July 22, 2009

Little League Wii

Last night the phone rings. It's Brandon.

"Hey man, what are you doing?" he asks.

And this is a true story. When he called, I was currently icing my right shoulder. All thanks to the Wii.

On Saturday I got a new Wii game. Little League World Series.

You pitch, you throw, you hit, you run bases, you catch. You do it all. With moving around.

I hadn't got a chance to play until last night. I opted for the World Series right away.

I formed my all-star player and then had the option of which team I wanted to play with. I decided that I would be Canada. Go Canada.

My first game, against Japan, went into extra innings. And despite the fact that I switched pitchers in the top of seventh, I (as in me) was still the one throwing the pitches with the Wii remote. I finally won in the 8th, (as 6 is a normal game) with a score of 7-2. I put up 5 runs that inning.

Then, being so gleeful about my win. I decided to play a second game. This time I took on Asia Pacific and again the game went into extra innings. I won 9-8 on a home run by non-other than my look-a-like character.

But I had thrown probably over 200 pitches and my arm was aching. I grabbed the ice packs and had the trainer tape them on my throwing shoulder.

Oh well. Team Canada is currently sitting atop their international bracket with a 2-0 record. And I'll have to make sure I'm ready for tomorrow's game against Europe.

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