June 9, 2009

Let's GOOGLE it

Today we're going to play a little game. As most of you know Brandon is an epic photographer. And he taught me everything I know.

And it has been said time and again that prospective employers will GOOGLE possible employees names and see what comes up.

So today I GOOGLED "Brandon Hansen". Go ahead. Try it. I switched over to IMAGES just to see what I found.

The first photo is some kid. Have no idea who.

The second photo is one of Brandon's awesome Spokane Shock photos. It's actually hosted by KHQ in Spokane.

But the third photo is priceless. The third photo is this:

And what a photo that is! Looks just like him. Sword and all!

Ok, ok. Now it may seem like I'm picking on my buddy. So let's see what GOOGLE finds for me in images when I search "Casey Knopik."

The first two photos are photos that I took for The Easterner. A sign that read 365 days, the US Department of Agriculture Secretary, and third, a photo I posted on JustSON about Seattle traffic.

But the fourth photo was this:

Yes ladies and gentlemen, that is me and Brandon posing on the cat walk for our short stink as professional models.

In other words. Search Brandon's name, get a scary lady, with a sword, posing on a stage. Search my name, get the "group formally known as the Eastern Rangers but now known as the Northern Rangers" posing on a stage.

So, in either case I think neither of us would get the job. For Brandon they would be scared that he (or she as the photo would show) would show up at the job interview and crush them.

As for me, they would take one look at the above photo and know what a dork I am.

Thank you GOOGLE.


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