July 10, 2009

Pizza Hut, you suck

I would like to come out and say that Pizza Hut officially sucks. Go to Dominos, Pizza Pipeline or the Church of Scientology to get your pizza because this red-topped restaurant blows.

My boss today ordered pizza at 11 am today for lunch because he's a super nice guy and wanted to do something different. Very nicely he orders three large pizzas and is told they'll be there by 12.

At 12:30, he calls Pizza Hut just wanting to check up where the pizza is. Now mind you, 30 minutes late is usually free pizza territory but I doubt he was gonna go there, he was just seeing if the order was still coming.

Instead of explaining to him that it's on the way or giving him any sort of information, they put him on hold.

For 10 minutes he waits.

He hangs up, calls again and of course, somebody picks up and asks his order. He explains the situation and says that "Everyone at my workplace is now off lunch break and the pizzas are not here."

Now I understand crap happens, but when you're half-an-hour late and then you put the customer on hold for 10 minutes, you should probably just swallow hard and give the pizzas up for free because you screwed up royally and you at least want to do damage control.

"Sir, we can give you some credit for your next order here at Pizza Hut"

What the Hell? You're now 40 minutes late on a large order, you didn't respond to his initial inquiry and you're now going to offer him credit on his next purchase? Wow, way to value the customer Pizza Hut.

My boss demands the pizzas to free. The person finally gives in and tells him that...

"They'll be there in 5-10 minutes"


20 minutes later, there is still no pizza. Prompting my boss to call again, and you know what they tell him?

"They'll be there in 5-10 minutes"

Again, you can tell Pizza Hut really values their customers.

Another 20 minutes later, the pizza delivery guy shows up and wants an explanation why my boss is not going to pay for the pizzas.

"You're an hour and a half late."

(Realizes he's a complete dumbass) "Oh, well my apologies sir, you have my full guarantee that your next order will be on time" (Walks out with his tail between his legs)

Good to see that in a recession, Pizza Hut really wants your business.

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