June 11, 2009

You put Chien-Ming Wang on the mound, you get burned

That's Jonathan Papelbon celebrating his fifteenth save of the season in a 6-5 victory over the New York Yankees at Fenway Park last night. That improved the Red Sox season record to 7-0 over the Bronx Bombers, which is slightly silly since it's still June but it goes to show you just how the arrogance of the Yankees is hindering their ability to win games.

They think that Chein-Ming Wang can turn things around even though he has the worst ERA through five starts than any starting pitching in Major League Baseball. And they've been playing this game since a guy named Garfield was president.

They think that A-rod will provide the needed power and chemistry to lead them to the promised land. Even though he's never been a clubhouse guy (He's the baseball version of Kobe Bryant on a bad day) and he always, always chokes in clutch situations.

They think that throwing money at overrated pitchers who can't perform in big games will somehow set them up towards the post-season.

The Red Sox have had their struggles this season but they're in first place on the AL East, and the scary thing it, they'll only get better with the things they have coming down the pipeline. The amount of depth in pitching they have will make them hard to beat in a five and seven game series. They'll get an actual shortstop back after the all-star break but right now they'll make due with Julio Lugo and Nick Green, who collectively couldn't stop a hard hit rubber kickball in a kindergarten playground at this moment. Smoltz will begin pitching and prove to me that I was an idiot for doubting his signing. Big Papi may heat up and then the rest of the division will have real problems because right now the Sox are essentially playing with eight bats in the lineup.

I mean holy crap! If the Sox have a problem, they have enough gum and mortar to patch it up. The Yankees on the other hand are like the architects of the Titanic... "Water? What water?" as all the compartments slowly fill up with water.

I know New York has been hot as of late but it's been because of their hot hitting, and that tends to cool down from time to time, especially in the post-season. Beckett certainly showed that if they run into some solid pitching, they really struggle at the plate.

That's not a recipe for post season success.

Here's the thing that Yankee fans need to worry about. The Red Sox are built for the postseason and they can't beat them, and if they make it to the playoffs, they'll at the very least face teams like the Red Sox if not the Sox themselves.

And that is big trouble for them.

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