January 31, 2009

A vote for Cards is a vote for change

Tomorrow is the big day. No not Brandon's wedding, I'm talking about the Super Bowl. As a Seahawks fan, I'm of course rooting for the Arizona Cardinals.

Here are the reasons why you should too:

-Pittsburgh was given this last Super Bowl win. Thanks refs.
-Kurt Warner has again risen from the depths to take a normally crappy team to the Super Bowl. AGAIN. Here's a fun note, the team that had the worst record one season and then made it to the big game the next season: The 1999 St. Louis Rams. The second team: this years Cardinals. What do these two teams have in common?
-No one wants to see one franchise have 6 Super Bowl wins.
-Terrible Towels are lame. The only thing worse is free "spirit" towels at Eastern football games that are really just used towels from the Red Lion Inn.
-The Cardinals have always been bad. Yes, I rooted for the Tampa Bay Rays in the World Series for that same reason.
-The Steelers uniforms are ugly.
-So are their cheerleaders. (Ok, I'm not really sure on that one, but that's the word around the street)
-The Cardinals remind me a lot of the Seahawks. As a franchise they have always been bad, yet somehow still have fans who support them. Then, one magical season, the team learns how to win. Oh, and the last team standing between them and destiny, the Steelers.
-Did I mention the Steelers were given their last Super Bowl?
-You know Madden is rooting for the Steelers. Madden also says the dumbest comments. "You know how that there team will win today? Well, in order for them to win they have to score more points than that other team." (Thanks)

Oh, and if you root for the Steelers than you are no better than the hordes of bandwagon fans of the Patriots. Who, after last season, suddenly all seemed to fall off the face of the earth. Where did all those Pats fans go? I used to see them everywhere. Now, not so much.

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