January 26, 2009

Obama tells carmakers to shove it up their tailpipe

Our liberal, hippy agenda continues here at Just South of North, were we try to turn you poltical views to that of a person living in a tree for the past five years.

That is why I've got to say something about Obama's recent signing of the Environmental Memoranda that allows states to enforce tougher emission standings. However, some people aren't drinking from the happy Earth Kool-Aid.

House Minority leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, said the decision could hurt American jobs, given Detroit's struggles.

“The president’s action today is disappointing," Boehner said. "The effect of this policy will be to destroy American jobs at the very time government leaders should be working together to protect and create them. Millions of American jobs will be placed in further jeopardy if automakers are forced to spend billions to comply with potentially dozens of different emissions standards in dozens of different states.”

Ahem (tightens tie, prepares to go Sean Hannity of Beohner's a**)

This original tailpipe law was proposed by Republican and Predator-Killer Arnold Swatzenagger, so shouldn't you be more disappointed in the actions of your own party members? Perhaps its because his state is drowning in a deep sea of smog?

And since automakers have already made a shift towards cleaner cars, how much would this effect them since people aren't buying gas-guzzling, fume-spewing SUVs in the first place.

It won't be this tailpipe law that will put American jobs at risk, it will be the oh thirty plus years of horrible foresight and old-time thinking when it came to developing cars that people wanted and bought. While everyone else was making small, fuel-efficient cars that were well-made, the big three Detroit Automakers were putting out boats and refusing to adjust to changes (namely the inclusion of foreign automakers) that anyone with half a brain could obviously see happening.

Yeah that's right, you come to Just South of North and the spin stops here.

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