July 29, 2009

And for some reason, I'm happy I'm in Spokane

It's going to be in the cool 80s today. Meanwhile over on the west side of the state...

"July 29, 2009 looks to be a day that will be written about in Seattle weather history books for years to come," wrote KIRO 7 meteorologist Sam Argier in his forecast. He said he expects the high to top out at 101 degrees.

"The current all-time record high is 100 degrees and has been set twice, back on July 20, 1994 at Sea-Tac Airport and on July 16, 1941, when records were kept downtown at the Federal Building," Argier wrote. "Records for Seattle go all the way back to 1891, so this is a truly historic event."

Let me extend my feelings of sorrow to all the west siders that are feeling their first Spokane-esque heatwave in.. well... ever ... it must be a really tough experience when you're sitting in the drive-thru to get your Starbucks.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to get back to my air-conditioned job.

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