June 29, 2009

Man Card Rules: Talking sports out your butt

I don't expect everyone to know the game of baseball, heck, I'm pretty dumb when it comes to the nuances and specific details of the game (Luckily I have the human encyclopedia of baseball in Dylan Kitzan to reference). Unless you've played the game at a high level, there are things that you simply won't know about the game.

However, don't try to talk baseball out your butt with a "I know what the hell I'm talking about" voice and say this:

"You know, why the heck do they have Ichiro as the leadoff batter? That just doesn't make sense"

Hmmm, apparently Mr. Genius Manager-in-Training would like one of the best leadoff hitters of our generation to bat ninth?

If you don't know the game, don't make dumb statements that not only reveal that you have no idea how the game is played but you're such a blow hard that you have to try and make people think you're smart.

Which you're not. Please, hand over the Man Card.

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