June 15, 2009

Mo' power!

An umpire in West Burlington, Iowa threw out the entire crowd during a high school baseball game.

Yes, he kicked everyone out for being unruly during the game between Winfield-Mount Union High School and West Burlington High School.

And this got me to thinking, this umpire had too much power. The Superintendent of West Burlington said that he didn't notice the fans being unruly. And neither did a cop that was called to the scene.

Again, too much power. This got me thinking. Who has too much power besides this umpire?

1. A mall cop - Seriously, if you haven't seen Paul Blart, do so. It was funny, but only solidified the fact that mall cops have no authority and if you're an old lady with a purse you can beat up any mall cop you want.

2. The turn sign person - You know, the person that holds the STOP and SLOW sign at construction sites. They have way too much power. Often making traffic sit at a complete stop both ways just for their utter enjoyment.

3. Brandon - When I don't have good posts, I get hate mail from him.

4. High School ASB President -
Nobody takes them serious. They threaten that you'll be suspended if you don't go to the pep rally. Don't believe them. Just push them into a puddle.

5. Bus driver - As the passenger you are at their mercy. If they stop at the 7-11 for a Slurpie, you can't complain. Cause they'll make you get off right there. And 37 blocks is a long way to walk. So you just sit and wait for him to get his Slurpie and drive the bus again.

Honorable mention: Hot girls - They can make guys do anything. Even go shopping and carry around their purse all day.

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