June 22, 2009

Our Town

This weekend I headed down to the Tri-Cities for a wedding. While on my way, I had to go through Yakima.

And you know how every city has a little slogan that they slap all over signs to promote tourism. No joke, this is what the sign for Yakima said:

Yakima, the Palm Springs of Washington

And so, for the rest of the drive I started coming up with slogans for other cities in Washington as amazing as the Yakima slogan. Yes, it's that boring of a drive. So, here we go:

1. Seattle - The City of the Sound

2. Cheney - The True Metropolis of the West

3. Spokane - Stay Awhile. Being a Spokie is Fun

4. Buckley - Casey Knopik was Raised Here

5. Tri-Cities - We Stink

6. Bellevue - We Wish We Were Seattle

7. Chewelah - Yes! We are a Town!

8. Pullman - Don't Move Here. Don't Even Stop For Gas Here

9. Vancouver - Portland is so Much Cooler

10. Tacoma - Our City Aroma is One of a Kind

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