August 2, 2009

Epic Photo: Are the Tampa Bay Bucs only going to play 14 games too?

Oh boy, we're trying to bring back the 70s.

TAMPA - After 12 years in orange mothballs, Bucco Bruce came out of the closet Friday.
At the end of a 15-minute news conference at the team facility, four current Buccaneer players modeled the 1976 throwback uniforms Tampa Bay will wear Nov. 8 against the Green Bay Packers at Raymond James Stadium. "People thought we were trying to lock our history away in a closet,'' said Bucs co-chairman Ed Glazer. "It's time to bring it back. I think now it's kind of cool to wear these -- and that wasn't always the case.''

This sounds like the worst idea ever. Not only were the Bucs unis tough to look at, but they were absolutely terrible in 1976 (winless, actually). In other news, Casey and I will be wearing our suits from the 1976 season (back when JustSON was on 8-track)...

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