July 27, 2009

What you missed over the weekend

- Terrell Owens encourages riots from thousands of animal lovers in Buffalo, NY by saying that an additional suspension of Michael Vick by the NFL would just be silly. Owens also told Vick to work out in his driveway if he is indeed suspended.

Spokane Shock continue to be super awesome In a game that meant nothing to the Shock as they already had home-field advantage wrapped up in the playoffs, they still found the will to trump their regional opponent Boise 56-51 and improve their record to 15-1. The playoffs start next weekend!

- Sounders FC tie Chicago 0-0. This match also set the record for number of times Brandon curls up into a ball and mumbles obscenities. Great game, but soccer can be very frustrating.

- Ricky Henderson (pictured above) joins the Baseball Hall of Fame. And to think, Henderson's dream was to play for the Oakland Raiders... imagine where he would be now. Yeah that's right, in last place.

- The Mariner's season is pretty much over.
They're now seven and a half games back of the divisional lead and the Mariner Moose is officially on suicide watch.

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