June 20, 2009

Ryan Leaf, I mean, what can you say?

Authorities have finally found their man, as Ryan Leaf turned himself in after a warrant for his arrest was issued.

Leaf's attorney, Bill Kelly, says Leaf turned himself in Friday at the Randall County Jail in Canyon, where the former No. 2 pick was indicted in May after coaching quarterbacks at West Texas A&M for three seasons. Kelly says Leaf posted $15,000 bail and headed back to Washington state.

Leaf faces one count of burglary and eight drug-related counts associated with the painkiller Hydrocodone. He was arrested Wednesday in Washington state after entering the U.S. from Canada. He posted bond there and flew to Texas.

Has there been a bigger fall from grace than Ryan Leaf? I mean talk about having your life completely fall apart. The only thing that is missing is Leaf walking down a street in San Diego drinking a carton of milk going "stealing painkillers was a bad idea."

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