July 17, 2009

David Beckham sucks it up

The David Beckham saga with the LA Galaxy continues, and a telling sign of how well it's going is the half-price Beck jerseys at Just Sports in the Northtown Mall.

He's been injured, meddled with the team, left for Europe to play for a real team and largely been a disaster for the MLS and the Galaxy.

And he's back!

In his first club match since the Italian League's season finale on May 31, Beckham was often behind the play and seemed winded. He had no free-kick chances near the goal, didn't make any crosses that created threats and didn't even take all the Galaxy corner kicks while he was in the match.

Fans scurried down the aisles to get better pictures when he did take corner kicks, but he was booed at times.

"A few tonight, but it's to be expected," he said. "It's sometimes nice to get the boos. It gives you some inspiration,"

Oh boy, that's promising.

Here's the thing, Beckham doesn't want to be here. American fans obviously don't care as the crowd has dropped significantly since he first got here. Let him go, void the contract and move on. He's a top-tier player in a mid-tier league. That would be like Peyton Manning playing in the AFL.

Again, doesn't make sense.

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