July 2, 2009

Never go in Walmart during the 4th of July

Going to Walmart is like walking through the gates of hell and realizing "why did I think coming here was a good idea?"

And double that feeling the Thursday before the Fourth of July

Not only were thousands of moms and kids tearing through the store like Jurassic Park Raptors, gutting men with their back claw, but they were doing this wearing tube and string tops.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (Stabbing sharp objects into my eyes)

But you know when you have a terrible experience at a store and the checker is totally cool? Well I got pretty much the world's best checker - she was upbeat, nice, exactly my age, made a couple of jokes and... allowed me to go throw the 10 Items of Less line with like 12 items. Score.

Anyways, totally made up for the experience and beats the normal Walmart checker that's like either just finishing up smoking a joint or 70 years old.

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