January 26, 2009

Post Blink 182. Who won the breakup?

I don't know about you, but I am able to judge what year a song was made by the grade I was in. Today in the gym an old Blink 182 song came on. And I thought "that was sophomore year."

And then it's strange when a band you really liked breaks up. Take the above mentioned band. When Blink 182 broke up it was hard on a lot of people.

Well, there are always three things that happen in any breakup.

FIRST: someone always wins. Yeah, you know it's true. The winner is determined by whos next relationship is hotter.

SECOND: sides are always chosen. There will be a group of friends, we'll say five. That means one person will get two, the other one. This also helps in determining the winner of said breakup.

THIRD: the person who was dumped usually stalks the other person via Facebook and MySpace.

Well, the same things happens for bands. Blink 182 broke up and it wasn't long until one of the threesome was seeing a band called Angels and Airwaves (AVA), and the other two were seeing a band called Plus 44 (+44).

Let's see who won that breakup.

Tom DeLonge headed the group AVA. Their sound was good, not in the same punk style as Blink, but it was good. More of a put on the soundtrack and listen from start to finish. AVA got the name because Tom's daughter said they sounded like angels.

As for +44, it was of course Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker who became this band. Their sound included factors that Blink didn't. Such as electric drums and a keyboard. +44 got their name because that is what you have to dial to reach Europe.

WINNER: AVA. Europe is lame.

As for "friends" aka fans. Both bands seem to have quite a following. This is good for the music industry. Personally I like the sound of both bands. Which one I listen to just depends on my mood at that moment.

WINNER: tie.

As for stalking, somehow I doubt that either of these bands do that. This point doesn't really fit here. But if you dump someone, becare and lock your accounts.

WINNER: void.

Well, from this perpective I would have to say that AVA won. But that is based on name alone.

Which band from the post Blink 182 do you like more?


  1. I haven't heard about either of those two teams.

  2. I actually like Travis Barker's band called The Transplants better than both AVA and +44. So Travis Barker himself wins the break up.