June 13, 2009

Why I'll never get a pet

So not to gross anyone, but on my drive home from work yesterday I noticed a furry object in the middle of the road. While swerving to miss it and hitting many small children in the process, I noticed that it was in fact a cat or small puppy that had been hit, and half it's body was squished while the other half was still trying to the heck of the road. Still alive.

Since it was rush hour traffic, there's no way to get turned around and help the animal (more than likely taking it to the vet and getting it put down or taking care of it right there), and somebody probably did stop and do the right thing, but that was pretty much the most horrifying thing I have ever seen - hands down.

And I'm not a pet owner or a pet-lover by any stretch of the imagination but that did get me thinking. That experience is exactly why I could never own a pet for fear that it would meet a similar gruesome death. There's just no way I'm putting in that much emotional investment in something that has (a) a significantly smaller lifespan and (b) something that could be very well harmed by my stupidity/negligence.

I don't really trust myself to own a pet, and I don't really want someone furry and happy to go through a significant amount of pain on my watch.

That is why, I'll stick to pet rocks from here on out.

What do you think about owning a pet?

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