June 26, 2009

At least Obama isn't playing around with interns

For all you presidential haters out there who are insulted at the prospect of Obama throwing out the first pitch at this year's MLB All-Star game, Dylan Kitzan from Unforgivable has some choice words for you.

I'm sorry, but people who freak out over the president attending a baseball game need to chill out and gain some perspective. It's been a point of contention for McCain supporters and Obama haters since January that Obama is an avid sports fan. He appeared on SportsCenter during March Madness, filling out his bracket (which had UNC winning it all). He plays basketball regularly. And now, Obama will be at Busch Stadium in July to watch the American League All-Stars take on the National League All-Stars. Big whoop.

If you haven't noticed, Obama has been getting work done while doing all of this. The United States' image worldwide is improving in the post-Bush era. The automotive industry has great potential to rebound and hundreds of thousands of jobs are being created throughout all 50 states. Sure, there are a plethora of problems with our country, both big and small, but there always are and there always will be. When's the last time a president fixed every problem and satisfied every U.S. citizen? OK, just checking.

Listen, I'm not much of a political guy, but to jump on the president's case for being a sports fan is wrong. He's still only one man with a wife and kids and has his own life to juggle while being America's Top Dog. Of course he needs to allocate more time to his responsibilities as president than to his free time or his personal interests, but to those on his case for attending a baseball game or shooting some hoops, I say relax and think about it for a second.

For every hour he spends at a ball game, he's probably spending several weeks or months fixing what's wrong with this country. That's more than I'm doing or will ever do. And chances are, it's more than his critics are doing or will ever do.

I'll agree with that, although I'm sure Fox News will dig up the transportation bill on this one. The real problem with politics is that people choose sides, dig in and make no rational choices whatsoever.

The same kind of stupid criticism happened when Bush was is in office and now conservatives have just shifted roles. If you really step back and look at the whole picture you realize that the left and right factions are the same thing in different packaging.

As for Obama, I hope he doesn't do this.

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