June 26, 2009

Shock-Yard Dawgz Game Log

Final score here from the Arena is 61-28 Shock. What was a close game early turned into a laugher in the third quarter. The Shock keep their undefeated season alive with the convincing win!

4th, 0:54 to go: Might have been a good game down the stretch had Oklahoma City decided to score in the second half. As it stands, they're probably looking at their final possession and a "0" on the scoreboard during the final two quarters. That's a shame...

4th, 2:20 to go: Getting a little feisty out on the field with Stanley Franks and whatever chump is returning kicks for the Yard Dawgz. Could be interesting to see what happens in the final few minutes, as OKC has taken a couple cheap shots at Shock players...

4th, 3:09 to go: Markee White is my favorite Spokane Shock player. No reason, just thought you all should know. He did just grab his second TD pass of the game and gave the fans chalupas, though. I guess that's part of the reason. Shock- 61, Yard Dawgz- 28.

4th, 7:04 to go: Casey Hansen is in the game. Not that he's bad, but when he enters for a healthy first-stringer, it's a pretty good indication that the Shock are ready for next week before this week ends.

4th, 7:22 to go: The JOKAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH again! Sure, he only returned this one to his own 8-yard line, but the pick in the end zone ensures that, barring a miracle, the last few minutes of this one are for entertainment purposes only. Not much shocking of the world going on tonight.

4th, 9:00 to go: I thought the Shock were going to break the record for most penalties in an af2 game. Now, it's all Yard Dawgz. Two fouls on one play has them close and another TD for The Thrill Raul Vijil isn't going to calm them down a whole lot. Jackson's kick is blocked, but it's all but over regardless. Shock- 54, Yard Dawgz- 28.

4th, 11:41 to go: Trying to tackle Raul Vijil must be like trying to catch a knuckleball, because nobody can do it. At least not on the first four tries.

4th, 14:09 to go: What was once a promising drive turned into a lesson in ineptitude, as OKC failed miserably down by the goal line (dropped pass, penalty, broken plays) and turned the ball over on downs. The Shock are a TD away from wrapping this game up.

End 3rd: The Yard Dawgz have marched down the field, but have yet to score on this drive. Down 20, it's clear that Herm Edwards and Art Shell have taken over the clock management duties for the visiting team.

3rd, 3:26 to go: The JOKAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Sergio Gilliam reads the first play of the new OKC series like a book, makes the pick and returns it to the house to blow this game open. Another miss on the extra point by Jackson, but in a matter of seconds, this game looks to be well in hand for the undefeated Shock. Shock- 48, Yard Dawgz- 28.

3rd, 4:10 to go: Touchdowns this half: Davila- 2, OKC- 0. Not a good stat for a team looking to Shock the world. OKC is going to need a response on this possession or the game could be out of reach by the fourth quarter. Shock- 42, Yard Dawgz- 28.

3rd, 7:23 to go: Finally something else to talk about. After a great pass rush, The Chainsaw Kevin McCullough picks off a weak pass to give the Shock some serious momentum. With the ball in Yard Dawgz territory, Spokane is 14 yards away from taking a two-score lead.

3rd, 10:38 to go: I know I've beaten the flags into the ground for the last 15 minutes, but like the game, the penalties are ruining the flow of the game log. I apologize. The Shock are on the 1-yard line, courtesy of some good football (just crediting something else). Davila on the keeper and for the first time in the contest, the Shock take the lead. Shock- 35, Yard Dawgz- 28.

3rd, 13:17 to go: Number of plays run in the second half so far: 4. Number of penalties: 4. Just saying.

3rd, 15:00 to go: The over/under on number of plays it takes the referees to call something is 0.5. I'm taking the under. Sure enough, on the kickoff, offsides on OKC. I'm calling it a win for me because I can.

Halftime: OKC doesn't score with the final play of the half and after two quarters, the Shock find themselves in a...oh, I can't resist, Dawg fight with the visiting team, tied at 28.

2nd, 0:07 to go: Markee Mark White and the rest of the Funky Bunch tie the game with 7.9 ticks left in the half on a beautiful play. White found himself more open for business than a strip joint with Patrick Ewing and Pacman Jones in town and Davila didn't miss him. Yard Dawgz- 28, Shock- 28.

2nd, 0:23 to go: The most penalties for one team in af2 history is 21 by the Tri-Cities Fever, just two months ago. The Shock had five in the first quarter and have more than that in the second. Meanwhile, a long QB scramble by Davila has Spokane in OKC territory with 13.3 seconds left in the half.

2nd, 0:43 to go: I'm looking up the record for most penalties in one game. OKC just hit paydirt on the ground for the fourth time in the game. What a weird one we've got going on... Yard Dawgz- 28, Shock- 21.

