July 26, 2009

How to tell if you went to a great wedding

After getting home this morning after an all-nighter road trip back to Spokane from Portland (Thank you Dylan Kitzan for driving the entire way), I have to say the wedding was a blast. Usually these sort of things are hit and miss depending on (1) how many people you kn0w (2) the format of the wedding such as length and if beer is served :D and (3) other variables like weather, who you run into... ect. ect.

Well this was a great wedding, I'm glad my buddy Darren finally tied the knot and here's some ways you can tell if the wedding you just went to was great too.

(1) The bride mentions the groom's fantasy baseball team and the San Francisco Giants during the vows.

(2) Yours truly gets two swigs from the groom's flask just before the ceremony.

(3) You and your friend come up with this brilliant story about how your brothers that own a maple syrup company in New Hampshire and are completely loaded. YOU LOCK IT UP!

(4) Open bar... meaning that you absolutely tear through their stock of Blue Boar.

(5) You wear sunglasses indoors, just because you can and other people are doing it.

(6) Piano Man and Spin your head right round get placed at the reception dance. That's always a big plus and might I add that JustSON will be uploading photos of proper dancing technique in the near future.

(7) The gift from the bride and groom is a matchbox. So we have alcohol, matchboxes and a turn of the century building where the wedding is taking place. If something crazy doesn't happen than I've lost all faith in drunken humanity.

(8) The absence of "that awkward brother in law that gets a little too emotional around his new sister"

(9) Jose Melina is in attendance. Or was it the other Melina... ?

(10) Somebody yells "You da man Tiger!" during the ceremony. Either that or "WHAAAAMMMYYY!"

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