal around these parts. Next time EWU is in town though, we'll more than likely be sporting our Reds and Whites.

November 21, 2011

Kohl's Black Friday song

Just when you thought "Friday" from Rebecca Black had died.....nope.

Thanks Kohl's.

November 20, 2011

Why the Mariners have sucked for OH-SO-LONG

Dave Cameron spells it out for you all and it has nothing to do with Nintendo not wanting to spend money on a good team.

I don't want to push the panic button but the Red Sox organization is looking like they might fall in this exact black hole too with the string of stupid front office decisions they've been making.


How to drive in Montana during the winter

Despite my many attempts to coax summer back into Lake County by wearing shorts and sandals to work, the veil of old man winter has apparently come to stay. Thanks to the weather we’ve been struck with for the past few days, the streets have turned into winter wonderlands.

Now being from the state of Washington, it feels like the biggest running gag is the apparent lack of winter driving skills by Seattle drivers. When there’s just a skiff of snow… or heavy rain, traffic becomes more snarled and bogged down than the Seahawks’ offense. The cause of the problem? Drivers who rarely see snow react like aliens have landed.

Luckily, we all live in a state (Montana) where the general winter weather driving experience is much more common and cars aren’t flying off the road like a bad sequel to “Transformers.” You won’t see too many YouTube clips of a panicking driver in a Geo Metro crashing into 40 parked cars like in Seattle because (a) nobody owns a Geo Metro in the state of Montana, and (b) the only time people around here seem to panic is when the fire department or library asks for a little money to keep their serves going.

However, I did see a car fishtailing around the corner last Friday and nearing colliding into some parked cars, and upon closer inspection, that person was texting and appeared completely oblivious that their vehicle was halfway into my lane.

So while I understand everyone probably has this winter thing completely under control and someone will probably have to pull me from a ditch this winter, I’d figure I still throw out a few driving tips.

1. You don’t get bonus points for being Sonic The Hedgehog on wheels
Let me be the wise Mr. Miyagi from “The Karate Kid” and pass along a driving secret known for ages among people with dentless cars… drive slower with it snows. Even if you have four-wheel drive, that doesn’t help you stop any sooner. Sorry to break it to all you NASCAR fans but Highway 93 isn’t going to be a 70 MPH zone for months to come.

2. Tailgating should be done only at Griz games
Unless you want recreate a hockey game and check another driver into the boards, you should give yourself plenty of space from other cars. If the weather is bad and the roads are slick, there’s still a really good chance you’ll be sliding around. That’s nothing to be worried about if you keep and a calm head unless you tailing somebody like you’re in the next “Fast and Furious” movie. Then you just better hope you have good liability insurance.

3. Don’t freak. That’s just embarrassing.
Again, if you slip and slide a bit, don’t slam on the brakes and cause things to get work. If you followed the other two steps you won’t be in serious trouble. Locking up your wheels and therefore all your control will only make things worse. Also keep distractions like cell phones out of your hand, since you’ll need to be aware of potential hazards on the roadway a lot sooner than in normal driving conditions.

4. Give yourself some time
Give yourself more than the regular allotted time when going somewhere, otherwise you’ll feel the need to rush and the resulting accident might make you even more late.

So there you have it! Have a great Holiday season and remember… drive safe! The roads around here are some of the most scenic but also treacherous. Better to get somewhere and have it take longer than normal than the alternative. Also make sure you pack blankets, extra water and food and other important roadside items in case you find yourself stranded.

Because after all… we’re all a little tougher than those Seattle drivers.

Ram Rules

When you have to make a video telling your fans what to do at a game, you've already lost.

And people wonder why there are no Rams fans.

November 18, 2011

Would the real Brandon Hansen please stand up?

In my last post I joked that Brandon had become a Griz fan during his time in Montana over the last few years. I guess I picked the wrong Montana team.

I always considered Brandon and myself some of the biggest Eastern Washington University fans around. We even have custom jerseys. Please take note of this photo snapped three years ago:

Yes, that's Brandon, Swoop and myself at the Eastern game at Qwest Field. Note how Brandon was so excited to meet Swoop.

