July 8, 2009

Major League Facebook Updates

Bud Selig - don't forget everyone, the Triple-A Baseball game means something, as it will determine home field advantage throughout the NBA playoffs.

Sammy Sosa -
wants you to go join his Facebook Group "Put Sammy in the Hall!" He is patiently waiting...

Pete Rose
joined "Put Sammy in the Hall" Facebook Group

Pete Rose
commented on the "Put Sammy in the Hall" Facebook Group "Hey don't forget me too! Now buy my book!"

Russell Branyan -
struck out again.

CC Sabathia -
loves his big macs in the morning! MMM-mmm!

The Chicago Cubs -
are asking for donations, because our owner is apparently worth 1.5 million dollars and he bought the team for nearly a billion. Idiot.

The National League
joined the "The DH sucks" Facebook Group

The American League
commented on the National League's wall "Dude... really?"

Joe Torre
and Manny Ramirez are now listed as "in a relationship."

poked Derek Jeter.

Derek Jeter
commented on A-Rod's wall "Dude, piss off."

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