June 29, 2009

This weekend in review (bring your soccer cleats)

Pushing my leftist, soccer-loving agenda (good god what has happened to me?), here are some things that happened this weekend.

Brazil shocked that United States has a soccer team -
Up 2-0 on one of the world's best soccer teams, the US couldn't hold on against Brazil and ended up losing 3-2. The difference? Apparently you cant win soccer games when the other team possesses the ball 60 percent of the time.

Billy Mays dies -
In terms of shocking, this was up on the list. Forget about Michael Jackson, this was the guy that sold us Oxi-Clean!

Seattle Sounders FC get big win over Colorado -
the boys in green shut down a team that had an 8-game unbeaten streak. The Colorado Rapids were stunned 3-0 by Seattle, Kasey Keller recorded his fifth shutout of the season (which means that Oliver Platt has scored more times than opponents of the Sounders).

Hoopfest -
Judging from the amount of 50-year old men suffering from heat stroke, I'd say that it was Hoopfest weekend in Spokane. I caught the tail end of it and it was full of "those guys" that decided their 230-pound 5'4" frame was fine for non-shirt wearing. Ewwww.

The Seattle Mariners take two against the best team in baseball -
Really? Those M's? If their lineup wasn't taking at-bats like it was t-ball, they might have something in Seattle.

Brandon went to Chewelah, Casey went to Montana -
Where the cattle to human ratio is something like how many back-breaking strikeouts Ken Griffey Jr. has to home runs.

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