Now please look at the photo Brandon posted to facebook tonight:

I saw this and got sick.

Who is this guy? And would the real Brandon Hansen please show up to rip this shirt of this imposter's back.

November 13, 2011

Where we've been

You might have noticed that over the past month Just South of North has been looking a bit like a ghost town.

I'd like to tell you that Brandon has been working a lot lately.

I'd like to tell you that school, an internship and a job have been using up all my time.

I'd like to tell you that we were really on vacation in Hawaii. (But that would be a lie)

But instead I'll tell you what we've "really" been doing.

Brandon: He is still in Montana and apparently if you drink the water there you become a Griz fan. If you remember Brandon was the one person that hated the Griz more than anyone. But in his old age he has started wearing Griz shirts and actually watching the football team to cheer them on.

Casey: He sent Swoop over to Polson to beat Brandon up. Apperntly Swoop found Brandon when he was at a local watering hole hitting on fellow Griz fans. The report from witnesses included an account of Brandon screaming and crying as Swoop tickled him. Needless to say the ladies were not impressed.

Brandon: Still being in Montana he got really brave one night. Let's just say that Halloween evening ended with him drinking some really strong "maple syrup", wresting a man in bear costume, dressing as a ballerina, swimming in Flathead Lake and performing a snow dance in hopes that winter would come early.

Casey: Dressed as a Nintendo controller, the NES one, and went with friends who were Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad to a costume contest. Yeah, it was awesome.

Brandon: Still being in Montana the snow has started falling. In preparation, and knowing that he won't be able to leave his apartment for 6 months, Brandon has filled his cupboards with top ramen, beef jerky and cheap beer. Wait, that's what his cupboards always look like.

Casey: He will wait until the spring thaw to go and try to find Brandon.

November 9, 2011

21 Jump Street

This movie looks hilarious.

October 26, 2011

Amazing Halloween Light Show

Everyone has seen the dancing houses covered in Christmas lights. But how about Halloween lights.

Check this out.

And if you like that, you can view more on his youtube page.

October 23, 2011

Coldplay Paradise video

I love the new song by Coldplay called "Paradise."

It's great. And today I saw the video. Really creative and who doesn't love an elephant on a unicycle?

October 14, 2011

I'm taking the plunge this year... becoming a super college basketball fan

WHY NBA? WHY? I've done nothing but love you and stick up for you these past few years, telling people that you have the best players, story lines (Stern vs. Cuban, come on! It's like Stone Cold vs. McMahon) and entertaining factors of all the major sports. Alas, you're going to plungue into that nasty pit of labor hell and cancel the first two weeks of your season.

... and judging from the articles I've read, there probably will be more than that cancelled. Even if you do come back online this year, it's going to be an abbreviated season with a lessened quality of play and stats that will be skewed.

Hence, I'm going to do this. After years of dogging this sport for sucking, I'm going to jump head first into college basketball. Oh boy, I am looking forward to the beneath the rim play and point guards I don't recognize because they'll only be in school one year. Bring on the pain!

Here's what I'll be hoping for...

1. Eagles improve with Jim Hayford as their coach
After winning 79 percent of his games at Whitworth, he can turn things around at EWU right? Here's hoping. I think that his ties to the Spokane community will mean better local recruiting. I'm not asking for a conference championship here - just finish around .500 guys.

2. Gonzaga guys will suck, girls will rock
Don't ask me how I can root so murderously against the Zags but cheer on the Lady Zags. There's seriously something wrong with me and I think it may have something to do with my inability to grow Adam Morrison-esque facial hair. Anyways, I hope the guys go down in flames.

Alright who's ready to go?!

The vehicle I want to own someday


October 12, 2011

The Avengers trailer

The Avengers movie has been a long time coming. Actually five movies building up to it.

I can't wait!

October 7, 2011

The Brandon Hansen NFL Column

The Titans are 3-1 and killing it right now! Super excited to see how they finish the season in a division with a notoriously choke-friendly Texans team, a Manning-less Colts team and the LA Jags. But first, lets see what this week has in story for us...

