October 5, 2011

40-year old mom playing soccer

While Casey and I are out of college for a few years now and have already gained tons of weight and pretty much lost any physical prowess (Well at least I have), Deirdre Morris is apparently ageless.

The 40-year old mother is now playing college soccer for Evergreen State College. While the school has been known to be a tad bit unconventional (namely you get to design your own degree), this story is something you don't hear every day.

It’s not about trying to recapture her youth, or an attempt to live out an unfinished athletic dream. Mercer Island’s Deirdre Morris Dornay just wants to play women’s soccer at the collegiate level.

Dornay is a starting midfielder at The Evergreen State College, an NAIA member of the Cascade Conference. She is the ideal facilitator on offense, with deft touch and unwavering will. She is unquestionably the fittest member of the squad.

And at 40 years old, the mother of four is also the oldest player on the team. She’s also 31/2 years older than her coach, Adam Fenster.

“She provides a ton of energy, and has endurance like you wouldn’t believe,” Fenster said. “And she is great with our kids. She doesn’t try and parent them. She blends in as much as she can.
“She did not play club soccer like a lot of our kids, so she very much is still learning this side of it.”

In other news, I threw my back out the other day... watching football.

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  1. Mom's out there would definitely be inspired on her. :) This is not usual for a 40-year old woman to play and get sweaty on the fields with youngsters and get fit as well. A lot of woman would probably want to be like her.