November 14, 2008

Welcome to Sparta

In case your living under a rock, or on the "less-than-stellar" eastside of Washington State, then you probably haven't heard about the Spartans.

But the people of Sammamish, Washington certainly know about these warriors of the gridiron. The Skyline High School football team.

Skyline opened it's doors in 1997, and since then have become a powerhouse in football. Including knocking White River (my high school) out of the 3A playoffs in 2000.

Most high schools would love to have ONE state championships, let alone THREE.

2000- 3A State Champions

2005- 4A State Champions

2007- 3A State Champions

Oh, and they are currently the best team in the 4A. Tonight they take on Federal Way at home. It should be a great game.

Despite all this, I have figured out the keys to the teams success.

1) They start their kids young. While going to play tennis at the school a month back, we arrived and saw hundreds and hundreds of youngsters playing football games. They were all wearing the Spartan green and silver and all knew the plays. This is the key in high school football. Start young so by the time the players reach high school (grades 10-12 in Skylines case) they already know the plays by heart.

2) This week at my gym near the school, my buddy and I were working out, when in came a large number of current players. Even after practice, they still work out. You could tell they wanted to become better, and the best part, no coach had to force them there. It was their choice.

3) Their colors are pretty cool. Green and silver. WAYYYYY better than their rival Issaquah down the hill. Who's colors are supposed to be purple and gold, but aren't the nice gold and the deep purple of UW. Instead, the team is lavender and marigold. Yeah, not the best.

Anyway, we'll have to see how the Spartans fare now that the playoffs have started. Either way, I'm sure it will be a great game.

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