June 20, 2009

Ties are dumb

Today I have to travel to Brandon's favorite city outside of Missoula, Montana for a wedding. I am of course talking about the City of Three. Or, the Tri-Cities.

And I even have to wear a tie!

Ties are lame. I don't know what moron thought they were a good idea.

Tie Inventor: "Hey! You know what we should make guys wear?"
Wife: "What's that honey?"
Tie Guy: "I think guys should wear a device around their neck. Like a rope around their neck!"
Wife: "Oh honey! You'll look so sexy!"

Which leads me to my next point about ties, guys don't like them. But girls do. So if girls like them so much make them wear it!

I've been practicing my knot tying lately. So I think I will show up to the wedding with my tie around my neck in like a square knot, or better yet a bowline! Oh wait, how about a noose? Too soon. Yeah, probably.

But I do really not like ties. They are evil creatures.

So then I say to myself, you know what would make wearing a tie less stinky! A cool design on the tie! Like a polar bear driving a car! Or better yet a squirrel juggling acorns!!!

Needless to say my date (a.k.a. my fiance) said no.

Anyway, it is Saturday. And Saturday's are fun. Minus having to wear a tie.

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