Panters vs. Saints
I'm starting to call him Cam "Empty Calorie Stats" Newton. Sure he puts up big numbers as a rookie, but how much of that has been in garbage time? I'm not dogging him, but I'm certainly not picking him over the Saints and Drew Brees.

Eagles vs. Bills
This is the week where Philadelphia finally pulls their collective heads out of their nether regions. I know the Bills are talented and are the feel-good team of the year so far, but remember that an Andy Reid team with high expectations always starts off slow, picks up and finds a way into the post season. They won't overlook the Bills like they did with San Francisco.

Chiefs vs. Colts
Lets play "Which team is more gawdawful!" I'm gonna go with the Colts on this one, they showed some life last week against the Bucs, who aren't a complete flaming train-wreck. I think they're slowly figuring out how to score some points. If they're going to win a game this season, they have a good chance against the Chiefs. Kansas City has been blown out twice this season to good teams, barely lost to division rival San Diego when it was in its September funk and eeked by Minnesota. Not exactly a powerhouse.

Bengals vs. Jags
Cincinatti wins this one because they at least appear to be a somewhat interesting team. The Jags meanwhile, are getting called out by New England linemen for not adjusting to the other teams offense with audibles (Namely, how you play defense in the NFL). Or not moving at all on defense when the offense lines up to run a play. That's not a good sign for them.

Giants vs. Seahawks
I don't know New York does this but they'll be 4-1 after defeating Seattle. Don't tell me you think the Seahawks have a chance, on the road, against a team in the NFL. However, I still am going to be scratching my head while trying to explain how Eli Manning and the Giants are freaking 4-1. Give that NFL scheduler a medal.

Vikings vs. Cardinals
Vikings pick up their first win of the season. They've played in close games in their first four games of the season and while be home for this one. While Donovan McNabb is a zombie, I think with it being at the Metrodome, and the fact that the Cardinals are 1-3 and not as good as their record indicates, this means a W for the Purple People Eaters.

Titans vs. Steelers
Tennessee's D vs. that awful Pittsburgh line? Better hope they have a big enough stretcher to carry off Big Ben in. I'm not saying its going to be a blowout as these two teams usually play one another pretty close, but do you really want to put your money on Pittburgh's hobbled quarterback behind one and a half linemen?

Raiders vs. Texans
The Raiders really do follow the Oakland Aura. They're talented, with tons of speed, lack discipline but look promising this season. Matt Schaub didn't look great last week and they'll be without Andre Johnson. The Texans beat an Steelers team that is actually using Lingerie League linemen to protect Big Ben, and will be hard pressed to stop the Raiders No. 1 rushing offense. See where I'm getting out here? The TEXANS ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE! AND WE LET THEM OFF THE HOOK! They're a bunch of pretenders.

Bucs vs. 49ers
The Bucs were hard-pressed to beat Indy and didn't look like the most dynamic offense in the world against them. San Francisco is coming off their big win against Philadelphia, and have a shutdown defense while their offense looks like it can actually score points now. I think the Niners win this one. Yep that's right, pencil them down for 12-4 and a trip to the NFC Championship game.

Chargers vs. Broncos
The next time I pick the Broncos is when they clone John Elway and install him at quarterback again. Otherwise, no dice.

Jets vs. Pats
IF YOU PUT MONEY ON THE JETS... think to yourself after Tom Brady scores a touchdown after five plays during the opening drive of the game, who are the Jets trotting out to tie the game up? Mark Sanchez. Yeah I think I'm going to go with Brady on this.

Falcons vs. Packers
Falcons are gritty, but not a great team. Certainly not a good enough team to defeat the Packers.

Lions vs. Bears
Everybody is rolling on the Lions. This is the perfect time for the Bears to roll in and put a stop to the undefeated season. I'm not saying the Bears are great, but their a tough team and I think this Lions team has a knack for falling behind by a lot of points early. If they do that, they're not coming from 20 points down against the Bears' defense.

