July 31, 2009

To the media ripping David Ortiz... suck it!

Thank you Dylan Kitzan, you pretty much summed up exactly what I was thinking about the Ortiz saga:

...to the media. Hey fellas (this means you Howard Bryant, Dan Shaughnessy, Jay Mariotti, etc.), why don't you give the whole "2004 and 2007 are tainted" claim a break. Yeah, I understand you're desperate for readership and everyone who isn't a Sox fan (and some who are and want to sulk) is going to be on your article like a Yanks fan on "1918" chants in 2003, but that doesn't mean your argument is correct. If you'd like to name me one team that wouldn't have an asterisk next to a World Series title since the turn of the century, I'll be glad to agree with you that Boston should. But since it's generally assumed that just about everybody and their kids were on steroids at some point within the last decade, why does Boston stand out from everybody else? I'm not justifying what Ortiz, or any of the other BoSox did, but let's not be too quick to jump on their championships when we live in a world where no championships would be clean.

Last night I was laying awake thinking about what I would do if a Yankees fan came up to me and said that 2004 and 2007 were tainted. The only possible course of action that seems logical is to get into a fight because New York fans are smug and are only taking joy out of this because they have had very little to cheer about in this decade. They're also completely irrational and try to be jack-offs on purpose, which deserves a butt-whipping. This is what I think about at night, I know, I need to get a girlfriend.

I mean these delighted Yankee fans are the ones that ten years ago were saying "You know, this Red-Sox/Yankees rivalry isn't really a rivalry because we always beat them." and now they're doing the bathroom dance after Ortiz has been fingered as a steroid user. You've got to have your nose pretty far up your own behind to do something like that.

Anyone want to fight?

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