October 14, 2011

I'm taking the plunge this year... becoming a super college basketball fan

WHY NBA? WHY? I've done nothing but love you and stick up for you these past few years, telling people that you have the best players, story lines (Stern vs. Cuban, come on! It's like Stone Cold vs. McMahon) and entertaining factors of all the major sports. Alas, you're going to plungue into that nasty pit of labor hell and cancel the first two weeks of your season.

... and judging from the articles I've read, there probably will be more than that cancelled. Even if you do come back online this year, it's going to be an abbreviated season with a lessened quality of play and stats that will be skewed.

Hence, I'm going to do this. After years of dogging this sport for sucking, I'm going to jump head first into college basketball. Oh boy, I am looking forward to the beneath the rim play and point guards I don't recognize because they'll only be in school one year. Bring on the pain!

Here's what I'll be hoping for...

1. Eagles improve with Jim Hayford as their coach
After winning 79 percent of his games at Whitworth, he can turn things around at EWU right? Here's hoping. I think that his ties to the Spokane community will mean better local recruiting. I'm not asking for a conference championship here - just finish around .500 guys.

2. Gonzaga guys will suck, girls will rock
Don't ask me how I can root so murderously against the Zags but cheer on the Lady Zags. There's seriously something wrong with me and I think it may have something to do with my inability to grow Adam Morrison-esque facial hair. Anyways, I hope the guys go down in flames.

Alright who's ready to go?!

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