Epic Video: Adam Morrison gets tossed from European game

Good god, Adam Morrison is really going with the whole Jesus look isn't he?

October 6, 2011

Honey Badger Wonderful Pistachios

The Honey Badger don't care.

It's a true statement. And now he apparently likes pistachios.

Wonderful pistachios has some of the most creative commercials out there. And their latest one is even more proof of this.

Oh, and in case you have been under a rock and don't know how much the honey badger don't care. Enjoy!

(Warning: some dead snake scenes and some language)

Brett Favre is still an old man that sucks at life

Let me spell it out to you all. Football is a team sport. The quarterback needs his linemen to protect him. He needs his wide receivers to catch the ball. He needs his running backs to block and run the ball. He needs his defense to stop the other team on occasion. Hence the term "system quarterback" is absolutely absurd.

However, if a quarterback leads his team to a Super Bowl championship, and week-in and week-out scores more fantasy football points by himself than the Kansas City Chiefs... something tells me he's talented. Anyone who thinks Aaron Rodgers is just a lucky guy, has never watched Aaron Rodgers play football. Give him the eyeball test and watch how many of his touchdowns result in you going "Wow, the quarterback made an awesome play."

Brett Favre has apparently never watched Aaron Rodgers play. Here's the comments Favre had to say about him earlier this week.

"...he just kind of fell into a good situation. On top of that, he's a good player. I don't think there's any pressure on him now, the talent around him is even better than when I was there. So I'm really kind of surprised it took him so long. In the early part of last year season, it hadn't quite clicked yet and I didn't know it would. I just kind of figured when they hit their stride, they're going to be hard to beat. And that's what happened."

Here's how ridiculous this statement is. If Aaron Rodgers did indeed fall in a good situation, why the heck couldn't Brett Favre, the greatest quarterback of all time (according to him) make it to a Super Bowl with that same talent-loaded team? Oh that's right, Brett Favre throws a lot of interceptions.

Something tells me Favre is a little jealous that Rodgers has erased No. 4 from the memory of Packers fans and felt the need to get into the headlines again. But really? Fell into a good situation? Green Bay is the smallest market in the NFL. It's not like they can lure all the top talent to town with their beach sides and warm winter weather. Jordy Nelson isn't exactly Calvin Johnson either.

You take Aaron Rodgers off the Packers and I bet you they don't make the playoffs.

You take Brett Favre off the Packers and they win a Super Bowl.

If it was such a good situation, why did you ... um retire... Brett?

October 5, 2011

Epic Photo: Good Idea

40-year old mom playing soccer

While Casey and I are out of college for a few years now and have already gained tons of weight and pretty much lost any physical prowess (Well at least I have), Deirdre Morris is apparently ageless.

The 40-year old mother is now playing college soccer for Evergreen State College. While the school has been known to be a tad bit unconventional (namely you get to design your own degree), this story is something you don't hear every day.

It’s not about trying to recapture her youth, or an attempt to live out an unfinished athletic dream. Mercer Island’s Deirdre Morris Dornay just wants to play women’s soccer at the collegiate level.

Dornay is a starting midfielder at The Evergreen State College, an NAIA member of the Cascade Conference. She is the ideal facilitator on offense, with deft touch and unwavering will. She is unquestionably the fittest member of the squad.

And at 40 years old, the mother of four is also the oldest player on the team. She’s also 31/2 years older than her coach, Adam Fenster.

“She provides a ton of energy, and has endurance like you wouldn’t believe,” Fenster said. “And she is great with our kids. She doesn’t try and parent them. She blends in as much as she can.
“She did not play club soccer like a lot of our kids, so she very much is still learning this side of it.”

In other news, I threw my back out the other day... watching football.

October 1, 2011

The Brandon Hansen NFL Column

Now that the Tennessee Titans are 2-1, I really have to get onto the "Here comes Matt Hasselbeck!" bandwagon. Thanks to Peyton Manning's incredibly shrinking neck, the Titans are going to fight the Texans for the AFC South division title.