2nd, 1:26: Trying to stop the offense from scoring. Defense. 10-yard penalty, even though the Shock scored on the play. First down. Oh well, Davila just hit Vijil for a TD. Pretty sure it counts. Waiting... waiting... the two-point conversion is good after Markee White just made the best af2 catch I've seen in person... waiting on the initial TD to count... Yard Dawgz- 21, Shock- 21.

2nd, 2:23 to go: This game has the flow of molasses in January. If I get a halftime sheet, you'll see what I mean.

2nd, 3:52 to go: I just saw Shock offensive lineman Kyle Young throw his hands up in disgust at another flag. It was on Oklahoma City.

2nd, 5:21 to go: Is the Shock Achilles' heel really run defense? No wonder they're 11-0. Another rushing TD by OKC and all of a sudden, the 'upset' word is lingering. Flag in the crowd. Wait, it's just a yellow bandanna on someone's head. Yard Dawgz- 21, Shock- 13.

2nd, 6:13 to go: I just made the joke with Brandon that it's like these refs are auditioning to call a Seahawks Super Bowl game. I don't even agree with the conspiracy theory that they got screwed...I just figured it was a joke that might resonate with most people reading this. Go Niners.

2nd, 8:24 to go: I was about to commend the officials for putting the whistles away before they penalized Stanley Franks for stepping on the 10-yard line. Unforgivable.

I'm still trying to figure out how the Arby's Oven Mitt gets to participate in the horse race during timeouts. There's no slit up the middle or anything...it can't even get on the thing. No chance. It's like an A-Rod at bat in a clutch situation. He's not winning anything ever.

2nd, 11:18 to go: How does Markee White not have an awesome nickname? This is the af2! You could go Marquee player, Marky Mark or something else that I didn't think of during the five seconds The Boss Harrison Nikalao was running over the Yard Dawgz D for a score. Yard Dawgz- 14, Shock- 13.

2nd, 13:32 to go: The refs just threw another flag, but I don't think they know why. They're huddling to make up a call. The verdict is illegal contact on the defense. I saw what happened. The correct call would have been either holding or nothing. It was wishy-washy at best. Much like these refs. Whoops, they just penalized me for unsportsmanlike journalism.

1st, 0:09 to go: I have no idea how the Yard Dawgz have a) seven wins and b) an eight point lead. They don't throw the ball well. They have two rushing TDs in a pass-dominant league. Nevertheless, the score doesn't lie... Yard Dawgz- 14, Shock- 6.

1st, 2:58 to go: Note to OKC: Delay of game penalties are only good on fourth down when you take them on purpose. Followed by a Spokane encroachment flag. I'm about to get five yards for encroaching on these officials' face. Ten penalties thus far.

1st, 5:28 to go: Flag on the field. Playing. Both sides. Penalties offset. Replay the down. Eight dollars.

1st, 5:52 to go: Seven dollars.

1st, 6:00 to go: If I had a dollar for every penalty in this game so far, I'd have like six dollars. Someone tell the stripes I have an 8:30 a.m. Hoopfest game tomorrow and would like to be on time.

1st, 7:32 to go: I didn't know they called unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in the af2. It didn't stop Nick Davila from finding Raul Vijil two plays later though, as the Shock march down the field on their first possession to score. A Brian Jackson missed extra point leaves Oklahoma City on top early, however. Yard Dawgz- 7, Shock- 6.

1st, 11:50 to go: Oklahoma City returned the opening kickoff to Spokane's 3-yard line, but their first three run plays resembled the Patriots trying to run on Derrick Thomas in Tecmo Super Bowl. Unfortunately, on 4th and goal, the Yard Dawgz found a way to punch the ball in on the ground. Yard Dawgz- 7, Shock- 0.

About to get under way here at the Arena. According to Brandon, the Yard Dawgz have claimed they're about to "Shock the world." I don't know if they were being clever with the pun or what, but for a 7-5 team, it's a gutsy claim.
Last week, the Tri-Cities Fever proved to be as formidable an opponent for the Spokane Shock as college teams are to MLB squads not named the Washington Nationals during spring training. Tonight, the Shock put their undefeated record on the line against a quality opponent in the Oklahoma City Yard Dawgz. A few things to note prior to the 7 p.m. kickoff:

The Yard Dawgz have won three straight games and scored 93 points last week in a 52-point victory over Corpus Christi.

Oklahoma City is ranked 11th in the af2 poll with a record of 7-5.

The Yard Dawgz did not hijack an af2 team from Seattle.

Oklahoma City is 2-3 on the road this season.

That's all for the pregame. Be sure to check in here at 7 p.m. for live game updates and commentary from Spokane Tribe Field.

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