June 10, 2009

You know you're in a bad part of Spokane when...

- Not just the Spokies are panhandling, guys in business suits are asking for extra change as well.

- Guys walk down the streets in chaps, asking people to "draw!"

- The bail bond businesses have bars over their windows. The jailhouse has bars over their bars.

- The local sports bars is called "Chucks" and its motto is "Felons welcomed!"

- You see the local car dealership towing somebody's car from a meter into their lot to sell.

- It's actually the Spokane Valley.

- Your tire rims get stolen at a stoplight.

- You see a clown.

- When your buddy, who lives in a trailer (as in a semi trailer, not a trailerhouse), says "man, this part of town is trashy" ... you know you have problems.

- People are using horses to get around.

- People are wearing Tri-City Americans hockey jerseys.

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