November 13, 2011

Where we've been

You might have noticed that over the past month Just South of North has been looking a bit like a ghost town.

I'd like to tell you that Brandon has been working a lot lately.

I'd like to tell you that school, an internship and a job have been using up all my time.

I'd like to tell you that we were really on vacation in Hawaii. (But that would be a lie)

But instead I'll tell you what we've "really" been doing.

Brandon: He is still in Montana and apparently if you drink the water there you become a Griz fan. If you remember Brandon was the one person that hated the Griz more than anyone. But in his old age he has started wearing Griz shirts and actually watching the football team to cheer them on.

Casey: He sent Swoop over to Polson to beat Brandon up. Apperntly Swoop found Brandon when he was at a local watering hole hitting on fellow Griz fans. The report from witnesses included an account of Brandon screaming and crying as Swoop tickled him. Needless to say the ladies were not impressed.

Brandon: Still being in Montana he got really brave one night. Let's just say that Halloween evening ended with him drinking some really strong "maple syrup", wresting a man in bear costume, dressing as a ballerina, swimming in Flathead Lake and performing a snow dance in hopes that winter would come early.

Casey: Dressed as a Nintendo controller, the NES one, and went with friends who were Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad to a costume contest. Yeah, it was awesome.

Brandon: Still being in Montana the snow has started falling. In preparation, and knowing that he won't be able to leave his apartment for 6 months, Brandon has filled his cupboards with top ramen, beef jerky and cheap beer. Wait, that's what his cupboards always look like.

Casey: He will wait until the spring thaw to go and try to find Brandon.

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