July 6, 2009

At least WSU isn't the only school with former quarterback problems

Move over Ryan Leaf, there's another former college quarterback great making his school proud.

Timmy Chang, former star quarterback at the University of Hawaii and recently released professional journeyman, was arrested Thursday in Mililani, Hawaii, and is being investigated for robbery for his role in a brawl that took place back on June 1st. A 23-year-old woman told police she was filming the melee when Chang, 27, approached her and told her to stop. A struggle ensued, he grabbed her camera and then "threw it on the roof of a nearby building".

Did Chang learn anything from the pros? Most football players worth their salt would have kidnapped the woman and taken her to IHOP where they would have paid her off with the money the earned from holding the place up with the pistol they owned (legally). That is if they didn't shoot themselves in the leg in the process.

I don't really fault Chang, it's a minor incident since fights do occasionally break out at parties from time to time (Wonders of wonders!). I do wonder what the woman was thinking, if she valued her property, the best thing to do would not be filming a brawl.

People tend to get testy about that sort of thing.

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