June 30, 2009

Get out there and VOTE!

Tonight is the night. Get your votes in!

For what?

Well, for the new mascot of College of William & Mary of course!

Yes, voting on a new mascot has been underway since April and tonight is the final night to get your thoughts in! Here's what they say:

We have Tribe Pride in abundance and are searching for a mascot.

The Mascot Committee will encourage and review mascot ideas submitted by the broader William & Mary community. We will keep you informed about our work and offer several ways for you to participate in the effort to name a mascot.

News has been reported of some of the better mascot suggestions, including Asparagus and Maze (as in corn).

According to SI.com, here's why the school needed to get rid of the current mascot:

William & Mary for decades was known as the Indians, but the school changed its nickname to Tribe in the 1980s.

The NCAA ruled in 2006 that the college could keep the Tribe nickname but its feathered logo was demeaning to Native Americans and had to go.

The school's athletic teams will still be called the Tribe, but the college wants a mascot that may -- or may not -- match the nickname.

Yes, that is the offensive logo in the corner. I know. Dang that is terrible (sense the sarcasm. Go on. It's on there pretty thick) Well, now its time for the Just South of North mascot suggestions for the school. Here we go:

1. Dancing Squirrels: JustSON and squirrels go hand in hand.

2. Fighting Tree Frogs: Tree frogs rule almost as much as squirrels.

3. The Rocks: Yes, like a boulder.

4. Spokies!: You even have to have the "!" Imagine a Spokie dancing on the sidelines during games.

5. The Northern Rangers: Brandon and I once had a short (very very short) tryout with the EWU danceteam. I'm sure we could make a comeback.

6. Youppi: He used to work for the Expos, now he has a job with the Canadians, why not switch to college.

7. The Mimes: Hilarious. And you always have halftime entertainment. Not very good mind you, but remember it is William & Mary.

8. Where The Hell Is Matt: That guy has been everywhere. Better yet that guy has danced everywhere. Why not add the gym at William & Mary?

9. Cow Pies: Don't tread on us.

10. The Melting Ice: Puddles cover the court. Opposing teams slip. Victory.

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