January 19, 2009

Don't worry, when it comes to sports we got your back

We're going to expand some things around here at Just South of North. When this blog first started we wanted to just bring you on average around one post a day, which worked perfectly with the hectic college schedule of Casey and I.

Now, however, we've graduated, gotten day jobs and also added three writers. You've probably noticed that the number of posts have gone up to quite a few day.

We want to standardize some of the posts, and since we write a lot about sports we wanted to bring some regional blogging coverage on specific days so you know what's coming. Keep in mind we'll still be bringing you the humor articles, but now we'll also have sports weekly updates. The schedule goes as follows:

Monday - University of Washington
Tuesday - Washington State University
Wednesday - Whitworth University
Thursday - Our Neighbors (Alaska, Montana and Idaho sports)
Friday - Casey and I are getting drunk
Saturday - Spokane Shock af2
Sunday - Gonzaga University and talk about the NFL, NBA and MLB

And Eastern Washington University? Well since I practically live out in Cheney and follow the Eagles like their my illegitimate children, I'll be covering them like a beat and you'll probably see more than one post a week on them.

Okay so now that is out of the way, any suggestions?

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