June 17, 2009

Eastern license plates

My fiance recently moved from that state of Nebraska to Washington. She had to get new license plates for her car. She decided that she'd opt for the Eastern Washington University plates.

They came in the mail today and they are pretty cool. She figured that even though they were an extra $30 (because they fall under the personalized plate category)$28 of those dollars go to Eastern scholarships.

And I also found something else out about the plates on the EWU Web site today.

EWU will now be recording a $28 gift on the record of those who buy or renew their specialized Eagle License plate. To receive credit, mail a clear photocopy of your registration (with VIN blocked out) to:

EWU Foundation/Gift Processing
Eastern Washington University
127 Hargreaves Hall
Cheney, WA 99004-2413

Brandon and I would get these (as somehow we managed to get diplomas from the school and thus became alumni), but we already have personalized plates. His says JSTSOUT and mine says HOFNRTH. But when we park, he always has to park to the left of my car. So that way people walking behind the cars can make out our free advertisements.

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