That is, of course, unless Chris Johnson continues to run like crap and Matt Hasselbeck gets injured (which, it's Matt Hasselbeck, it's bound to happen) and tries to play hurt, meaning he'll force passes and cause turnovers. I've watched enough Seahawks games to know how this goes. However, for now, I'll enjoy the 2-1 start.

Now here are the NFL games this week...

Lions vs. Cowboys 
I'm not sure how much I can believe the whole "Detroit starts 4-0." The Lions are a young team and they're going to hit roadblocks along the way. This has trap game written all over it, except that it's against the Dallas Cowboys. Did you see them against Washington? It's hard to put your money on them after watching the center struggle to snap the ball to Tony Romo. And Romo? That was considered one of his best wins? Did anyone look at his stats after the game. BLEEEECH. I'm still gonna have to go with the Lions with this one, because Dallas just isn't that good.

Bills vs. Bengals
The Bengals are like Last Call with Carson Daily. It's terrible, but for some reason it's still on the air. Cincinatti is terrible, you can't get really too excited about them, but they're still a football team. However, they play a good Bills team and they're going to get whacked. Just look at the QB matchup, this year's surprise QB and fantasy god Ryan Fitzpatrick (soon to win the Matt Cassel award of getting a fatty contract and then probably sucking) vs. Problem Child. Yeaaah gonna go with Fitzpatrick on this one.

Panthers vs. Bears
Chicago is a mediocre team. They'll lose the games they should and win the games they should for an 8-8 record. Against Carolina, they'll pressure Cam Newton into throwing picks (something people having quite told you about Newton... he's turnover prone), and come away with the victory. However, don't oversell on the Bears.

Vikings vs. Chiefs
Yeah I'm not picking the Chiefs in any game this year. Sorry Kansas City, better wait for baseball season to start.

Browns vs. Titans 
I'm going to go with the homer pick here. The Browns don't exactly cause me to get excited when I'm running through picks of the week. The Titans are better than expected. I know they lost Kenny Brit BUT I don't think they'll be hurting against the Browns. Although we haven't seen Mr. Hyde Hasselbeck yet so this could end badly.

Redskins vs. Rams
I am humorously rooting for Washington to make the playoffs this year. I want to see a Rex Grossman resurgence. This will be one of those games where he picks apart the opposing secondary and we'll get a nice Washington Post article about how Rex "isn't as bad as everyone thinks!" I love the 24-media news cycle for that exact reason.

Eagles over 49ers
Run the ball. Run the ball. Run the ball. Poor pass by Alex Smith. Run the Ball. Run the Ball. Run the Bal.... FUMBLE or STUFFED AT THE GOALINE. Yep I just described the 49ers offense. Do you think that's going to get it done against the Eagles?

Saints vs. Jaguars
The Saints may not be able to play defense but I think they'll be able to outscore a Jags offense that looks about as lifeless as Al Davis.

Texans vs. Steelers
So lets get the poorly-coached, unbalanced but talented Texans and throw them against one of the best  franchises in the NFL? A franchise that plays tough defense and will ram it down the throat of the finesse Texans? This doesn't end well for Houston.

Seahawks vs. Falcons
I think Atlanta is better than everyone thinks, and while it's at the Seahawks home stadium, I'm going to venture a guess and say Matt Ryan can outduel T-Jack. Just a hunch.

Packers vs. Broncos
Lets just hope Denver fans go into this game thinking "Hey! We have a shot!" I know that's not the case, but it would be funny to see Broncos fans get their fake hopes crushed.

Dolphins over Chargers
Can't wait for a signature shot of Phillip Rivers snapping and yelling at his teammates again. This guy is just a standup John Lackey.

Patriots vs. Raiders
After the Raiders collect roughly 200 yards in penalties against the finely-tuned Patriots, you'll be regretting going with Oakland.

Jets vs. Ravens
The Ravens are one of the best teams in the AFC while I think the Jets have some concerns they need to address. The Jets are 2-1 and they've been the Cowboys (bad team) and the Jags (awful team), and lost to the Raiders (meeehhhhh, marginal playoff team). Also factor in that the Ravens crushed a defense-minded, tough as nails team in Pittsburgh with their own brand of smash mouth football. Something tells me the same happens to the Jets.

