October 6, 2011

Brett Favre is still an old man that sucks at life

Let me spell it out to you all. Football is a team sport. The quarterback needs his linemen to protect him. He needs his wide receivers to catch the ball. He needs his running backs to block and run the ball. He needs his defense to stop the other team on occasion. Hence the term "system quarterback" is absolutely absurd.

However, if a quarterback leads his team to a Super Bowl championship, and week-in and week-out scores more fantasy football points by himself than the Kansas City Chiefs... something tells me he's talented. Anyone who thinks Aaron Rodgers is just a lucky guy, has never watched Aaron Rodgers play football. Give him the eyeball test and watch how many of his touchdowns result in you going "Wow, the quarterback made an awesome play."

Brett Favre has apparently never watched Aaron Rodgers play. Here's the comments Favre had to say about him earlier this week.

"...he just kind of fell into a good situation. On top of that, he's a good player. I don't think there's any pressure on him now, the talent around him is even better than when I was there. So I'm really kind of surprised it took him so long. In the early part of last year season, it hadn't quite clicked yet and I didn't know it would. I just kind of figured when they hit their stride, they're going to be hard to beat. And that's what happened."

Here's how ridiculous this statement is. If Aaron Rodgers did indeed fall in a good situation, why the heck couldn't Brett Favre, the greatest quarterback of all time (according to him) make it to a Super Bowl with that same talent-loaded team? Oh that's right, Brett Favre throws a lot of interceptions.

Something tells me Favre is a little jealous that Rodgers has erased No. 4 from the memory of Packers fans and felt the need to get into the headlines again. But really? Fell into a good situation? Green Bay is the smallest market in the NFL. It's not like they can lure all the top talent to town with their beach sides and warm winter weather. Jordy Nelson isn't exactly Calvin Johnson either.

You take Aaron Rodgers off the Packers and I bet you they don't make the playoffs.

You take Brett Favre off the Packers and they win a Super Bowl.

If it was such a good situation, why did you ... um retire... Brett?

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  1. Well, they kind of made him retire because they knew Rodgers would be a beast - Favre refused to be a backup and demanded to start if he played, so they got rid of him.

    I say this as someone who knew Rodgers would be a beast and got him in the 7th round in his "rookie" year in my fantasy draft. Didn't even bother drafting a quarterback before that round because I knew I could get Rodgers late and he'd provide starter value. That team was kind of dominant.