December 14, 2011

Things Casey is too old to do...

In the show "How I Met Your Mother" they have a thing called the Murtaugh List that is composed of things that the just-thirty characters have decided they're too old to do. That got me thinking since Casey is getting up there in years, I've decided to reveal his very own Murtaugh List...

1. Pose in front of Wieners

Just for purely aesthetic reasons, he needs to stop doing this. Unless he never plans on running for Congress.

2. Hang out with wooden monkeys

Everybody knows that once you give wooden monkeys a cookie, they're going to ask for a bag of pot. Since Casey is an upstanding citizen and doesn't touch the stuff, I think this puts him in a tough situation. Also... is that a surfboard the monkey is holding? Or one of those wake boards you put your knees on and just look like an idiot?

3. Date ugly girls

Considering he's married, this is a bad idea. And also think about what would it be like rolling over in bed next to this Shelia. Maybe he should just stick to hanging out with the wooden monkeys...

4. Play in Poo

And playing in poo with other people? Ewwwwww.

5. Run from Dinos

Haven't you ever seen Jurrasic Park? Running from T-Rex at an advanced age is like betting against Tim Tebow. BAD IDEA. Casey thinks he can outbike that monster but he's go another thing coming...

What else is Casey too old to do?

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