Bucs vs. Colts
JAWSH FREEMAN! If you put a bet on the Colts this season, you're a moron.

It all makes sense now

Epic Photo: Here come the Chiefs

September 28, 2011

Epic Photo: Sun

Reasons why you're still single... Sports bar fans

Shouldn't sports bars be a fun place to go to on Sunday? Instead they've become a weird gutter for society's alcoholics too root on their favorite football teams and make complete arses of themselves. There must be something about the NFL when people like these start coming through the sports bar door...

The high five guy
Usually wearing a lime green Seattle Seahawks jersey and about 10 beers in at 11 a.m. in the morning. He trolls around the bar looking for high-fives from complete strangers after big plays... or just at random. If he doesn't get a response he'll scream "BYAAAWWW!!!! Seahawks" as a sort of mating call to find some sort of high-fiving mate.

(Don't high five this guy, try to trip him as he walks by your table)

The clapper
They don't realize they're in a sports bar hundreds of miles away from the game and that the players can't actually hear when they clap. But they continue to clap. And clap. And clap. They clap for big plays. They clap for five-yard penalties. They clap for good commercials. They clap when they get their hot wings. Their clapping is so loud that is warrents that you look around and make sure somebody hasn't fired off a live pistol in the bar.

(Just install the light clapper so this a-hole has to watch the game in the dark)

The loner
Most people go to the sports bar with friends. Not this fellow. He slaps on a jersey and proceeds to be a wolfpack of one at the bar. He leers about making as much noise as possible to get attention and then looks around to see if anyone is paying attention to him. Loud clapping? Screaming? Random "Lets gow HAAAHAAAWWWWKS!" chants. He's got them all. And a drinking problem.

Green Bay Packer fans
Actually these people are awesome. My favorite kind of football fans. God bless them.

Oakland Raiders fans
They usually show up halfway through the game and make more noise than anyone when the Raiders make a big play. However, they actually have no clue who's on the team or the Raiders' record.

The girls who manage to find away to get cleavage out of a football jersey
How the heck does this happen? How?!?!?! It's like supposed to be physically impossible. HOW?!?!

September 27, 2011

NBA and NHL coming to Tacoma?

Introducing your Tacoma Supersonics!

Just doesn't have the same ring to it as Seattle, but it is a very real possibility.

A recent article shed light on this new idea of revamping the Tacoma Dome and bringing the NBA back to the area, along with perhaps the NHL.

Tacoma’s mayor and City Council say they want to know what it would take to revamp the aging Tacoma Dome to draw a pro basketball or hockey team to town – and they’re willing to pay up to $100,000 to find out.

“The NBA will be back in this market,” Mayor Marilyn Strickland said Tuesday. “When they are, I want Tacoma to be in the mix of that discussion.”

Backed by local business leaders and area politicians, the City Council agreed Tuesday to pay for part of a market feasibility study for attracting a National Basketball Association or National Hockey League team to the Dome.

The study would examine options and costs for upgrading the 29-year-old facility to NBA and NHL standards, and determine whether there’s corporate interest to help support such an endeavor, Strickland said.

Now I'd prefer a team to come back to the Seattle area just for the simple fact that I live closer to that city. But if there was the chance that this area could get not just NBA back, but also bring along the NHL, then I'm all for it.

What do you think? Would you like to see the NBA and NHL in Tacoma over Seattle? Or would you just like these sports in our state?

September 25, 2011

Pac-12 Football Championship Game

Fall is here and football is in full swing. And as if I'm not excited enough for college football every week, I now see a commercial for the Pac-12 Football Championship Game.

I can't wait!

September 24, 2011

Taxidermy is awesome

Best commercial ever.

Epic Photo: SEE YAH!

Arlee Warrior Christian Haynes makes a 34-yard pass reception. 

September 23, 2011

It's Pumpkin Spice Latte Time

It's fall. And that means Brandon's favorite drink, the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks is back. He literally drinks these things everyday till winter.

