June 16, 2009

All this no handshaking is really making people angry

The lack of handshaking in sports has been in the news lately as both Lebron James and Sidney Crosby skipped out on handshakes after their respective playoff series. Now James was probably distraught from losing to Orlando in the Eastern Conference Finals and Crosby was just excited he won the Stanley Cup at age 21 - but hey! This is tradition! This is a sign of respect!

Boy, all these sports traditionalists sure get the panties in a twist, because obviously if they hadn't had their careers derailed in middle school, they certainly would have shook hands.

When it comes down to it, it's not that the lack of handshakes were a show of bad judgement but rather a sign that our society with pick apart people any chance we get. And you wonder why so many athletes are reclusive and shy away from any disclosure of their public life? This is why.

Because people (in the media and fans) are so insanely obsessed about something as meaningless as a handshake, and since they've apparently done nothing wrong or questionable in their life (ha!) they can rain down judgement on anyone they want.

Give me a break, go back to complaining about cornrows and players with tattoos. Let me know when you get out of the 1940s.

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