July 4, 2009

On the 4th, Lance tries for his 8th

What better way to celebrate the USA then to root for one of the most successful international American athletes ever?

That's right, today starts the Tour de France and all eyes in the cycling world have once again shifted to Lance Armstrong.

Today Armstrong, 37, will participate once again in the opening day of the three-week race. The first stage is a 9.6-mile time trial.

The stage will be run along the hilly streets and hairpin turns of Monaco, a Mediterranean principality better known for Formula One than for cyclists.

Armstrong of course is a seven-time Tour champion and retired in 2005. He decided to make a comeback and today's time-trial should show a sneak peak of the contenders for this years race.

At the time this posted, all riders hadn't finished the time trial, but Armstrong posted a time of 20 minutes 12 seconds. He currently has the fastest time, but with many riders still remaining, including the best in the world, that time won't hold up.

We'll keep you updated on how the race is going over the next few weeks. Since pretty much no major media network really cares about cycling. And we here at Just South of North do.

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