The Brandon Hansen NFL Column

Another week of football and another chance for the Seahawks to show just how terrible they are. Shall we go through a rundown of what is happening this week?

Bills vs. Patriots
The Buffalo Bills have shown considerable spunk in the early season, but anyone thinking that the Bills are going to beat the Patriots obviously haven't seen Tom Brady throw the ball. He's been a surgeon the past two weeks and right now there isn't a quarterback in the league that even comes close. Yep and that includes Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Titans vs. Broncos

Here's the truth Bronco fans... your team sucks. They suck bad. As much as you'd like to convince yourself otherwise after last week's win over the Carson Palmer-less Bengals, Chris Johnson is going to run up your backside like a crazed day-after-Thanksgiving shopper.

Dolphins vs. Browns
I really feel sorry for Miami. They play in the AFC East where they have to contend with the Pats, Jets and Bills. There's no easy game there. However, they'll have no problem with the hapless Browns, one of those rare teams that you never want to talk yourself into betting on.

Lions vs. Vikings
For some reason, people haven't given up on Minnesota yet. I have no idea why not. It's a bad team and Donovan McNabb should be staring in the next remake of "Dawn of the Dead." Meanwhile the Lions are perhaps the most upstart team in the league. Nobody wants to play these guys.

Eagles vs. Giants

Even if it is a Vick-less Eagles team, I don't think anyone realizes how turrible the Giants are.

Panthers vs. Jags

I'd make a pick for this game, but nobody will be at the game nor will anyone care about the outcome.

Packers vs. Bears
Bears win in week one and everyone is like "HERE COME THE BEARS!!!!" Boy, how things change after a 30-13 loss to the Saints. Perhaps Jay Cutler should injure his knee again.

Bengals vs. 49ers
I'm never picking the Bengals if they have a ginger as a quarterback.

Ravens vs. Rams
For some reason people made the Ravens a 3.5 point favorite over the Rams, one of the most puzzling lines in Vegas this week. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You're assuming a Stephen Jackson-less Rams team can hang with Baltimore? The Rams are also out several other starters and they put up a listless performance against the Giants on MNF.

Chargers vs. Chiefs
What's going to give? The Chargers historically terrible start to the season or the Chiefs just plain sucking this year?

Bucs vs. Falcons
I'm going to stand by my fantasy running back Michael Turner and the Falcons on this one. Loved what they showed in their victory over the Eagles. That game was within Phili's grasp and Matt Ryan looked like one of those kids on the "Feed the starving Children" commercials after getting battered around by the Eagles' d-line. They gutted it out. Also, Tampa isn't as good as Phili.

Redskins vs. Cowboys
Tony Romo or Rex Grossman? So far this season I'm going with the quarterback that doesn't have a punctured lung.

Seahawks vs. Cardinals
Literally the only thing Seattle has going for them is that they have home field advantage and Arizona isn't that great. But... Seattle is awful and they didn't make it into the redzone last week against Pittsburgh. The Cardinals defense isn't that great but you'll have to score some points in order to defeat a football team.

September 22, 2011

Casey's Halloween costume this year.

Casey's really excited. Here's how he'll look for his big Halloween party.

Little League Cage Fighting

Another reason to hate the ridiculous sport of MMA. While sometimes they try to make it seem like a smart sport, it's really just a bunch of meatheads fighting. And when those meatheads have kids? This happens...

Police will take no action against the organisers of 'barbaric' cage fighting involving children as young as eight, it was confirmed today.

Concerns were raised about whether two boys were put at risk by taking part in a bout at Greenlands Labour Club in Preston, Lancashire, in front of a 250-strong adult audience.

But a spokesman for Lancashire Police said today the force had 'looked into this matter fully and there are no issues for us to pursue'.

Kicking, shoving and grappling each other to the floor, the youngsters were filmed competing in cage fighting contests in front of a baying mob of hundreds of adults enjoying a night’s entertainment.

Oh this is going to cause no problems further along in life...