July 1, 2009

Kasey Keller is a god

Once Casey gets back from PGE Park (which hopefully he does, considering all the rowdy Portland fans down there), I'm sure he'll have plenty to say.

But until then, I'd just like to say a few things about the 2-1 victory over the Portland Timbers tonight.

- Fredy Montero kind of looks like Rufio from "Hook." Thanks to Brad Moon of the Spokane Chiefs for pointing this out. Now every time he scores or comes into the game I'm going to go "ROOOOF-FEEEE-OOOOOO!"

- Portland fans are punks for throwing a water bottle out on the field to a injured Sounders FC player Sanna Nyassi. And he wasn't stalling for time. He was injured!! Get it right. Punks.

- One really annoying thing about Portland Timbers games: the chainsaw guy. Not so much that he's actually cutting a log during the match, but because FSN decided to put a mic right next to the chainsaw guy so the announcers have to scream to be heard.

- Soldout game. 16,000 fans for this US Open Cup match. Wow. When Portland gets an MLS team in 2011 - this is going to be the fiercest rivalry in the MLS.


  1. By "punk" I hope you mean world champion water bottle accuracy thrower. I mean lets be fair, some of the Portland fans are idiots. The guys that made that Cobain sign, for example.

    You want to talk punks, go talk to the guys from your side that came down to block our Timber with their giant banners while he was trying to pump up the crowd. We're all soccer fans, which I can respect, but you don't come to our house and start fights like that. It's just stupid.

  2. I have to agree that it's in poor taste to taunt the mascot for the other team, like when does that ever happen? It's just not done in sports... ever! ;) Bush league is when the mascot comes over the fence to escalate the fight - that's really professional. I was disappointed that the Sounder Fan would use a PVC plastic pipe as a battle instrument when the fray was joined - but maybe he was a LARPer with a few too many in him. Now that I think about it, good on him - it's good to get out of the house and away from the online RPG thing for a night.

    Pot-land fans must be smoking though if they think their biggest problem is Sounders fans - you guys need to get your, "Timber Army" organized to get your city council moving on getting you a stadium so you can be a legit rival to the Sounders in the future. The MLS september deadline for having a funding source identified for the required stadium rebuild is coming up - how's it going right now?

  3. How about some game day pics of fans and stadium - please? I'll trade you for a well groomed squirrel.