August 4, 2009

The AFL probably won't return

Apparently Spokane is the last, great stronghold for Arena Football.

The president of the Tampa Bay Storm announced (via Facebook) that the AFL "will not be returning." Probably ever. Surprisingly, not playing the 2009 season didn't help to turn things around! Does this mean they file for Chapter 5.5 bankruptcy?

I was worried about this. What does this mean for the Spokane Shock of the af2? The minor-league for the AFL is strangely still alive a kicking (probably because they have a much more realistic financial model) but now where the heck would their players go from here?

Obviously there needs to be a minor-league system for the NFL because they just disbanded NFL Europe, so does the af2 tweak some things and become the main feeder league? Or is that crown for the UFL?

Interesting news, I think this really puts in the af2 (are they the af1 now?) in a strange situation.

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