September 22, 2011

Little League Cage Fighting

Another reason to hate the ridiculous sport of MMA. While sometimes they try to make it seem like a smart sport, it's really just a bunch of meatheads fighting. And when those meatheads have kids? This happens...

Police will take no action against the organisers of 'barbaric' cage fighting involving children as young as eight, it was confirmed today.

Concerns were raised about whether two boys were put at risk by taking part in a bout at Greenlands Labour Club in Preston, Lancashire, in front of a 250-strong adult audience.

But a spokesman for Lancashire Police said today the force had 'looked into this matter fully and there are no issues for us to pursue'.

Kicking, shoving and grappling each other to the floor, the youngsters were filmed competing in cage fighting contests in front of a baying mob of hundreds of adults enjoying a night’s entertainment.

Oh this is going to cause no problems further along in life...

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