June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day: The Shock are the Fever's Daddy

I said to someone before the game between Spokane and Tri-Cities that it would be over by the end of the first quarter. I was wrong. It was over halfway through the first quarter and at halftime, the Shock led 42-0. The final result was 69-22 and that score wasn't as close as it looks.

I hadn't seen a blowout like that since somebody played North Central High School.ZIIING!

A few things I'd like to say, since I'm on my soapbox at the moment.

(1) The defensive backs for Spokane are great. We all know that Sergio Gilliam is awesome as he set the league interception record last year and I don't think quarterbacks even try to throw his way anymore, but what about Stanley Franks? It sometimes feels like the Shock signs two or three DBs with the last name Franks because he is all over the field. And he hits HARD. Ask the guy(s) he gave a concussion last week.

(2) On the wide open pass to Raul Vijil in the second half... what the heck was Tri-City thinking. It's one thing to get beat, it's another thing to leave THE BEST WR IN THE AF2 uncovered. Note the Caps, because I'm not that great of writer and I have to use them to make a point.

(3) While having Dillon on the sideline is not an ideal situation since he's a fantastic wide receiver, but he was a riot during the game. Seriously, that guy deserves his own radio show or something.

(4) The Tri-City coaches pulled a Herm Edwards. No joke, they actually told their players down by 35 points in the first half "We play to win the game!" I had to stifle laughs. If that was playing to win the game, I would hate to see them on a night that they dog it.

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