January 21, 2009

Commercials killed the radio star

I was driving home from my parent's house tonight. Why? Because it was meatloaf night. Duh.

Anyway, I was driving home when a commercial came on the radio. This commercial was so hilarious I almost crashed. Also because of the thick fog, but it could have been from the tears flowing from my eyes.

It was a car dealer in the city of Sumner, Washington that the entire commercial was based around the saying (picture it in that cheesy voice car sales commercials are always in) "If it doesn't eat, you can trade it in. Leave your donkey at home, cause we won't take him."

Yeah, it was pure awful. 1 1/2 minutes of it. Baaaaaaad. Wait, sheep eat. Can't trade it in. However that sack of potatoes and the broken toaster oven. Those are good to go.

Following that commercial, there was an ad for the radio station that they wanted small business owners to call in and let them know if their business did better in 2008 than in 2007.

Now here is the best/worst part of the story. Immediately following the ad was another commercial. This one for the "Closing our doors after 32 years" sale of a local furniture store.

My question was, did that not dawn on anybody at the radio station when they were putting together the ads? I mean come on! An ad for businesses doing great in this crappy economy, and then a commercial for the closing of a historic store. Yeah, nice job station. Real classy.

And then, as if the situation couldn't get worse. Britney Spears came on. I couldn't handle it and figured I would just drive the rest of the way in silence.

Because, as the song says, silence is golden. Hmmm....silence. It doesn't eat. I wonder if I could trade it in for a car?

And for those of you who knew that was a picture of an angry wombat. Hats off to you.

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