July 31, 2009

Hot Hot Hot Wings from hell

Listen, I like spicy food. Since about sophomore year in college I've been slowly ramping up the spice scale. Starting with Mexican food, Thai food, whatever I could get my hands on.

Last night, I found my Mt. Everest. I found my Ali vs. Frasier. I found my beating the New York Yankees.

And like an Aaron Boone home run, the Code 6 hot wings at Flamin' Joes in Spokane, Wash. seriously kicked my royal A**.

I frequent their Code 3s, and last night I figured I would check out one wing of the Code 6s. ONE WING. That's it.

I took one bite and my mouth was immediately filled with a heat from the sun. And it didn't go away for 45 minutes. One bite, and I nearly died. Luckily I got somebody to finish the wing for $5. Best $5 I ever spent.

Seriously, go to Joes and test your manhood.

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